Alice In Vampireland Adult Fairytale Romance Book 1 eBook

Alice In Vampireland Adult Fairytale Romance Book 1 A modern retelling of Alice In Wonderland with a steamy vampire twist Abandoned by her sorority sister Alice is left alone to navigate the Rabbit Hole an exclusive Riverside club freuented by the beautiful worldly and sophisticated But she doesn’t discover until it’s too late that she’s in Vampireland a place where creatures of the night come out to playand the only way out is through the King of Hearts Will Alice lose her innocence before she loses her sanity If you like seductive vampires lost innocence and steamy encounters you’ll love Alice in Wonderland fairytale retelling

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    TBR 2019 Challenge 832 booksWhen I first bought this book I didn’t realize how short it turned out to be It was uite surprisingIt was a good short erotic read I’ll probably wait to read the second bookI was just hoping it would have been a full novel but begs can’t be choosers

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    Yet another X rated version of Alice in Wonderland doing what many books like that do and is to name characters after the original ones no matter whether or not they look alike or have any other traits of the original charactersIn this case Alice is part of a sorority and her friend takes her to the Rabbit Hole Right Yeah which is a new nightclub Her friend is Mary An

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    It took me less than 30 minutes to read this For what it was it was great But these should short books should be label better instead of being disguised as a full novels It goes in line with the original Alice in Wonderland with a new age erotica twist

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    A very uick read Alice in Vampireland puts a vampire twist on the beginning of Alice in Wonderland It was well done my only complaint would be how short it was less than an hour to readIf the price is right I will definitely consider buying any seuels to this book

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    Did not realize this short is only a teaser

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    Interesting twist on Alice in Wonderland Short but definitely has my attention Hoping the next one is longer

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    The book is not as exciting as the title leads you to believe I was hoping for a longer and detailed story

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    I enjoyed this short erotic journey with Alice down the rabbit hole

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