Death Goddess Dance The Mythos War #3 PDF/EPUB ☆

Death Goddess Dance The Mythos War #3 In Red Right Hand Charlie Tristan Moore became the unwilling acolyte of The Man In Black a treacherous elder god also known as Nyarlathotep the Crawling ChaosIn Black Goat Blues Charlie fought her way past bloodthirsty gods and demons to rescue her lover’s stolen soul only to put all of Creation at riskNow she must stop the Man In Black from achieving his ultimate goal freeing his dread father Azathoth from endless confinement to feast upon humanity for all eternity But before she can confront her inhuman mentor for the final time Charlie must make her way to the heart of a hellish otherworldly prison—and call upon the darkest powers at her commandAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied Man I REALLY enjoyed this series My one issue with this final book is that the end seemed to happen too uickly I'm not 100% sure what happenedAlso I really want Please? 😊 35 StarsReally love this series Unfortunately book 3 was probably my least favorite Still enjoyed it though This books picks up right after book 2 where Charlie follows The Man in Black to the prison where his father is held She is there to stop him and determined to do so As she journeys through the labyrinth of this unusual prison with the help of her prison worker guide Marty she is constantly getting into trouble with the those who are held there This part was fun meeting all these new creatures What I didn't like was how dumb Charlie was acting before each situation that got her into these things I absolutely adore Charlie and did not feel that way about her through this book Charlie seemed to think a lot about Charlie and not anyone else My other issue is hard to explain without giving away spoilers but lets just say it was the way the skin hound was treated Very inconsiderate of Charlie in a bunch of parts The ending was okay but kind of disappointing in some areas All in all a good story with a couple issues but I love Black's world and hate to see it end

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