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Stardust One little girl dreams of being a star But whether it's finding Mum's lost wedding ring or winning the fancy dress prize her big sister always shines brighter Yet for her grandad she is a star and as he dries her eyes and they both gaze up at the night sky he tells a story the story of the beginning of the world Everything and everyone is made of stardust and we all shine in different ways It's a lesson this little girl will never forget and one day her dream comes true and she finally realises her ambition to become an astronaut and fly up to the stars

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    A young girl wants to be a star literally but feels overshadowed by her sister's figurative stardom until their grandfather explains that everyone is made of stardustIt's a sweet uick story wherein the little girl's jealousy is not manifested as anger toward her sister but rather as a gnawing ache inside The illustrations are not overly bright but i

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    A little girl is sad because her big sister is always being declared a star The little girl makes a wish that she could be a star too and her grandpa hears her and he shares all the ways that everyone is made of stars It's a lovely book with lovely words and lovely illustrations as Grandpa shows his little granddaughter all the things in the universe

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    The illustrations in this were beautiful The story explores sibling rivalry as the little girl feels jealousy of her sister who is always described by her family as a star The overall message of the story is to shine in your own way clearly an important message but a slightly abrupt ending overshadowed the importance a little Suitable for reception an

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    Let's talk about confidenceConfidence is hard for big people let alone little people to maintain let alone figure out if they even have it in the first place The world is an intimidating space and circumstance conspires to place people in intimidating positions Whether that's your first day at school a birthday party where you don't know anybody or sim

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    A little girl wants to be a star just like the beautiful sparkly ones in the sky But somehow she never uite manages to live up to her older sister's exploits Eventually her grandfather explains to her that just as the earth and all it's living creatures are made of stardust so is she He reminds her that while she doesn't shine in the same way as her sis

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    A warm story that illustrates the damage that can be done by comparing yourself to those that appear to be shining brightly than you are Sometimes comfort from someone that you love is enough to ground these worries and gain an understanding that different people shine in different ways In this tale such perspective is brought about by drawing parallels

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    Such a lovely story about finding your own sparkle and realising that just because you aren't as good as other people at some things you will be better than them at others Realising this is such an important message for children and adults as well The illustrations are full of tiny details that you could look at for ages and each time you read it you noti

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    Contrived stupid sibling jealousy with contrived tone deaf parents Boo hoo Ridiculous big bang explanation from grandpa the sniff only one who sniff cares Should have called this Snowflake instead Shall we call a moratorium on these books after You Are Stardust and The Stuff of Stars and who knows how many ? Just riding on Joni Mitchell's coattails

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    This book is so beautiful and had me in tears Such a lovely way of dealing with self esteem and confidence and reminds everyone that we can truly shine in our own right The illustrations are so lovely and depict the relationship between the different family members and allow for a lot of discussion about whathow they reflect certain relationships

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    3 year old son chose this lovely book at the library today and he chose very wisely Beautiful illustrations and ideal to support younger siblings in shadow of their older brothers and sisters

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