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The Baby Doctor The new medical rural romance from bestselling author and midwife Fiona McArthur ‘The right people turn up in your life at the right time if you let them’Sienna Wilson is living her dream in the city – a rewarding obstetrics job in a leading hospital an apartment with a view and handsome Sergeant McCabe on call whenever she needs him The last thing she wants is a posting to investigate a medical mystery in a remote outback townBut on arrival in Spinifex Sienna is brought to life in new and exciting ways In a community riddled with secrets she meets troubled young barmaid Maddy and tough publican Alma both with their secrets to hideAs they draw strength from each other new friendships new loves and new babies are born proving that when strong women join forces they can overcome even the greatest odds

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    Dr Sienna Wilson Director of Obstetrics in one of the largest Sydney hospitals was once again proud of her role in the delivery of this latest set of triplets – three healthy babies to the ecstatic though tired parents But when she received a telephone call from Sergeant Douglas McCabe telling her of a medical issue they were having in the little outback town of Spinifex in far north ueensland Sienna was determined not to head to the bush once

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    Sienna Wilson is happy in the city She is a head of obstetrics in a large Sydney hospital has a lifestyle many would envy and Sergeant McCabe for the occasional romantic interlude When she receives a call or a demand to investigate a medical problem concerning three babies in the outback town of Spinifex she is less than impressed Sienna likes her comforts She does not do outback But neither can she turn her back on mothers and babies in need Her pl

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    The Baby Doctor is a lovely rural romantic suspense novel that highlights the importance of kindness to everyone Dr Sienna Wilson had it all Fantastic career as an obstetrician and a friend with benefits Sergeant Douglas McCabe However her sister's mother law Blanche Mackay was worried about the number of babies being born with a disability called microcephaly Reuested Sienna to come and investigate by donating a significant amount of money to her hospita

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    Readers familiar with Fiona McArthur’s Red Sand Sunrise will be delighted to reacuaint themselves with obstetriciangynaecologist Dr Sienna Wilson While Sienna’s sister Callie and half sister Eve are settled in the ueensland outback Sienna was always adamant the heat dust and isolation was not for her and at the beginning of The Baby Doctor she is the Director of Obstetrics at a Sydney hospital enjoying the benefits of her successSienna is exasperated when

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    This story took me to the outback for a journey that had me turning the pages meeting up with old friends making new friends and sharing heartache and happiness with them MS McArthur writes stories that are filled with emotion and love make yourself comfy because you won’t want to put this one down once you start and I highly recommend that you read this oneSienna Wilson is an Obstetrician doing exactly what she loves working in a big Sydney hospital there are no

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    The Baby Doctor was a perfect read at the perfect time for me I wanted a book that was smart sexy and dramatic but never expected to find all that and in the one story I honestly didn’t want this book to end I enjoyed it so much The characters are strong the plot is a delight and the romance is hot yet sweet Plus it adds a medical mystery That all adds up to a book that is just right for meThe central character is Dr Sienna Wilson who some may remember from Red Sand

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    This was a fantastic story in fact I read it in one day it was bitterly cold here and a good excuse to read I had only ever read Aussie Midwives by Fiona so was keen to read one of her fiction titles This tells the story of Sienna a high powered Obstetrician who is asked by a friend of hers to come to an outback town to investigate the mysterious arrival of 3 babies with a devastating medical condition over a short period of time Maddie who works at the local pub also is fac

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    This was a great read involving a fantastic storyline and many characters with depth and stories of their own They come together in a small outback town in the chase for a cause to three infants being born around the same time with microcephaly The story contains so much action that you are not sure what is going to happen next

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    This was a fantastic read I can't recommend highly enough Strong characters humour issues tension drama This was great on all fronts The only little let down was the boys felt a bit wooden but that might just be because all the female characters and there were uite a few were amazing in there own right I loved the interactions the softnesshardness of each of the women in really different challenges A total recommend

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    Oh I just love love loved this book I read it super fast because it was easy to do with a really lovely story entwined between 3 women Sienna was a magnificent character I’ve not read Red Sand Sunrise but will add it to my long TBR Thanks FM for a lovely few days immersed in love 💜

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