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Love Actually My remorse is skin deepI live paycheck to paycheck call the apartment on the scary side of the city my home and have no life outside of working two jobs When given the chance to crash a masuerade party in the rich part of town I readily agree What I didn’t expect is to be escorted to the party by Jaxson McCallister a man from my past who holds a dark grudge against me A man who doesn’t have a clue it’s me beneath the mask Or does heI’m unwilling to forgive herThe law was too soft on her and she knows it I can’t forgive or forget Tavi Gabriel for her role in my little sister’s death When she drops into my life again after going MIA I’m determined to make her pay for getting off easyBut when I see the pain and remorse etched on her face as a deep scar can I forgive and forget her Or will I demand a penance that will test my long buried attraction for her

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    Received an ARC for my voluntary review for reading deals I was amazed with this book this was my first time with this author and just wow It was good There was so much emotion secrets and loyalty on behalf of Tara but boy did she pay for that

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    I started reading this story and was about to abandon it when the tide turned and it took a new direction This book is still on the dark side with revenge anger and guilt playing a heavy role in the life of Tavi When Jaxson finally meets up with Tavi after four years he is ready to do his worst However circumstances change and Jaxson

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    35 stars Tortured soulsso much pain so much angst so much sadness This was hard to readat every turn just such sadness It was hard to identify with the romantic moments because of the overshadowing raw pain emanating from both Tavi and Jaxson I can't say that I overly enjoyed this one with both of the main characters having suffered so m

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    I received this book for free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest reviewWow the chemistry between Jaxson and Tavi is off the charts They also complement each other really well and you can just tell they belong together The story of what happened to Jaxsons sister is heart wrenching and definitely has a twist

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    This was a very emotional read hidden secrets and a past shared It was your typical enemy to lover romance and i really enjoyed it I did find the first couple of chapters a little hard to get into i think it was because of the depressive nature of the MFC However once some of the back story was shared with the reader it became a lot clearer This

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    Love Actually is the much anticipated next book by Ashlyn MathewsA tale of emotion surrounding secrets kept for the preservation of friendship and the repercussions this can evoke Love is and can be a powerful thing for better or for worse in any relationshipThis novel I was truly unable to put down I enjoyed the unfolding story references to past a

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    This was an okay read the first one I've read by this author The overall storyline was good but I did feel like there were bits missing I felt like I missed bits where emotions changed I liked Tavi's support network great friends with Ink and Theo I received this book for free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest review

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    Taxi is trying to find closure from her past while looking forward to rebuilt her life Jayson is looking for revenge since his sister's death four years ago in a car accident with Tavi her BFF When they finally meet again can they uncover the truth and have a future together? I received a free copy of this book from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this

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    OkThis was an ok book to read It had sad and sweet moments I only wished they weren't brought together by deception and pain

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    I received this book for free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest reviewThis was my first book from this author and I was thoroughly impressed It was an emotional romance that focused on a need for revenge from Jaxson against Tavi the girl he blames for his sister's death When Tavi crashes a masuerade party and is escorted by Jaxso

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