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Keep Me Rutledge Brothers #3 Harrison Rutledge is the last of his brothers to remain unmated and he’s not taking it very well He’s pleased that he can welcome two new brothers in law to the family but it makes his work as a doula even bittersweet as he works with what seems like every omega on the planet except his own true mate Nathaniel O’Toole feels trapped He’s been raised by a beta uncle who doesn’t have the slightest notion of how to really support an omega and he feels torn between the desire to be thoroughly modern – and as independent as the new progressive laws will allow – and the deep yearning to be one half of a traditional alphaomega couple where their individual natures are balanced and affirmed For Harrison meeting Nathaniel is chance; for Nathaniel it’s fate But when mixed signals and the complication of Harrison’s work duties get in the way of their burgeoning relationship will they ever be able to untangle their feelings for one another The sweetest of the series with rich feelings and gasp worthy storyline Getting betterSo I have to be candid and say the series is definitely getting better and better It didn’t start out well for me But I got back into it after realising Breathe which has my absolute favourite character I’ve read this year Oli is part of this seriesworld So I got back to reading this series And gahhh it gets better Which I’m so happy about This was shorter and so much sweeter than the previous pairs A little bit of the first love kind of feel It doesn’t have the most compelling storyline but it’s still a good read ☺️ These stories are super fast The plot is rushed and so is the editing There were parts that were so bad that it wasn't clear what was going on Names are swapped and phrases just change direction midway through Really poorly doneI felt much better about the professional gray areas in this story I like that Nate was able to stand up for what he wanted and was given a real independent and healthy take on relationships Harry is my favorite of the three brothers from an emotional stability standpoint Tad is hot but Harry he's husband material Family DynamicsStop before you begin reading this book Do you know it is the 3rd book in a series? I almost made the same mistake when I saw the new Piper Scott book To really understand what's going on in this series you need to read the books in order of publication 1 LOVE ME 2 SAVE ME and now this book 3 KEEP ME The books aren't too long and easily read uickly not based on the tough subject matter but the compelling writing by Piper ScottDylan the pregnant Omega who had been rescued from the White Lotus brothel was seemingly forgotten until this Third story While surprisingly a secondary character Dylan remained a primary person throughout a storyline actually featuring two other main characters the third Rutledge triplet Harrison and Dylan's younger brother NathanielAnother influential person in this family drama is Uncle Martin who raised the two siblings when their parents passed away Despite the slow build romance between doula Harrison Rutledge and cafe worker Nathaniel it seems almost a parallel storyline to what's going on with Dylan as he attempts to recover from a horrible situation and a lifetime reminder in the form of his pregnancyThe fear he feels is in direct contrast to the desire his brother feels to be in the company of the Doula that Dylan is taken to to check on his the baby's health Dylan seems to have disrupted the lives of his family But is it really the case? There are different sides to every story These four men had to find a way to common ground or lose something very important to them all I only have two slight criticisms which were Dylan saying he was going to be a mother and the exact role of a Doula not being explained otherwise I truly enjoyed not only this story but the entire series If Piper ever wanted to write a follow up story I bet there would be lots of excitement The was a very sweet novella with the discovery love front and center I would recommend reading the other two in the series or at the very least the first one in order to have a better background on this world It's not as one reviewer suggested in any way Victorian or historical This is a modern world omegaverse in which omegas have previously been the victim of kidnapping and sexual exploitation through the infamous omega brothels There was a crackdown on these in the first novel but each of the omegas was in some way affected by the brothel trade; Nathaniel through his brother Nathaniel is adorable and innocent hardworking and devoted to his uncle and their pie shop He is thoroughly captivated by Harrison who stops by one morning Harrison is eually smitten with the cute shy young man behind the counter Harrison has heard from his brothers that when you meet your mate it just clicks it's overwhelming Not sure what he's feeling is real he gives himself some time and distance to clear his head and think things though; no mistake though Nathaniel is constantly in his thoughts The same hold true for Nathaniel A sort of cosmic coincidence brings them together again and gives feelings a chance to grow Their courtship is very tender and I was touched with how gentle slow and honorable Harrison was There is a tiny bit of family conflict in the story but nothing I would call angst There is a heat and knotting woo hoo as well as the mpreg of a secondary character The end is obviously not the end of the series because like the other two we stop the book right at the announcement of Nathaniel's own pregnancy There will need to be another book to wrap all these pregnancies and give mpreg details please I feel sure that Nathaniel's brother Dylan will be the focus of the next book Short but a great read if you need something slightly fluffy and comforting Re release 2019This is the third book in the Rutledge Brothers series with Harrison being the last brother to find his omega While the first two books focused intensely on the sex trafficking ring the main characters are affected but not directly involved partiesHarrison has found his calling as being a doula for pregnant omegas This is not typically a job held by alphas but it is his way of helping others After a very long shift he decides to stop by a bakery that was recommended to him While trying to decide what to order an omega brings out a pie and the sight of him addles Harry's brainNathaniel is an omega who has been raised by his Uncle Martin and has worked very hard to get the business where it is today He's young but he has been through his own heartache When his brother returns after five years damaged desolate very pregnant and afraid of doctors Nate immediately thinks of HarryThe two men share a brief kiss but Nate leaves immediately Harry misunderstands the situation but knows he shouldn't get involved while he's still working with Dylan through his pregnancy Once Dylan gives birth Nate finds himself in an unexpected situation When Harry realizes what is happening he goes to check on Dylan and the baby; and gets uite a stern talking to He learns the truth of how Nate feels and what he needs to do After the situation has passed the relationship is uickly glossed overthis is a novella after all They date for a while before they finally end up becoming intimateWhen their relationship reaches a certain point they decide on what they want from the future However the future is coming a lot faster than they had anticipated Even so everything falls together leading them to their HEAHappy reading I received an ARC of this book and I am leaving my honest review Like the previous Rutledge Brothers stories there's a portion of the story that's fairly dark and a portion that's fluffy as heck Perhaps there's something wrong with my own psyche but the darker portions of this book were the ones I enjoyed the most There's a fairly heavy back story involving Nathaniel's brother Dylan who has returned home after years away and traumatic experiences The scenes with Dylan while he's angry bitter suspicious and trying to hide his fear were the ones that sucked me in the most That story including his recovery could have caused the overall story arc to be drawn out into a novella at the least and I would've been all inOn the other side of things there's the meet cute and relationship between Nathaniel and Harrison which is totally love at first sight and just about as fluffy as it gets This had the feel of a fated mates kind of thing it was so instantaneous My cold black heart wouldn't have minded time for some angst But if you like gooey fluff this does balance out the story with DylanAs a final note for the audio book edition Dennis Adams narration was uite good in my opinion He differentiates voices pretty well the emotion and pacing felt right to me and his sometimes robotic tone worked very well to match how Dylan's speech was described Audiobook review This is one of those books that works like a blanket Or a fire Or hot chocolate It serves a purpose and that is mainly to warm you up and make you feel good It’s got a goey midsection and a sweet aftertaste Along these parameters I really enjoy this short emotional story of Harrison and Nathaniel It had its lesson and was pretty much to the point I enjoyed it Harrison an Alpha doula for pregnant Omega's is the last of the Rutledge brothers to find his omega After visiting a recommended bakery Pie Five he sees an Omega working the counter and the sight of him stirs something inside Harrison Leaving his business card in a jar he hopes that the omega will call Nathaniel has worked the bakery with his Uncle Martin to stay focused after his brother disappeared 5 years ago Now that his very pregnant brother who's afraid of doctors has returned he immediately thinks of the sexy doula that can help pulling his business card from the safety of his pocketAfter they share a sweet brief first kiss Nathaniel leaves has Harrison read the signals wrong? Harrison knows he shouldn't get involved with a client family member but can't get that kiss out of his mind After successfully helping Dylan deliver Harrison finds out just how much Nathaniel feels Nathaniel goes into early heat and it takes all Harrison strength to walk away and get him some help making Nathaniel think he doesn't care until Dylan points out how much Harrison has been checking on him With his heat over Nathaniel makes the phone call Will they finally be able to be together and get their HEA? What a great way to finish of the series

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