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The Importance of Getting Revenge 17 year old Lexi Turner has just been dumped by her boyfriend of three years—on the day she was going to well do it with him And to make matters worse he dumped her for a life force sucking demon Devastated by this turn of events she decides there is only one way to deal with the situation get revenge Enter Jase Holloway—Lexi's former childhood friend and adversary to her ex The plan is simple somehow talk Jase into pretending to be her boyfriend to make her ex boyfriend jealous make him regret dumping her and make him come crawling back to her on his hands and knees begging for forgiveness With Jase on board Lexi is confident she will get the revenge she deserves But nothing’s ever that simple and Lexi soon finds out firsthand that sometimes what you want is not always what you get—and sometimes what you get is what you wanted all along

About the Author: Amanda Abram

Amanda Abram began her career as a writer at a young age writing weird short stories for her elementary school writing class and penning Full House fan fiction during her spare time She later graduated to writing novel length Harry Potter fan fictions before finally taking a shot at writing her own original novels As a hopeless romantic who enjoys remembering a simpler time she primarily writ

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    Simple Cute Sweet Predictable A bit annoying at times but overall a fast read and I would definitely recommend reading what the book is about before buying I didn´t

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    I picked this one up because I enjoyed the author's other book Challenge Accepted This one was not uite as good This is a typical teenage young adult book with swearing drinking partying and talk of sex There were not any sex scenes and most of the language was mild I enjoy reading young adult titles but prefer them with less of the teenage everyone's doing it mentalityI do however lik

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    The Story was such a big mess but it did make me laugh at some point I do relate with Lexi sometimes revenge is the only thing you can do if someone hurt you I liked Lexi though I was annoyed by some of her behavior what I liked best about her is her friendship with Trish these girls are friendship goals they always support each other no matter what and they kept their friendship in a healthy

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    💕This was such a cute YA read The storyline was great and the characters were amazing There are a lot of emotions that were put into this and I loved it Most high a school books have characters that act way older than they are and this book had a little of that but for the most part everyone was your typical high school kid with high school drama This truly was a cute book

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    I had so many issues with this book Why did I finish it I knew how it was going to end before I started it—I wasn’t exactly looking for an original plot or anything predictability can still be entertaining but I hated Lexi so much Lexi is the most Mary Sue mean girl that ever was She may act like the girl next door but she’s a literal mean girl with no depth So petite but uirky because she has a huge appeti

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    A very cute feel good story I enjoyed it immensely I hope the author will continue writing I'd love to see where her next book takes her

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    Another uiet predicablebut pleasant entertainng and funny YA love story with a HFN ending Ideal for in between and how I like them to be

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    Good writing but plot doesn`t make sense I liked the author's writing style but it felt like there were plot holes by the end and a lot of things just didn't make sense to me

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    I enjoyed this so much I love love love fauxmances and friends to romances and we got a nice combination of two with this book Lexi and Jase had been really close but grew apart several years ago but after Lexi was dumped by her boyfriend Jeffery Jase agrees to be her fake boyfriend to make Jeffery jealous Watching Jase and Lexi rekindle their friendship was fun and touching but there were times that broke my heart too because I could tell

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