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My Storm Bennett Brothers #2 Writing has always been Tasha Edwards' means of escape When the world around her was falling apart and the adults she was supposed to depend on turned on her it was her vivid imagination and storytelling that got her through the rough times As an adult it is this very passion for writing that has made her a New York Times' bestselling author She couldn't ask for much with a thriving career and now being reunited with the older sister who always looked out for her Tasha's on the cusp of writing the fourth book in her highly popular series But what happens when the words stop coming After months of writers' block Tasha looks to somewhat unconventional means to distract her from her inability to write; a distraction by the name of Jeremy Bennett the very sexy cousin of her new brother in law   Jeremy noticed Tasha the first time he laid eyes on her He also told himself she was off limits That look of sadness that always hid deep in those golden colored orbs warned him that she had an ugly past It takes one to know one After one dance with Tasha at his cousin's wedding Jeremy promises himself he'll keep away from the beautiful woman with skin the color of dark chocolate killer curves but a dark past Now if he can only keep her out of his dreams at night He manages for a while but when Tasha initiates the first move can he turn her away Is Tasha ready for everything that comes with being Jeremy Bennett; floggers ball gags and nipple clamps included   TrudyPretty much only finished the book to figure out what happened to Trudy I found my self thinking that considering the strong feelings the heroine was feeling she didn't give the victim the amount of attention that a former victim would have given Also None of the characters seemed to really connect the character development just wasn't there for me they all lacked meat and depth I also didn't like the male love interest he was a cocky asshole and just ugh and Don sub relationships are tricky when there's been abuse and this author just didn't make it believable It just didn't vibe for me It took me less than a day to finish it The basis of the story seemed interesting but I got bored as I began reading the book I actually skipped most of the book The sex scenes didn't do for me so I skipped thoseAlthough I skipped most of the book I didn't feel that I missed any important detail I was able to pick up at any point of the book and understood what was occurring The writing was good but this one I could do without I enjoyed This is Where I Sleep It took a week for me to finish this so that should tell you something right thereFirst off I can take the whole bondage thing but it has to be exciting I feel like that's the basic reuirement and both of these characters failed at that for me Jeremy is possibly the least charismatic romance novel hero I've ever readHe gets most worked up over killing paedophiles; he'd be right at home in a novel about an unhinged but potentially justified vigilante Tasha on the other hand is an abuse survivor and you would think at first that with a background that went that dark she'd be a really intricate character How it plays out though is that she's already or less recovered and is basically just a regular ole weepy submissive children's author with a little bit of a self esteem problem Much like an Anastasia SteeleThere's no real urgency to the plot Very little if any conflict and very much in the way of just being a wanton wish fulfillment story Dom knows Sub Sub submits to Dom Dom and Sub are henceforth ridiculously happy Dom Jeremy gets to kill some paedophiles but otherwise is largely unchanged over the course of the story and Tasha with her amateur I'm going to rescue this child all on my lonesome in a rough neighbourhood even though I have no self defense skills because that will surely end well for all involved social worker self is still the girl on her knees No real character arc for either of them 😎😍😘Definitely a different read and a worth while read Both characters though they had really painful histories and somewhat like stories we're able to come together and make a happy life together

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