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Driftwood Hannah and Joey have been best friends for ever Joey's parents love rescuing things and making them beautiful – their house is full of things made from driftwood old glass and shells from the beach Which is why the scraggy kittens the girls find in a bin at school end up living there And when Paul moves in as Joey's foster brother everyone thinks that maybe he needs rescuing too But nobody knows uite how badly At first it's great – Hannah's brother befriends Paul and the four of them hang out together But then things start to go wrong Paul is being bullied Subtly at first – but uickly it gets dangerous People aren't like driftwood or abandoned kittens and Hannah doesn't know how to rescue him Paul doesn't want to be rescued – but with help he can find a way to save himself

About the Author: Cathy Cassidy

I was born in 1962 in Coventry scarily ancient I know I wrote my first picture book for my little brother when I was eight or nine I loved making comics too pages and pages of picture stories features and competitionsI went to Art College in Liverpool then got a job as fiction editor on the fab and legendary Jackie magazineI have worked as agony aunt on Shout magazine and also as an ar

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    Driftwood was a beautiful book full of drama harsh reality and truth and I utterly adored every minuteDriftwood is about a girl named Hannah which was a bonus because thats my name who goes to school with her best friend Joey Hannah's brother Kit is head over heels for Joey and Joey is on a war with uniform and school rules She's uirky and enjoys indivi

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    I was recommended this book by a 10 year old and I was uite surprised that she would be reading a book with such a sad issue underlying it Cathy Cassidy is clever in the way she presents the characters and at the same time she is writing about bullying and depression I think this book could be useful for Upper Key Stage Two to introduce the topic of bullying

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    This book is a delightful story an it gives advice about bullying as well and it shows that it's always important to tell someone It is a heart gripping story about love friendship and hate My favourite character is Hannah because she never turns her back on anyone and is always there for Paul who has a rough time with the other boys because he is different My leas

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    This book centres around serious subjects such as bullying depression and suicide but remains entertaining despite this Cassidy seems to have a real knack for creating likeable real characters and pulling her reader into their lives

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    'He's there' I mutter 'I know he is''So we'll find him' says Kit And suddenly out of nowhere my eyes are leaking tears at an alarming rate LORDY OK so backstory this has been one of my favourite books ever since I first read it aged 12 This is the first time I have re read it in a few years today being March 2019 and somehow this affected me deeply than it ever has before B

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    I read this book when I was much much younger Nevertheless it deserves a lot of kudos Being a childrens' book it's still well written and approaches a lot of mature themes such as homophobia individuality self harming bullying and relationships It wasn't beyond it's years and it will be something I will hope my young children will read in the future It's not a cookie cutter story an

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    I first read this a decade ago when I was 1011 and at the time it was my favourite book I picked it up and reread it on a whim today and I never realised the impact it had on me Not a positive impact far from it For a book aimed at kids it's horrific The way being gay is treated as a problem something to fear and be afraid of Or the way it suggested keeping uiet about being bullied Or the

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    so happy to have the opportunity to read this thru an interlibrary loani really enjoyed this middle grades to YA book dealing with friendship and bullying I love her characters and how there's always a slightly outrageous one just like in real life my daughter is reading it now perfect for her at age 12

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    ok kit was an asshole so it made this hard to read also they rushed the recovery ending aka suicidal attempt one page and then 5 pages later he’s back and recovered and it’s the end probably my least favourite cathy cassidy book oh god the pre teen angst

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    I believe 'Driftwood' was one of the first Cathy Cassidy books I ever read I must have been about ten at the time and I remembered uite liking it although I had no recollection of the actual storyThe book is set by the coast in Scotland and is told from the perspective of a girl named Hannah Hannah is friends with Joey a kooky wild child with stripy hair mismatched socks and a passion for Good Charlotte Ha

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