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Initiation THE A LIST BITESJason Freeman is getting the hang of DeVere Heights Then life from his flyover past pays an unexpected visit in the form of his old friend Tyler Jason's surprised but psyched to see a familiar faceHaving his friend around turns our to be a downer especially when Jason realizes that Tyler is running from some kind of crisis But Tyler isn't in on DeVere Heights's little secret Now instead of escaping his problem he's about to put himself in mortal danger Literally This book was just as good as the first one Jason continued is friendship with his vampire friends and continues on the swim team Adam is still is best friend and his side kick While everyone is getting ready for school vacation Jason got a surprise vist from his friend TylerTyler hitched hikes from Michigan to Jason's house so he didn't have any clothes Jason's family loves him like there own so they were happy to see him and let him stay In the guest room Also staying for thanksgiving vacation was his aunt b Tyler started acting funny and was getting weird phone calls Jason started asking uestions and found out that Tyler was into drugs and needed 5 thousand dollars Jason took Tyler to one of the famous parties ins devre heights and Tyler ended up stealing a very important vampire cupNow Jason has to figure out how to get it back and save Tyler Now all vampires are looking to kill Tyler and Jason just found out that aunt b is a high in the vampire chain Mean while seriena is getting closer to Jason but Jason keeps screwing up his chances with her 35 starsthese books remind me of sweet valley high D I unfortunately did not like this novel as much It was super repetitive and predictable That being said I am excited to continue reading the rest of the books in the series Watch this link for my full review you read this book yet? What did you think of it? Reviewed by K Osborn Sullivan for TeensReadToocomIn the second installment of the VAMPIRE BEACH series Jason Freeman is still coming to grips with the fact that the popular kids at his new Malibu high school are all vampires And why shouldn't the vamps be popular? They're beautiful and rich and they throw the best parties But Jason knows those parties are simply an excuse to drink blood from unwitting human guests It's true that the humans aren't hurt the vampires need blood to survive and many of those vampires are Jason's friends but still Let's just say that Jason is feeling conflicted Then when his best friend from the old neighborhood turns up unexpectedly and under mysterious circumstances Jason's problems multiply As with the first VAMPIRE BEACH book I love the premise When I was in high school I often wondered what it was that made the popular crowd so special I could wear the same clothes they wore and sport the same hairstyle but still something was missing Maybe they were all secretly blood sucking monsters That would explain a lot But again just like the first book in this series the execution of the great premise left me cold For one thing this book is too short I wanted it to delve deeply into the characters and their lives So much could have been going on in this vampire run town and I was constantly disappointed that the author wasn't exploring those things I was also bothered by the fact that there were some pretty improbable actions being taken by people in this story For example if you're hiding in a roomful of vampires and your cell phone goes off wouldn't it be odd if the vamps still didn't notice you were there? The reactions and explanations sometimes felt contrived and highly unlikely which detracted from the story In the plus column this book seemed to have toned down the first book's uncomfortable attempts to use current teenage language Or if it didn't tone them down then I must have gotten used to them Either way it didn't grate on me the way it had in VAMPIRE BEACH BLOODLUST Also this story was interesting and it had a few twists and turns that kept me turning the pages eagerly Overall this is an intriguing book I like the premise the characters and the story itself Be warned though that this one is for older readers Like BLOODLUST it contains references to alcohol and drug use as well as some sexual activity and a little swearing As for this book's problems my chief complaint is that it left me wanting much

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