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A Very Very Bad Thing From the author of Drag Teen a startling novel about the complexities of identity and of truth Marley doesn't just want to be labeled The Gay Kid but he doesn't have much else going on He doesn't have any hobbies Or interests He's the only kid he knows without a passion until Christopher comes to town He's smart cute gay and the son of the country's most famous most bigoted television evangelistMarley and Christopher immediately spark and become inseparable For a month it's heaven Then Christopher's parents send him to a Pray Away the Gay program which leads to even worse things Hurt and outraged Marley tells a very big lie and then has to navigate its repercussions Disappointing Flat characters unimaginative dialogue and a weak plot Omg this book So powerful so profound and so important I’ll be posting my full review on my booktube channel at This book turned out to be a very bad thing It started off sweet but I ended up having problems than benefits Admittedly a faster than real life developing romance is not unusual in YA literature; however I think that 225 actual story pages in this case are not enough to develop round characters Here lies also one of my main problems the book seemed like something what a stereotypical Hollywood studio would produce The parents of both Marley and Christopher fell flat and were exaggerated into caricatures of bohemian esoteric hippies on the one end contrasted with the fanatic strict tv self marketed Christians on the other end Especially Christopher’s parents felt like cardboard cut outs I wished the author had invested in additional 100 pages to develop characters and the budding relationship between Marley and Christopher which as is happened in Marley’s head seeing that the two did not spend that much time together The author resorted to telling rather than showing eg we are told on several occasions how ‘smooth’ Christopher’s comments areAlso plot wise the book gives the impression of stereotypical rom com course of action the lying aspect that is already mentioned in the blurb is slowly hinted at and thus introduced in a not very subtle way finds its resolution in a big speech in which the protagonist professes his wrongdoings only to straight afterwards drinking champagne with his best friend seemingly unaffected by the traumatic events of the past It is this tragic and unnecessary incident in the book and how it is exploited by both the protagonist and author to shock the reader which is most problematic The representation of gay people would fail the Vito Russo test if this were a film or series Marley is depicted as opportunistic in broadcasting his own vindictive agenda while justifying the means by falsely believing to stand for a greater good In my opinion these wrong doings never really were viewed critical enough but promoted a “the end justifies the means” logic with an addition of “but it is okay when you come clean afterwards” All in all the book had the promise to become a 3 star read; however the negative aspects outweigh the positives and I have to deduct stars for that Bury your gays trope Maybe this book could have been saved if it had had character development? As is it's one of the most forgettable YA books I've read The non spoiler part of the review This was going to be three stars and a lot of side eye but then I got to the end sonow it's two stars and a lot of side eye It seems to be a thing in ueer YA fiction for the pendulum of parental support to swing wildly between you're going to hell and yay You're gay Let's throw a party This book offers both versions I'm looking forward to the day that the pendulum spends time around 'That's nice dear Now would you please take out the trash?' Pro tip When someone's idea of a good first date is to use you as bait to infuriate his bigoted parentsyou might want to rethink dating him Or better When your idea of a good first date is to use your date as bait to infuriate your bigoted parentsyou might want to rethinkThe spoilery part of the reviewview spoilerThe I think about this the sense it makes that the author's background is primarily screen rather than book There's a speed with which things develop—with which Marley's relationship with Christopher develops—that makes me think of a movie montage skip the details show 'em frolicking gaily in fountains and making googly eyes at each other and we'll believe that they have chemistry and are madly in love It can work in books too but it takes finesse than we get here The book is too focussed on getting to the 'good stuff' death drama fake suicide to do the legwork that makes for believable compelling characters and plotThe thing is it wants to We're given side plots about Marley's zany uirky best friend who's gunning for Most Obliviously Terrible High School Actress and about Marley's parents who are facing bankruptcy andor losing their house but those plots don't go anywhere The latter is particularly galling as I suspect that there was meant to be some kind of tension there regarding Marley's lies about Christopher's death—eg if he's a media darling and can get a book deal or paid public appearances or whatever because everyone thinks his boyfriend killed himself he might be able to save his family from financial ruin and if he tells the truth he loses the financial benefit Butthat doesn't come upBut there are three bigger things I want to touch on Marley's fame and the award he's given following Christopher's death what happens when he tells the truth and why he chooses to do so and the resolution with Christopher's parentsMarley's fame Following Christopher's accidental death which Marley passes off as a suicide Marley gets a great deal of publicity because Christopher's parents are big time conservative Evangelicals very wealthy very well known and very bigoted The media loves the idea that Christopher killed himself because his parents shipped him off again to conversion therapy but Christopher's parents are saying 'no no he was mentally ill not gay' So Marley becomes famous for trying to tell the 'real' story and then is presented with an award forforfor what? It's never explained For being a gay kid whose boyfriend died I guess I know that sounds flippant—but he's literally done nothing other than give some mediocre interviews Why not take it a step further? Have him write an article and get a book deal from which he expects to financially profitlet's muddy the waters some that wins some kind of award for telling the truth Never mind that it's based on a lieTelling the truth Eventually Marley owns up he gets up on a big stage to accept his award and he admits that he lied about the suicide But 1 he never really cares about the biggest reason for this namely that it would probably bring Christopher's parents some unuantifiable but critical measure of relief to know that their son hadn't committed suicide And 2 there's no fallout None that we see anyway to avoid criticism Marley goes back to the hotel and drinks champagne because yay He did the right thing Good for him Pats on the back all around The end Where are the conseuences? Look not that I'm wishing any of this on a kid or anyone really but where's the social ostracisation at school? Where are the reporters writing scathing articles? Where the hate mail? Where's the financial ruin that he thought he'd staved off? Where's the fury from Christopher's parents over the additional pain Marley caused them? Where are the police coming by to re interview him?Nowhere Because Marley eventually owned up and for a white boy from a 'good' family that's enough isn't it? Clean slate Eventually he'll write a college admissions essay about how he did a very very bad thing once and learned an important lesson from itChristopher's parents Oh lord I can't even I can roll my eyes over the last two points but this is the thing that infuriates me at the end of the book Marley messages Christopher's mother to tell her that he's sorry for her loss And she not only thanks him and forgives him for the media circus that he put her through she implies that Marley loved Christopher and better than his parents ever did And then pretty much renounces her faithWhat The actual FuckMy own beliefs are so very very far away from those of Christopher's parents I'd be super happy to see Christopher's mother move away from some of the poisonous things that her church suggests provided that's done in a believable manner It's not ButI also believe that it's possible for a parent doing repugnant things eg sending their child to straight camp to do so because they believe that's what's best for their child Misguided yes; bigoted yes; generally fucking problematic yesbut with good intentions Like genuine fear that otherwise their child will end up in hell That's complicated and it's interestingBut A Very Very Bad Thing isn't interested in that kind of complexity Instead it goes for an easy 'and this character is redeemed by converting to the main character's beliefs Aren't we nice for letting the bad character do a good thing' resolution And that makes me cranky hide spoiler raise ur hand if ur SICK of very very bad things happening to very very good gay charactersugh i'm just SO disappointed the worst thing was that i truly believed that the author would flip everything on its head and that instead of the unhappy ending we were being lead to believe we were getting we'd be surprised with a happy one but that rarely happens right? especially when it comes to gay characters everyone just seems to have a shite time and me a lil gay is left depressed and miserable againessentially this is the story of marley and christopher they meet at school and fall for each other super uickly which yes i normally have a problem with but i thought this was actually done really well but sadly christopher's parents are super religious and keep shipping him off to conversion therapy despite this christopher is just about the loveliest person on earth he's kind and funny and wants to make a change and help other gay kids and just ugh i'm crying again ??? because of courseview spoiler he dies he falls off a ladder or some dumb shit and marley lies about it and gets in trouble hide spoiler a list of things that are NOT okay this book honestly don’t read it it made me way too sad please don’t read it is the book's title talking about itselfReading this is like walking towards a nuclear bomb with people you love It's kind of weird the characters aren't extremely likable and the writing isn't great but it felt real enough I got so attached to the characters and I sensed that feeling that this will all end badly see nuclear bomb but I tried to pretend it wasn't going to happen I loved their interactions their relationship and how it grew and it was so cheesy but so sweet and I enjoyed it But then we get to the part where he basically says that it won't work out and after that reading every interaction felt so excruciatingly painfulAll the pain you feel through the book is because you knew it was going to end I don't know I just felt so let down I really felt like my heart had exploded and I couldn't even bring myself to cry because it was all for nothing I felt like we read all that for nothing I just do not even want to think about this book again So that's that I don't recommend it I think the author was trying to talk about morality and whatever but this wasn't done well It felt like a romance book that fucked me and all the other characters over I originally rated this two stars because I felt like a book that gave me this emotions deserves some recognition but honestly? it doesn't deserve them original reviewI’ll write a full review when I’m not this upset view spoiler this is a bury your gays book so yeah i need a break hide spoiler Listened to the audiobook read by the author Jeffery Self Loved this story

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