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ஸீரோ டிகிரி It sure is experimental It felt like watching TV when someone else is channel surfing Some times you get to see long seuences to make sense out of it but there are also moments when the image flashes right past your mind as in a subliminal message A recurring theme is the violence against women in the society Almost all the female characters in this novel are victims of some form of societal injustice Some readers might be repelled by some passageschapters but those things do happen in our society An there are also passages that seems to be pure gibberishAll things considered this is a great novel Its a mishmash sample of the society which on careful introspection could reveal a great deal Total crap Charu talks about everything in this book Every page the topic jumps between cruelty sex sadism child abuse machoism communism gays physical torture of captivities sometime he even talks about big bang and infinity with the current state of the world I felt like reading bunch of news papers cuts from different places Yes there is no seuence in it It was like a dream seuence It jumps between incidents Sometime the character in itself gives interview but which is actually Charu's Lot of character confusions Some time I felt like its close to penthouse stories For sample there is an interview with a character in the book why do you hate CUNT? You always beaten it up with your wordsA I don't hate it I think the most beautiful delightful and wonderful thing in the world is CUNT It is egg its aleph it is eye it is divine it is abyss bottomless chasm deep gorge immeasurable depth abyss of despair primal chaos hiatus its the abyss of my soul it is my magic landAnd in the next page he talks about Big Bang He is knowledgeable In one page the character or himself who knows I wanted to become a butterfly collector but since Nabakov already doing that I decided to become ornithologist I am sure he was talking about Valdimir Nabakov and his Lolitas It does not stop there He is a very good ornithologist who also loves to eat the birds as well He complains why wouldn't I?But some time i felt he was also afraid of his words and try to give self explanation through the characters in the book If you want to understand by words don't look at my life If you want to understand my life don't look at my words At the end another character talks he is afraid of auto drivers bus conductors than the cops How can he write a book which goverment will ban and arrest him?aah its a never ending story got to do something useful than reading it But Charu is Brave and he is real Fiction South Asia Studies Translated from the Tamil by Pritham K Chakravarthy and Rakesh Khanna With its mad patchwork of phone sex conversations nightmarish torture scenes tender love poems numerology mythology and compulsive name dropping of Latin American intellectuals Charu Nivedita's novel ZERO DEGREE stands out as a groundbreaking work of Tamil transgressive fiction that unflinchingly probes the deepest psychic wounds of humanity Hide it in the deep recesses of your clothes cupboard or in the general chaos of your office desk if you must but read it Asha S Menon New Sunday Express A lipogrammatic novel ? In tamil? written in the 80s? Whoa Unbelievable right?One of the most uniue and disturbing books you'll ever read There may b no other book as uniue as this in any other languageIt's a transgressive novel and its transgression at its peak Zero degrees is way ahead of its time Even in 2015 it seems too futuristic to be true Kudos to Charu for his bravery The book shatters all the expected codes of decency and morality in the very first page where he describes the different kinds of readers It has no clear narration its not even non linear the story is randomly scattered between the chapters of the book but its oddly engagingIn a narration that switches between different languages yeah there's a lot of EnglishHindietc different forms of prose and poetry different continents different personalities and whatnot never once are you bored It takes than bravery to publish such graphic content that tooin Tamil in the 80s What's most disturbing about the most disturbing chapters of zero degrees is that they could easily be true like the story of avantika and almost all other women Zero degrees explores the darkest spaces of the human mind in a not so clear narrative but the writing is on your face It has the most beautiful poetry and the most gruesome tortures it shows the most lovely forms of affection and most shocking expressions of lustOnly for the brave hearted folks who could appreciate this different beast of a literature I dont know what to write a review about this book because I dont know what author is trying to sayI gave 4 stars because I have come to know a new genre called Transgressive fiction but still I dont understand the theme behind this Fng zero degree its like each page is not linkedLippogrammatic ok what is lippogrammatic?Read again and again so that you will not understand This book is definitely not for everyone definitely not for the faint of heart and most definitely not for young or sensitive readers It is extremely rare to come across readily available English translations of Avant Garde Tamil writing so I have been raring to read this book for a while I had searched for this book on both India as well as Flipkart but finally found a copy at my neighborhood book store God bless independent book stores and may they live foreverThis book is very difficult to read Some chapters are extremely obscure making references to long dead European existentialists while others are graphic in their portrayal of sexual physical and psychological violence This book is definitely written in a way to provoke mainstream polite Tamil society and is as far away from what is considered acceptable literature as one can imagineBut that is the whole pointThere is a lot of value in this book especially for a reader who wants to explore the limits of literary fiction Avant Garde books or transgressive fiction isn't supposed to be approachable but reading a book like this proves a good mental challenge for the reader to test their own biasesviewslimits of reading abilityI do not want to say much about the story per se because there really isn't any coherent plot but one particular chapter Avantika's Letter to Surya is very readable and heart wrenching This book might leave you depresseddistresseddisappointeddisgusted or plain confused It made me feel a mixture of those emotions for sure And any book that makes me feel anything other than boredom to me is worth readingPS This is the first ever book I have read where one character chastises another by calling him a Mudevi left untranslated but defined in the appendix That by itself left me chuckling The most craziest novel I have read till date Felt irritated shocked surprised disgusted sympathetic and bored This is no easy novel and definitely not for those who can get offended by strong content of violence and sex Never thought a novel could be this way and the most interesting read was Avanthika's episode in the novel Zero Degree definitely needs a second read This is a piece of shit I neither liked this book nor disliked this book my head was swirling like anything when i'm done with thing this is my first non linear lipogrammatic novel why did i read this novel ? The legendary writer Sujatha called it ' a piece of shit' Tehelka called it Style with substance Some called for the book to be banned straight awayWikipedia calls it 'Postmodern lipogrammatic novelsome call it transgressive fictionFirst remember everything you are told and have believed a novel is particularly the Indian novel Some things on the lines of A novel is a work of fiction It contains several common elements such as character plot narrative It explores what is loosely called the human condition It may sometimes be an instrument for social change It is a socio political reflection of its times It entertains informs educates etcA literary genre that graphically explores such topics as incest and other aberrant sexual practices mutilation the sprouting of sexual organs in various places on the human body urban violence and violence against women drug use and highly dysfunctional family relationships and that is based on the premise that knowledge is to be found at the edge of experience and that the body is the site for gaining knowledgeWith its mad patchwork of phone sex conversations nightmarish torture scenes tender love poems mythology and numerology Charu Nivedita′s novel continues to give shocks to readers This would be one book I wanted to read for really a long time There were warnings against it Still whenever I check out any tamil books I never failed to check its price or read its prologue And finally it reached me in its due timeA minute into the book I understood that it isn't for me This book as claimed to be one of the best transgressive fiction work of tamil sadly didn't work for me Okay this had happened before I thought I should give it one tryThis was my second attempt to read this book Prepared myself with all admirations it received for its lipogrammatic structure and others That drove me through first 20 pages of it and again found it impossible to move further Now I started hating this book and CharuWell was it because he was stating things that I don't want to hear? Or was it the nature of tone that made me feel like this material isn't for ordinary people like meEven though the book is supposed to reach an woman reader who according to the author is doing one of his listed activities I wasn't sure if there would be anything I could relate to and I just failed to see any reason whatsoever to proceed this book furtherI don't know blame it on me for this didn't work Maybe this is just beyond me and I don't see myself matured enough to read this on and rateI just added a new shelf for this one and honestly I don't want to come across books of this sort in future

About the Author: Charu Nivedita

Charu Nivedita born 18 December 1953 is a postmodern transgressive Tamil writer based in Chennai India His novel Zero Degree was longlisted for the 2013 edition of Jan Michalski Prize for Literature Zero Degree was inducted into the prestigious '50 Writers 50 Books The Best of Indian Fiction' published by HarperCollins Vahni Capildeo places Charu Nivedita on par with Vladimir Nabokov

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