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I love watching a new writer find there footing This is a sweet read of two unlikely characters finding an instant connection The characters are introduced uickly with sense of familiarity to them The conversations are Radom and uirky which are a favourite for me with BM's writing The first chapter gave me my favourite laugh out giggle “I was about as useful with that stuff as a sloth with a hammer”Excerpt From Missen Belinda “Love And Other Midnight Theories” Belinda Missen 2017 02 11 iBooks This material may be protected by copyrightCheck out this book on the iBooks Store I must admit the uick introduction of a uick witted Nanna made this novella really stand outI did feel that she could have stretched it out a little further as it left me wanting There where a few transitions that could have been smoother but hey she wrote another book and I think did a bloody good job of it I won this book on a Goodreads giveawayOne thing that I have learned not to do in the past couple of years is to never watch the movie adaptation immediately after reading the book The reason for this is that my memory of the book is still fresh and as I watch the movie I always get angry at all the details that are left out from the book It's like someone took the book sucked the juice out of it and the leftovers became the movie I am not saying that this is an objective perspective I am fully aware that the movie cannot contain all the details from the book because its runtime would greatly increase yet I still feel the way that I do no matter how subjective that might be This situation happened with Love and Other Midnight Theories Right after I finished the book I started reading the screenplay and as you may have guessed by now I was bugged about the many left out details The story is generally the same and the screenplay has been written before the book itself but I enjoyed the book Would my opinion differ had I read the screenplay first and the book second? Possibly But that's just guessing what could havewould have been Okay back to the story I have to admit that reading in the introduction part that this novel was inspired by the Before Sunrise trilogy spiked up my excitement about delving into the book because I am a huge fan of the movies They depict the romance of spontaneity and living in the moment even if it's just for one day The influence of these movies is visible in the book Isobel and Tom are characters that are easy to fall in love with even though I did have one problem with their portrayal They didn't feel real We get to know them only on the surface we don't get to see much of their flaws only the pretty picture The plot was a bit predictable taking the usual route of romance novels Even though that's not a bad thing I wish there had been a fresh perspective on it What I did enjoy was the flow of the dialogue between the characters It didn't seem weird or forced it was natural and considering that the dialogue is a huge part of the novel and obviously the screenplay I am glad that it was done right There was one passage that really stuck with me Have you ever actually thought about the fact that you will never really know someone? For example I might know you but I don't get direct translations of your most intimate thoughts I'll only get what you communicate to me through words and body language and that's completely filtered Overall even though I had some problems with it I can't say that I regret spending time on this book because I enjoyed reading it I would recommend it to anybody who's a hopeless romantic or is a fan of the genre Brilliant As all of your books are Belinda once I start reading I can't put them down This was short and sweet and enjoyable to read I was transported there with them you are amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I absolutely loved this book the storyline was amazing and I was so excited for Isobel and Tom Thought the book would be longer but there's a screenplay of the book at the end I'm not a huge fan of screen plays so I didn't read the screenplay I'm hoping there will be a second book because I'm busting to see what happens next Hurry Belinda On her final night in London Isobel wants nothing than a uiet night a warm bath and to cross off her packing list one last time At least that’s what she plans as she heads toward the nearest Tube stationPacing the same train platform Tom's hurriedly trying to make a public scandal go away He's been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and stories are flying thick and fast When the next train arrives he sits opposite Isobel giving her a front row seat to his drama Looking to diffuse the tension one comment turns into two and starts an avalanche of conversation that will see them through the rest of the night Past iconic landscapes and into the dark bars of London they're left one uestion by morning now whatIncludes the screenplay that started it all I did love this story I think we all want that to happen to us on some level Meet an interesting person and spend an amazing night heshe doesn't even have to be semi famous Just that magic of connection almost instantly is such a wonderful theme My only comment would be that I'd liked one night is short and it's only just the very start of their story I'd love to read how they make it work not only busy life but his semi fame and their way of dealing with it Would make an interesting read But I still stand with my 5 stars cause I loved it so much the Main characters are very likeable instantly and Belinda always has a great way of adding humor to her works 455Perfectly wrapped up I love how the book started and finished The cliche story is heartwarming The intimacy between Tom and Isobel is so natural and innocent Their constant banter keeps everything bubbly and the serious talks about life just give it that edge Nanna is wonderful and I hope to see a novel based around her Maybe even our Chewbacca cab driver Thank you Belinda for this read Like all of Belinda's books I am taken away on a journey full of sarcasm laughs and uick wittedness is there even such a word?I loved this one also and will be definitely going back to it every now and again for some lighthearted giggles I would like to know what happens next though a book two perhaps? ; Garbage Did not finish It is a very uick read I loved it though i have recommended this to a friend and just waiting for her response Still sitting on my desk because I am not ready to put it on the shelf Love And Other Midnight Theories

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Author and sometimes foodie Belinda is a ridiculous romantic who met her husband after being set up by a friend two states awayResiding in country Victoria surrounded by books cat fur and half eaten cake Belinda divides her days between writing rom coms baking and indulging her love of comic booksAs of 01 June 2020 I'll no longer be checking in on Goodreads You can find me at belindamis

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