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Becoming Lord Drakes Lover London 1815 Albinus St John would do anything to be with Josiah Drake—even share him with London’s finest doxies Although the two men never touch visits to the women at the brothels allow Albinus to cherish the sight smell and even taste of the man he adores He never believed there could be anything between themBut Josiah has a heart too and it has always belonged to Albinus After some life changing experiences on the Grand Tour he is ready to offer his love and his body Becoming Lord Drake’s Lover is a 10000 word MM erotic romance

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    Becoming Lord Drake’s Lover is set in London 1815 and stars Albinus and his best friend Josiah Drake The story is told in third person through Albinus’ povview spoilerAlbinus and Josiah have been friends for most of their lives However Albinus’ feelings for Josiah grow much deeper as the years go by E

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    Lovely well written MM romance This was a lovely well written MM short story set back in the romantic era when gentlemen were absolutely not allowed to be with other gentlemen I loved the Byronic tone to Josiah and found it uite fitting when I read “You cannot be interested in Childe Harold than me” Perf

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    LOL What's to review really?I often wonder the purpose behind these very short twenty to sixty minute reads that doesn't tell much of a story

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    This short piece was very very sexy This was great both as historical fiction and a friends to lovers story One device I'd never thought about although maybe it's common and I just don't read enough historicals to know was the practice of a sharing prostitute as a way for one party to see the other sexually Alb

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    25 rounded down It was fine Not long enough or well enough written that I got any sense of the characters I was always confused about who was who although I guess it didn't matter that much There also seemed to be some underlying attitudes that bugged me In the end it was fineWill not re read

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    Ah nothing says 'I love you' like sleeping with someone else I was expecting something different More passion less calculated feckery Still good idea diffrent well written for a short story

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    Wow for a novelette this is filled with lots of character moments tension and of course lots of romancethe explicit kindI'll be looking into of Vanessa Mulberry's works

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    Short and sweet 35 stars rounded up

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    A different take on a relationship between titled men It was short sexy and a bit sweet

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    Cute little short story

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