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Jewel in the North A longstanding feud of land and love a family torn apart and a uest for the ultimate prizeA breathtaking historical family saga of love death and forgiveness and a uest for the Jewel in the North1895 The Flinders Ranges are a beautiful but harsh landscape as Joseph Baker a pastoralist in that unforgiving environment knows all too well For three generations his family have farmed the land married and had children at their property at Wildu Creek but now struggling with hostility from the local community for his choice of wife Joseph finds himself fighting to save not just his friends and family but his very existenceHis son William has his own battles to fight not only the drought that takes over the land but his own despair as he faces rejection from the woman he loves Meanwhile a ruthless enemy will stop at nothing to take from William what he considers to be his Could the vicious and cunning Charles Wiltshire be his nemesis Or does another man in a uest for the Jewel of the North hold the key to his destruction As the First World War looms on the horizon two men struggle to survive both the elements and each other on a uest to find that they hold dear — but only one will have the courage to stand strong The deeply satisfying conclusion to the bestselling Flinders Ranges series Jewel in the North Flinders Ranges Series #3

About the Author: Tricia Stringer

Tricia Stringer is a bestselling and award winning author Among others her books include commercial fiction titles Table For Eight and The Model Wife the rural romances A Chance of Stormy Weather and Come Rain or Shine and historical sagas Heart of the Country Dust on the Horizon and Jewel in the North set in the 19th Century Flinders Ranges Tricia grew up on a farm in country South Australi

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    Joseph Baker’s wife Millie had given him three children to add to the four with his first wife Clara and his happiness knew no bounds Living at Wildu Creek with his father Thomas and the whole family meant the homestead was bursting at the seams When Joseph’s eldest son William left to take over the running of Smith’s Ridge William was proud his father had faith in his ability to manage the propertyWilliam h

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    in the North features the Flinders Ranges located in the heart of country South Australia as the stunning backdrop to Tricia Stringer’s historical saga trilogy This Australian saga principally focuses on the lives of two families the Bakers and the Wiltshires as they negotiate the harsh landscape of South Australia in the days of early settlement It is a compelling story that exposes the lives loves deaths of those

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    This one's hefty at 564 pages that's a trade paperback too best not to read late at night in case you drop it on your face as I did Set in the Flinders Ranges and reflecting the author's love of the landscape Jewel in the North tells the story of the Bakers who battle drought prejudice and jealousy as they make a life for themselves on the land A well crafted tale of loves and losses courage and cowardice this one will t

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    My Thoughts This was the final instalment in a three generational saga titled ‘Flinders Ranges Series’ by Tricia Stringer Each of the three novels can be read as a stand alone book with each instalment providing it’s own storyline in relation to the time period Some characters carry over especially seeing as this was the final book of the trilogy; however there is no real confusion I had not read the preceding two boo

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    This is the final stand alone book in the Flinders Ranges series I haven't read the first two so I can attest to the fact that this story can stand on its own but I think you would appreciate the story even if you've read the preceding two books I loved the insight into life in the late 1800s and early 1900s in country South Australia I enjoyed getting inside the heads of so many different characters I liked some characters

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    Absolutely loved it Couldn't put it down Tricia Stringer is a wonderful author

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    Another terrific read with a delightfully heart warming ending I have so enjoyed this series Thank you Tricia Stringer

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    A saga that has spanned three generations as told within the three stand alone novels contained in the Flinder’s Ranges series from author Tricia Stringer Each instalment portraying a story with stand out characters A striking backdrop of a story with vivid descriptive’s and detailed characters outlined within in a time that was anything but easy This series has been stunning reading from the first book Jewel In The North by Tricia

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    What an utterly fantastic historical saga trilogy from start to finish Loved the three books and Jewel in the North completes the series off wonderfully Following the Bakers and the Wiltshires through three generations has been a compelling series that effortlessly takes the reader to the early settlement of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia in late 1800’s early 1900’s through heat flies drought and floods and falling in love and

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book although it was not until reading other’s comments that I realised that it was the third book in a series an indication that it stands very well on its ownSet in the late 1800’s in the Flinders Ranges post gold rush days this tale of three families the Bakers the Prossers and the Wiltshire’s beautifully captures the Victorian values that were still very prevalent in Australia despite there impracticality

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