Hippie Food How Back to the Landers Longhairs and

Hippie Food How Back to the Landers Longhairs and Revolutionaries Changed the Way We Eat An enlightening narrative history—an entertaining fusion of Tom Wolfe and Michael Pollan—that traces the colorful origins of once unconventional foods and the diverse fringe movements charismatic gurus and counterculture elements that brought them to the mainstream and created a distinctly American cuisineFood writer Jonathan Kauffman journeys back than half a century—to the 1960s and 1970s—to tell the story of how a coterie of unusual men and women embraced an alternative lifestyle that would ultimately change how modern Americans eat Impeccably researched Hippie Food chronicles how the longhairs revolutionaries and back to the landers rejected the suare establishment of President Richard Nixon’s America and turned to a idealistic and wholesome communal way of life and foodFrom the mystical rock and roll cult known as the Source Family and its legendary vegetarian restaurant in Hollywood to the Diggers’ brown bread in the Summer of Love to the rise of the co op and the origins of the organic food craze Kauffman reveals how today’s uotidian whole foods staples—including sprouts tofu yogurt brown rice and whole grain bread—were introduced and eventually became part of our diets From coast to coast through Oregon Texas Tennessee Minnesota Michigan Massachusetts and Vermont Kauffman tracks hippie food’s journey from niche oddity to a cuisine that hit every corner of this countryA slick mix of gonzo playfulness evocative detail skillful pacing and elegant writing Hippie Food is a lively engaging and informative read that deepens our understanding of our culture and our lives today

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    Hippie Food by Jonathan Kauffman is a 2018 William Morrow publicationInformative and educational This well researched book delves into the way the sixties counterculture raised awareness and concerns about preservatives and other food additives and changed our eating habits incor

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    Wow This was an extremely informative and utterly fascinating read on the conception of hippie food Divided into chapters that included the birth of macrobiotic philosophy organic farming health food restaurants; Moosewood to food Co ops this book explored the how when why and whe

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    This is the book I've wanted to read for years on the food revolutions of the late 60s and the 70s and how they gradually shifted the whole US food scene Kaufman interviewed the aging flower children and farmers and restaurateurs who were there he's funny and he managed to make an

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    Reading Hippie Food was fascinating it revealed the history of so many of the food traditions that I have cherished for decades The histories go back to the late 19th century when earlier proponents of eating healthier food challenged the increasing control of industry over the food

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    Hippie Food is rigorously researched and entertainingly written but falls short significantly in recognizing the contributions of non whites in the popularization of brown rice and macrobiotics vegetarianism and tofuAuthor Jonathan Kauffman notes in the introduction of the bookOne of

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    Great I was there My boyfriend at the time pulled me into the basement Erewhon on Newbury St and stated we were on a bad eating trip I was young and must have looked stupid as Root gave me a long lecture on how to cook brown rice I had all of these cookbooks at one time I don't have a

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    And you may ask yourself well how did I get here Talking HeadsThis book which I won from a goodreads giveaway explains how we in the USA which is its focus got from a place of canned foods casseroles and processed meats to a place where you can buy organic greens and tofu in Wal Mart a

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    35 starsLibrary Audiobook reader okay sometimes had a sarcastic tone than I likedThis was pretty interesting because I was one of those hippies who still eats natural foods and indeed made a career working with food in various waysWhat a flashbackMy original gateway was macrobiotics so

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    I have been a self taught cook since the age of 12 Two of the cookbooks that were important to me as a young cook were early 1980s editions of hippie cookbooks The New Laurel’s Kitchen and Whole Foods for the Whole Family Before I ever baked a fluffy loaf of challah I struggled with a

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    I met my husband to be just before Earth Day at a food coop organizational meeting with the students and the American Friends Service Committee at Caltech The book's story parallels our experiences with natural food the back to the land movement and cooperative democratic organizations I

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