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The Space Between It’s New Year’s Eve and Beth plans to spend a whole year alone in her snug safe house But she has reckoned without floppy eared tail wagging Mouse who comes nosing to her window Followed shortly by his owner Alice As Beth’s year of solitude rolls out Alice gently steals her way first into Beth’s house and later into her heart And by the time New Year’s Eve comes round again – who knowsA tender and delicate love story in verse The Space Between is a tale of how warmth support and friendship can overcome mental anguish

About the Author: Meg Grehan

Meg Grehan is a young writer originally from County Louth but now hiding away in Donegal in the northwest of Ireland with a very ginger girlfriend an even ginger dog and an undisclosed number of cats none of whom is ginger She has written for online newspapers and journals such as The Arcade Her first book The Space Between won the Eilis Dillon Award at the 2017 Children’s Books Ireland

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    It's hereFeel free to ask any uestionsMegx

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    I received a free copy of this book from Little Island in exchange for an honest reviewThe Space Between is a beautiful book completely written in verse about a young woman called Beth who can’t leave her houseIn the bookwe learn that Beth has decided she’s not leaving the house for an enti

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    This was so amazing I’m not one to usually read poetry or anything written in verse so I was reluctant about reading this However by the second page this book had me in the palm of its hand This story follows Beth who plans to spend a whole year alone in her home She soon befriends a dog named Mouse a

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    This was really sweet The cover makes it look like YA but its not

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    Read Reviewed for The Bookbag Space Between tells the story of Beth over the course of a year We see Beth dealing with her mental illness locked away in her own personal 'safe' world where she feels she can maintain her happiness by remaining isolated Mouse the dog however has other ideas about this With the entrance of

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    Spoiler free The Space Between by Irish author Meg Grehan is a tender story about the life of a girl called Beth as she deals with the shattering conseuences of mental illness; her self hatred and severe social anxiety has lead to her shutting herself inside her house for a year to try and something Find happiness? Heal herself?

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    from The Irish Times 15 April 2017Meg Grehan’s The Space Between Little Island €799 is another debut novel this time set in Ireland and depicting a year in the life of Beth an isolated agoraphobic young woman When a dog presses its nose against her window and she meets both Mouse and his owner Alice she feels “a shy spark of hope”

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    Rep sapphic romance with an agoraphobic MC and PoC LITWCWagoraphobia body insecurity self mutilation and harm menstruation Really good and short novel told in verse Definitely deals with sensitive topics but it is done in a way that many can find light and approachable Much of this story is told in a slice of life way that makes it comfortable to

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    I LOVED this A beautiful story told in verse about a girl with agoraphobia who falls for her neighbour Alice Representation Sapphic mc MC with agoraphobia and anxiety ff romance ownvoices for sapphic rep

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    45 starsThis was beautiful and lovely and the romance was so soft and delicate and the mental health rep was also great

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