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    A very short but informative little book that sums up Marxism quite nicely and objectively Very interesting reading

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    This is a distillation in under 60 pages of some of the main currents in Marx s thought, particularly in regard to his concept of freedom It is not an introduction to Marx as some reviewers seem to think.

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    My rating of this work was not based on my opinion on Marx or his thought That would simply be wrong thing to do After all, Marx didn t wrote this book, and even though it contains many of his quotes, it is in fact intellectual work of T Eagleton, and it should ONLY be rated in that context This book,

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    Though a very short book, I have been reading this over a period of months b c it is small enough to carry in my pocket when I go to an appointment where I might have to wait awhile.Why read a book on Marx now This was written 20 years ago, but several years after the fall of Communism So this does make th

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    An extremely brief summary of Marx s philosophy According to Eagleton, Marx largely succeeded in pointing the way towards a future where each individual will be able to realize the full expression of their humanity Marx, nevertheless, was neither a fantasist nor a moralist his historical materialism grew from

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    A very short book a day s reading However, while Eagleton obviously knows his stuff, and presents a very knowledgeable and sympathetic portrait of Marx s ideas, it is not especially accessible or systematic The book readslike the observations of the author on selected points than an introduction Those looking for

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    Supposed to be an introduction Or so I thought considering that it is barely like 60 or 80 pages long But Eagleton jumps right off the deep end talking about Marx as though he were talking to someone who already knew what all these topics were But at the same time, he talks about them in an overview sort of way I have

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    What is great about this book is that it shows the development of Marx s ideas and therefore pays due respect to the early writing such as the Economic and Philosophic manuscripts 1844.

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    More a pamphlet than a booknot at all the Introduction to Marx that I was expecting

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    A real good introduction to Marxism Even a person with very little background of history and philosophy, will find this book very useful in understanding Marxism.

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