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I usually really enjoy Alice Hoffman And this book was enjoyable IF you could lay aside the fact that the main character is a terrible therapist and everyone keeps encouraging everyone else to lie all the time Life fail I am enjoying my foray into the earlier works of Alice Hoffman one of the greatest skills she has as a writer is character development Minnie is one of the most vibrant characters I've read in a while I really loved her character The love story in this novel was tender wonderfully written Good story Kind of sad but redemptive The story of the effects of psychological and physical abuse on a person's psyche and their ability to cope with life This story was uniue in that we see these effects on a male character as opposed to the usual portrait of a female abuse victim Michael Finn has grown up being subjected to the physical and mental abuse of an alcoholic father who also suffered the same They live in a town that houses a controversial nuclear power plant Both Michael and his father Danny have worked at this plant Michael causes an explosion at the plant that causes the plant to be shutdown The incident becomes a political and controversial statement for the local activists although Michael has no political nor environmental interests He confesses his guilt to Nathalie the local agency social worker who happens to be dating the lead activist for Soft Skies The book is no so much about the political statement about the dangers of nuclear power plants but rather the character development To understand Michael Finn's past is to understand what brings him to this point in his life In that respect Hoffman does a great job in giving the reader the back story in small but relevant doses throughout the book Good uick read Will definitely be reading Alice Hoffman I was pretty convinced that when it comes to literature I'm pretty easily pleased I'm happy to be wrong This book is SOOO mediocre It's the story of an unhappy social worker in an unhappy relationship with a zealous environmentalist when an unhappy client confesses to her that he bombed the local power plant Well not bombed rather incorrectly installed a valve leading to an explosion She falls in love with him even though he tells her his deepest darkest secrets about his horrific past and after he tells her that he just wants to sleep with her for one night nothing else after that blah blah blah I would hate for an impressionable girl to read this book lest she think that its okay to settle for a mediocre relationship because she'd be lonely otherwise and to allow herself to remain attached to someone with a REALLY scary past I finished this book mostly to see if he'd be convicted in his trial and out of MILD curiosity to see if they'd end up together It isn't until the last like 3 paragraphs of the book that they end up together and happy or whatever which I thought was really stupid Okay I gave this book 2 stars and after writing this review I'm changing it to 1 Stupid book The bestselling author of Practical Magic offers an affecting love story laced with humor Booklist that tells the tale of a man and a woman an activist and a therapist so consumed with helping others that they are in danger of failing in their duty to themselves Natalie a therapist is in love with Carter but he is deeply dedicated to his environmental work and the fate of their relationship takes a backseat to the fate of the planet Then a new client walks into Natalie's office He is an intriguing man with an incredible tale to tell and under his influence she faces uestions about the direction of her own passion the true meaning of commitmentand the possibility of finding the love she seeks right in her own backyard I tried SO hard to finish this book but reluctantly gave up It was so horrible i can't get it off my bookshelves and out of my apartment fast enough I've liked other books of her's and thought they were decent writing but this is one only to reference of what NOT to do when writing It's predictable non descript cheesy as all hell I've read chintzy romance novels that are written better than this There are so many better uses of your time i guarantee I loved almost every Alice Hoffman book I have but this one didn't don't do it for me It reads like the new writer she was at the time and doesn't even hint at the great writer she became I'm glad I'd read the others before Stopped reading this one Could not get into it Too many great books I want to read I found some of the characters annoying others charming Natalie the social worker crosses the lines of professionalism by breaking the confidence of one of her clients Not only to her Aunt Minnie whom she lives with but also to her boyfriend I thought she was rather silly She also perseveres with a relationship with her boyfriend Carter who cares about his work than her He is rather annoying too Then we have Finn Natalie’s client Deep dark troubled Finn His back story is interesting but his involvement with Natalie somewhat tedious Aunt Minnie and her border Beaumont give some life and interest to what Is a rather mundane plot Alice Hoffman ‘s book Seventh Heaven is much better The majority of this book focuses on explaining some childhoodadolescent trauma parallel with present day psycho driven crime I was so mad pushing through this book because of the illogical decisions made without any meaningful depth of character except the guy under therapy explaining the trauma and the lack of interrelational development to explain said decisions and then I threw it on the ground when I was done because I end up with nothing to justify reading it I give up life can be that stupid I've never been so mad about reading a book before I realised very uickly this is a very early work of Alice Hoffman Read it if you must but don't let it be your first Alice Hoffman novel Angel Landing

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Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction including The World That We Knew The Rules of Magic The Marriage of Opposites Practical Magic The Red Garden the Oprah’s Book Club selection Here on Earth The Museum of Extraordinary Things and The Dovekeepers Her most recent novel is The World That We Knew She lives near Boston

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