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Capturing Us Cedarville #2 This is the second book of the Cedarville series I do believe you should read the first book before reading this one because there's lot of this story that stems off of the first book You would be lost if you don't read the first book You will also love the first book about Leah and Brandon This is the story of Melanie and Logan's way to love I was in love with this book from the first page I was so glued to this story I finished it in one day Melanie is a beautiful and sweetest person you will ever meet She loves her friends and family but her studio is her life She had been a dancer since she could walk She loves her life but there is one thing that is missing Logan She has been in love with him since she was a little girl Her friend is in a real relationship with his older brother and she wished Logan would see her like that She had always been Logan's good friend because she never thought Logan would ever love her the same Will she finally tell him that she's been in love with him or will she keep him as a friend? Logan is a sexy photographer that travels a lot for his job He is also Brandon’s little brother One day he decided that he wants to stay at home for good He always had feelings for Melanie but did not know what they meant It takes a horrible thing that happens to her that makes him realize he is in love with her He tries to get close to her but she just pushes him away at first Logan starts to prove to Melanie that his feeling for her are real and deep They both decided to give their relationship a try Everything is perfect until something that was a nice gesture at the time ends up breaking trust Will they get through this or will this be their breaking point? I love Logan and Melanie they are such a sweet couple They had some tests in their relationship but their love was strong Logan was a sweet guy that was in love and he proved it to her Melanie was a sweet girl that had a little sas which I loved You also got to read about the other characters and how they are doing plus a new relationship starts to bloom I can not wait to see what Bree will bring us next Melanie has a problem and that problem’s name is Logan GrahamShe’s loved him for as long as she can remember even though he drives her crazy at times For years his job took him away from Cedarville weeks and months at a time allowing her to put him out of her mind and live her life She’s happy ContentAnd trying to move onBut now he’s back and this time he plans to stay making her long for things she knows she can’t haveOr could sheIt seems like maybe just maybe he feels the same way about her Making her uestion everything Turned on than ever she wonders why nowReturn to Cedarville in this fun sexy new story about friendship love and everything in between Melanie has loved Logan for a long time but never told him if anything lately she's been extra cranky towards him to try and push him away Every time she see him her body can't help but react to him she wants him bad but shes just not sure how to approach him Melanie is normally in control of things and straight to the point but with Logan she not as confident at first When Logan gets a offer to work away again on assignment with his photography that give Melanie the push she needs to tell him how she really feels but things don't go to plan Ever since Mel was attacked Logan realised there was to them friendship it shocked the hell out of him to think all this time they could have been but deep down he knows he wouldn't of been ready especially considering he would have been away a lot with work so then wouldn’t of been the right time Logan has been thinking recently that he no longer wants to travel but when what he originally has planned goes through he decide to do one assignment away but hes in a complete shock when he finds out just before he's leaving that Mel has had feelings for him for all this time not sure what to do with all this new information he still goes hoping that Mel won't hate him to much when he gets back Will Melanie forgive Logan? Will they get together? Do they get there happy ever after I loved Melanie’s and logans story it was amazing the connection they have between them was beautiful and seeing feelings come light was wonderful to read plus the characters themselves have awesome personalities I felt I could really connect with them The story had you right from the beginning had such a lovely flow to it I have loved the Cedarville series so far you can read them as standalone but they ate better to read as a series so you don't miss out on history with the characters amazing Capturing Us is book two in the Cedarville Novel series If you choose to read this without reading book one An Unexpected Home you will be confused and will have missed out on a great story Capturing Us is about Logan and Melanie These two have known each other forever and have loved each other just as long Except they didn’t know the other felt the same way When you smile the entire time you’re reading you know it’s an amazing book While there was no crazy ex or any real danger in this story Logan and Melanie have to overcome their own feelings and thoughts of “will I be good enough” and “does heshe really want me”There is a lot of sexual situations tension and innuendos in this story Which makes for great reading and laugh out loud moments This is really a love story If only Logan and Melanie can get their acts together They are definitely learning how to get along and have than just a friend relationship “I don’t have all the answers Hell I probably never will but I do know that together you and I are stronger And we can do this Let’s let love win just this once”Bree Kraemer does a great job of keeping this couple so believable and real Many situations reminded me of my husband and myself Meatloaf for dinnercheck Fascination over breastscheck Wanting to just be able to simply touch the othercheck“Needing to feel him she slid her leg over toward the middle of the bed until she made contact with his calf It was then that her body relaxed Somehow touching him even that small touch made everything better”I really loved the writing style and storyline from Bree Kraemer and the antics of her characters I highly recommend you one click this book Capturing Us by Bree Kraemer4 Stars This is book two in the Cedarville series You don't have to read book one but I would suggest it You'll have the back story to this book and book one was excellent Capturing Us focuses on the relationship between Melanie and Logan Melanie has been in love with Logan for as long as she can remember With Logan’s job taking him away from Cedarville for weeks and months at a time Melanie would suppress her feelings and live her life She's had her experiences and went on dates Now Logan has returned to Cedarville for good and Melanie doesn't know how to cope with her feelings They are coming to the surface and she doesn't know how to hide them any Ever since Logan found Melanie on the floor after the break in in her house he realized his feelings are than just friendship He doesn't know what he would have done if she had been seriously hurt He wouldn't be able to live without her He can't go a day without seeing her Yet since the break in Melanie has been acting like she hates him Logan’s so confused They finally admit their feelings to each other and embark on a romantic relationship As in any new relationship there are trust issues and communication problems Even though they have been friends forever these are new issues because they are starting a life together I really enjoyed this book The characters are wonderful and the dynamics between them is comforting They are a close knit group who are there for each other whether they need help or they are making fun of one another They are funny This is another book that thrilled me from this author I'm looking forward to reading from her Capturing Us is the perfect title for a book like this one I was still enraptured from the first book in this series and this just solidified that I will be a fan of Bree Kraemer for a long time to come This was a great romantic read that will capture you mind body and soul We pick up with the drama from the first book in a small town that seems like home than the city I live in There are so many things in this book that make it a four star read for me that I don’t know where to start maybe the tension that these two create They are a ball of sexual energy that threatens to combust but they are still able to create an amazing bond that is sweet and refreshing I guess that’s what you get when you love your best friendThis story follows Melanie and Logan who have known each other forever and is seems that they have loved each other for just as long they just didn’t know it Melanie owns the local dance studio happy to be around her family and to be working with her best friend Logan is a n amazing photographer that just wants a place to call home When he decides to stay in his home town and stop traveling to focus on what makes him happy he sets his sights on Melanie and they will never be the same But will he be happy giving up the jet set lifestyle? Will they finally see what everyone else already knows?This did not end on a cliffhanger but it might as well have Yes we have some resolution but with these couples I know that there is ahead and that means books to read That all makes me very happy If you can decide anything based on history then the next book is going to be even better than the previous two and I can’t wait to dig in Capturing Us by Bree Kraemer is the second book in the series A Cedarville Novels This story is about finding what is in front you of the whole time This story is excitement compassion and love This story will show you that sometimes to find what you are looking for you just need to open your eyes to find itMelanie is a young woman who is part owner of a dancing business She is happy and content with her life then he comes back to town For as long as she can remember she has always loved him Will he stay this time? She wants marriage children the whole nine yards but does he? He has plans but does it include her? Will she move on?Logan Graham is a man who has a job that takes hims away for weeks and months at a time When he comes home this time he has a plan to stay Will he follow his plans? Will he see what is right in front of him? Will he realize that he is enough for her? He thinks she is always angry with him but is she really?Melanie and Logan's story is one of friendship love and everything in between Their story will pull you in and take you right along with them Will they finally see what everyone else does? Will they have a future together? When a chance comes up for their futures to go in separate directions will they take it? Will they find each other?This is my second read by Bree Kraemer Bree lives in Ohio with her husband and three children She writes her stories with either a lot of hot steamy sex or sometimes a little This is a great love story that will have you on your seat and will make you want to keep reading until the end I highly suggest this story as I know you will love these characters as much as I do Capturing us by Bree Kraemer is the second book in The Cedarville Series in book one An Unexpected Home You read how Melanie has had feelings for Logan Grahm forever They have known each other since kids I couldn't wait to read what happens with Logan's realization that he wants to be with Melanie When Melanie was attacked by someone from Leah's past in An Unexpected Hone And Logan finds her passed out from the attack Logan's eyes and heart sees Melanie in a whole different way He wants than friends and he trys to shoe Melanie by hovering around her Which Melanie doesn't like and shows Logan's just how much she doesn't Logan takes it as Melanie hates him which is so far from the truthI couldn't wait to read this book You get to catch up on the whole gang you feel like you know them and when you are dine reading you want to find out about the next coupleMelanie at first doesn't believe Logan has feelings for her because he was about to leave town Melanie went to say bye and Logan has her rethinking everything she thought she knew because he kissed her like nothing she ever felt even in her dreams about LoganLogan wants to leave to work as a photographer as he normally does but thought he was done because he can't stand to be around Melanie because he thinks she hates him After the kiss Melanie let's him know in so many words in a text that she wanted to kiss him forever This has him thinking about forever but he feels he has to do something firstYou will read what they go through to try to be together but is it enough?? Will they get the fairy tale life??? You will have to read to find out YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK IF YOU DIDNT READ BOOK ONE GO READ IT I CAN'T GET ENOUGH5 Stars Capturing Us book 2 in the Cedarville series was a great 5 star readI was super excited to finally get to read Melanie and Logan’s story Melanie was living her dream at Juilliard until one day a dance accident ended her career She has since returned to Cedarville and has opened a dance studio with her two friends Carly and LeahMelanie has been in love with Logan for years but has been trying to push her feelings away Now that he is back in Cedarville she has been nothing but frustrated with him When Melanie had been injured during a break in something shifted between Melanie and Logan She can’t uite figure it out In her mind there was no other way to explain his sudden interest in her Logan can’t get Melanie out of his mind ever since the attack He realizes that she has been the person that he has missed the most when he traveled Could she have been the reason he moved back? “I want you to tell me that I didn’t wait too long That me not recognizing what I felt for you isn’t gonna come between us” LoganCan you say serious blue balls My goodness these two were exhausting Logan decides to leave town for a job to try and gather his thoughts When he returns these two finally get their crap together and it is majorly hot He decides to open his own studio and uit traveling Can they make a relationship work and get a HEA?I have to say I really am loving this series I love seeing all of the girls and guys and I can’t wait for Carly and Tony’s story The friendship that they all have is great such great support for each other Bree Kraemer has once again pulled me right in with her writing Thank you for another great read I highly recommend you 1 click and get started on this great series today Capturing Us is the second book in the Cedarville series and while you could read this as a standalone I recommend reading the first book before starting this one just because there is a lot of overlapping between the two Plus if you love Leah and Brandon you'll be happy to know that they show up in this one too Capturing Us is Melanie and Logan story and I have to say I was in love with them from the beginningMelanie is probably the sweetest person ever she loves her friends and family but the studio is the most important thing in her life She has been dancing since she learned to walk and has always been there for her Her life is perfect well almost perfect the only thing missing is Logan She has been in love with him since she was a little girl She's seeing everyone falling in love and having the most amazng time while falling in love and that's all she wants She never thinks that Logan will see her like that But will she tell him that she's in love with him or will she just stay being his friend forever?Logan is a photographer that travels all over for his job He's decided that he wants to stay home now for good He's always had feelings for Melanie but never knew what those feelings really meant It only takes one terrible thing happening to her to make him realize that he's in love with her He tries to get close to her but she just pushes him away Logan decides he needs to prove to Melanie just how much he loves her Will they decide to try a relationship?I LOVE this series Logan and Melanie are an amazing addition to this series and even though they had some bumps in the road it only made their love stronger I can't wait to see what Bree Kraemer comes up with next

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