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Junkyard Druid ASIN B01M08TJ6 has been moved to the latest kindle edition as per guidelinesA cursed druid blackmailed by a faery ueen to find a missing magic rock Let's just hope they don't hack the druid off for everyone's sakeName's Colin McCool Folks call me the Junkyard Druid I hate that nameDespite my last name I'm not cool like the other hunters in town I don't run an occult bookstore I've never owned a Harley and I didn't inherit a family fortune passed down through generations of hunters before meAnd I kind of have this curse on me that's messed up my lifeSo things have gone to hell since I was cursed I live in a junkyard my mentor Finn is a heroin addict I've got the Cold Iron Circle breathing down my neck and the local Fae ueen Maeve is blackmailing me into doing her dirty workNow I'm in way over my head trying to retrieve Maeve's stolen magic rock all while helping my friend Belladonna solve a series of murders that may or may not involve the local werewolvesAnd did I mention that my girlfriend is a ghostIf I can just get the Faery ueen's tathlum back and help Belladonna solve the murdersThen I just might live long enough to finish my first year of college I wanted to drop this I should've dropped this Why?This book has got to be one of the worst things I have ever read I've read better stories up on WattpadI really felt lied to based on the blurb and cover and title I really thought this was some semi original story that has been hiding in the fringes of the urban fantasy market and was going to be really enjoyable I was hoping that it was really enjoyableI was wrong And here are all the reasons I found this to be an unenjoyable bookIt was plenty repetitive to the point that it wasn't just annoying but it was patronising On that note this whole book felt like I was being mansplained on what the magic world is what magic beings are and just everything in general It was all tell no show Literally everything was just told to the reader nothing was explained or described For that reason it wasn't exciting I was so so bored It was a very slow progressing plot where barely anything happened or it just felt that way because everything was told and none of the characters' emotions were outlined and the stakes weren't established There was no rising action Everything just missed the mark of making an emotional impact on the reader which is what you want The flow of the storyline was also disrupted by the diary entries at the beginning of each chapter I feel like if these weren't there a lot of the space that it took up could have been used to actually build a stronger plot to create tension to establish stakes and raise them to build relationships between characters and show the friction of differences The only scene that got close was the first scene between Colin and Crowley; even still it could have been a lot better For me almost none of this book had a true reason for it occurring And it almost doesn't make sense for why there's hardly a build up for bigger things coming And a lot of it occurs out of sheer plot convenience Now that I've mentioned the characters they were dull They barely had any personality I wish I could say at the very least that Colin the main character was whiny and annoying but he wasn't He was barely anything as he just moved along scene to scene seemed to not have any desires or real motivations for doing anything If graduating from college was his desire and Maeve disrupts his plans why not stack on his reluctance? Why not go into what his motivations are for doing work for Maeve which it seemed like she already had everything figured out and didn't tell Colin it? He just bends like a piece of paper absolutely no resistance no friction to majority of what happens to him and what he goes through He's like a paper doll blank and doesn't reflect the true nature and complexities of human beings which all great characters doOnto the female characters OH BOY should've just left them out They were hardly presented in a way that was realistically female They were written from either the perspective of someone who doesn't know women really well or someone who is a misogynist I'm serious They were all catty something that's definitely not true for all women most of them were falling over each other to be close to Colin he was not a charming character and women do not share the same attractions most of the time literally all of them were all overly sexualised do I even have to point out what the issue is with this one? This is just naming some of the issues I had with the female characters There was a moment were one of the girls gets shaking mad furious at some college type posters of girls in the werewolves' den and it is described by the main character as her being a typical feminist Two things that annoy me 1 This reaction is not a typical feminist reaction this is to an extent an overreaction And sure there are some extreme feminist that would act this way but this is not a typical one They're just posters in a club almost exclusively filled with men that are described as being filled with testosterone I seriously doubt that having these posters are an unexpected thing Even so it's almost as if it's wrong for a woman to not want women to be over sexualised and drooled upon by men who treat women like meat How dare you Belladonna; don't you know that a woman's single purpose in life is to serve man? Overall I feel like a typical feminist reaction would be an eye roll as those posters are worth an eye roll and having this unfold in the scene added nothing to it 2 You could hear the author's eyes roll when writing this scene I'm sorry but how dickish does a person have to be with their writing where a reader can hear an eye roll? Adding to this clear misogyny there is another female character who has intense body issues Okay yeah that sounds like a normal issue a girl would be dealing with Body issues all because she has big boobs Sure I can still see that This happens all the time with young girls And now this girl is putting a glamour on herself to make herself appear ugly and with a giant birds nest tangle in her hair which causes people to look at her So you're telling me that a girl with extreme self image issues who doesn't like or want people to look at her gives people even of a reason for people to look at her? How in the heck does this even make sense? Careful your lack of knowledge on body image is showing Most young girls even in college ages girls that I've been around who have these sorts of issues do things to HIDE themselves away not drag attention towards themselves Seriously having a character like this is harmful and is a sure way to alienate any young girls who could've aligned themselves with this character There is that I could say on the women in this book but I just can't go on anyOften one of the great things about fiction and in particular urban and high fantasy is that it is a reflection of our world that gives readers a safe place to see themselves in situations that they would never find themselves in usually and see how it unfolds This is one of the reasons why it is important to have a diverse cast of characters It is important for readers to see themselves reflected in what they are consuming in a positive way Does this book do that? With female characters no With race and nationalities very barely but I wouldn't call this a pass With different body shapes no Oh but there is that one gay character Yeah a token gay who barely has any impact on the story and could have literally been written without him This is what I call insufficient representationI seriously wish that I hadn't been motivated to finish reading this book by wanting to give it a bad review But after all the time I wasted on reading it this was all it had to offer me DiD NOT FINISHGot an hour into it Right to meeting Luther and Belladonna Annnnnnnd I'm doneThis was exceedingly repetitive and just not that goodThe Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne is 100% better than this The preface by the author immediately set the tone I got sick of writing YA so he then writes New Adult but half the story so far takes place when the main character is still YA So that's fun eyerollHow did he make it 'grown up'? by using foul language smattering sexlust and making one of the characters addicted to heroine Oh yeah that's just great Oh and lets not forget the uber cliche gay vampire but it's okay folks because he's made the vampire gay so the book is super inclusive Thank you for that double eyerollI was just done After 15 minutes of listening I got bored and listened to music for 4 hours That's how much I just didn't care about returning to the story I then gave it another go and managed to get to just over an hour before I got to the gay vampire and the slut vampire two different vampires At that point I was just doneYeah I'm going back to the Iron Druid Holy shtballs Batmanokay Okay OKAY I FRICKEN LOVED THIS BOOK I love Colin and his pragmatic outlook on life and all things spooky I love Bella and her badass self I really hope something happens there I love Jesse and also hate her situation I want to know and see about the whole Junkyard Druid thing Obviously something had to happen for him to be called that It's a great moniker 🖤 This is a terrible review I know But I needed to tell someone about how much I enjoyed this without going into weird tangents soooo here Oops Y'all should totally pick up this book if you enjoy the Iron Druid series the Mercy Thompson series and books of that ilk Highly recommend Two thumbs WAY WAY up To say that this was disappointing is an understatement The preface states that the author wanted to get away from YA novels and do something adult except he doesn't seem to achieve this The story line felt over simplistic and childish Throwing a few swear words and references to sex into a novel does not make it adult The main character lacked depth and his tragedy had me wishing he had died When you compare it to other urban fantasy which is hard not to it clearly does not stack up If you are looking for a druid series to start I would avoid this and go for The Iron Druid Chronicles it's written better and has interesting characters

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