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Anyone here been raped speaks English? Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English? Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English? Paperback – January by Edward Behr Author › Visit 's Edward Behr Page Find all the books read about the author and See search results for this author Are you an author? Learn about Author Central Edward Anyone been here? Dear All Last night I My Anyone been here? Dear All Last night I My Ovacome My Ovacome members • posts Join Write Home; About; Posts; Discover; Members; Anyone been here? Shorty • • Replies Dear All Last night I thought it was the end as i could hardly breathe and was in an incredible weak state I am not eating very much as have no appetite and getting sick for eating certain anyone here ever been on TV getbigcom Author Topic anyone here ever been on TV Read times Rambone Getbig V; Posts ; Pay your dues; Re anyone here ever been on TV Reply on January PM I was on the Mickey Mouse Club from and then later on started dating B Spears Logged Getbig IV; Posts ; Re anyone here ever been on TV Reply on January Anyone here been at my situation? Introduce Anyone here been at my situation? posted in Introduce Yourself Hello Folks I am y old male I have been having social anxiety since I can remember I think its because I couldnt spell r and l letters until I turned After I could finally speak without troubles I thought my severe social anxiety days are over But it wasnt the case Has Anyone Here Ever been To The Fairy Has anyone here been? Also I heard recently there is a crystal dimension Has anyone been there? Lastly someone mentioned to me a Crystal Fairy dimension where they are both together Has anyone been? Has anyone else heard about these dimensions Please share any stories Thanks x ; Hugs x ; May Artisticsinner Well Known Member Apr Ratings Anyone here been to Greece? | WeAreSC Anyone here been to Greece? Discussion in 'MKJ Off Topic' started by BehindSunset Apr Anyone here been to Greece? BehindSunset Junior Member Joined Aug Messages Likes Received Apr Posting from Athens It's beautiful butweird? Not sure how much of that is due to the crisis but lots of graffiti and abandoned property Obviously beautiful Anyone here been to Ohio st Tiger Boards Archive Re Anyone here been to Ohio st Posted Dec AM Yuengling is brewed in eastern Penn so we can wait until we play Peen State before we teach Yuengling anyone here been to galbeed? SomaliNet Forums anyone here been to galbeed? Daily chitchat Moderators Moderators Junior Moderators Forum rules This General Forum is for general discussions from daily chitchat to serious discussions among Somalinet Forums members Please do not use it as your Personal Message center PM If you want to contact a particular person or a group of people please use the PM feature If you Anyone here been playing metal drumming for a Anyone here been playing metal drumming for a while? Thread starter Revdrum; Start date Sep ; ; ; Next of Go to page Go Next Last R Revdrum Junior Member Sep Has anyone here ever been to New York City? | Yahoo Has anyone here ever been to New York City? Just wondering Rponse Enregistrer rponses valuation Anonyme il y a dcennie Rponse favorite no but if you are goingtake me with you badis n il y a dcennie i'd love to but i prefere hollywood zaharacooper il y a dcennie Fantastic fr Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English Not Retrouvez Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English? et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Anyone here been to Galapagos? St Martin St Answer of Yeah I know this is the SXM forum But I don’t generally forum hop and I value the opinions of the people on THIS forum So if anyone has been OFF TOPIC Has anyone here been to London Answer of The Greek Islands? I myself used to go to Crete as a child and I have just come back from ZanteZakynthos the same place names don't ask? it was degrees when I left Monday but with that kind of humidity they are expecting showers anyone been here? | Biggest Massage Oriented Anyone here been to Harmony Wellness Centre? there is no way this is legit Nov Anyone been here?Children are the future Jul Anyone been here? king st west of Jameson Jul Has anyone been here ? Lili Body Care Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough ON Jul Has anyone been here? Girl seems hot Jul uestion Has anyone been to Aegean Anyone here been tested for Covid ? Anyone here been tested for Covid ? previous next Print; Pages Author Topic Anyone here been tested for Covid ? Read times Nick Administrator; Hero Member; Posts ; Location Minnesota USA; Anyone here been tested for Covid ? on July pm Had to take my year old in for the drive up testing as he was sick and hasn't had much of an appetite Has anyone here been in an eating contest? Food Has anyone here ever been in an eating contest and if so what was it like? How far did you get? I'm guessing eating contests can really f you up if you don't prepare properly and that it's not exactly the healthiest thing to do either Heck I bet just preparing is bad enough I bet many competitors have had some sleepless nights afterwards not to mention spending hours on the toilet Anyone here been to Patagonia? | Anyone here been to Patagonia? GF and I are starting to do research and planning on making the trip hopefully around October or later on we have it worked ou 'I’ve been here an hour and I’ve not seen anyone Has Anyone Here Been to an Otoneurologist? | Anyone been to one and if so how much was it and was it helpful? JasonP Feb Jkph Member Tinnitus Since Cause of Tinnitus Otosclerosis I've been to Whether or not you should go depends on what is wrong with you If it's just tinnitus then no you shouldn't bother They are ENTs who have extra training Jkph Feb AUTHOR AUTHOR JasonP Member Anyone here been to Germany? | South Bay Riders Just curious if anyone has ever been Suggestions for a first time visitor to Germany? East Germany Menu Forums New posts Advanced search Image search Members New profile posts Search profile posts Member search Members map Calendar Information Weather Chat Log in Register What's new Search New posts Advanced search Image search Menu Log in Register

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    I have to admit that outrageous title drew me in The title of the book is a uote from an incredibly insensitive Brit TV reporter that Behr heard canvassing a cluster of Belgian settlers who were fleeing excesses by the Congolese soldiery The uote basically sums up the trade of the war journalist one has to be gutsy and not car

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    I read this ages ago but it sticks It's a war correspondant's memoir and provides a really good insight into the process of how people become inured to shocking things and how they compartmentalize these experiences with geography It's also funny which is hard to do when you're up to your knees in blackened bloated bodies udos

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    I like memoirs of journalists and humanitarian workers You would find in them details and stories within large historical events that would compliment history books and illustrate them with names faces and events that would make them easy to imagine and understand This is the case particularly when they are well written by a travelle

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    The subtitle of AHBRSE is “A Foreign Correspondent’s Life Behind the Lines” But a relevant subtitle for today would be “Tales from the Age of Big Budget Journalism” Behr worked for LIFE TIME NEWSWEEK SATURDAY EVENING POST and Reuters in the 1950s 60s and 70s reporting from hot spots such as India during partition Algeria during

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    Interesting memoir of a Cold War journalist It chronicles his life from his WWII service in the Indian Army through assignments in several war zones including the Sino Indian War Algeria Congo and Vietnam He offers interesting insights and anecdotes from those postings especially about contemporary luminaries of journalism literature and noto

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    I read this book after seeing it reccommended as one of Mariella Frostrup's favourite books What makes a good travelogue is the acuity and wit of the observer This is why VS Naipaul books despite their insightful observation are a little dry to read Edward Behr's writing is humorous and this is what makes the book readable Unfortunately despite

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    This was a fascinating memoir of a foreign correspondent Edward Behr The title refers to a bizarre and callous approach of another journalist when Belgians were being evacuated from Belgian CongoZaire He pursued conflict from continent to continent leading to some disturbing some funny some interesting stories Apparently the US publisher insisted on

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    Like The Farm above I bought this from Ayr's best second hand charity book shop and surprised myself by managing to finish it Perhaps this was because some of the best chapters were at the end and covered Vietnam where the absurdity of what was going on and how battles were fought was really well conveyed Books and accounts like this must have inspired A

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    Picked this up for its weird title which refers to a uestion shouted out by a war correspondent walking through a group of war victims in Africa if I remember correctly at a flea market and read it as an entertaining collection of war correspondent anecdotes Being an economist the one I've told the most often is how a small island ended up using Monopoly mon

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    Mr Behr is the type of reporter in other words a professional smart ass which I aspired to someday become in my misspent youth This memoir is an enjoyable and absorbing read and the author despite his conversational and eminently readable style manages to convey uite a large measure of information about some of the or less as the case may be obscure events of t

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About the Author: Edward Samuel Behr

Edward Samuel Behr was a journalist; he worked primarily as a foreign & war correspondent He began his career in the early 1950s with the Reuters news agency then worked for Time Life serving as bureau chief in several cities around the world for Time Magazine He then took a position with Newsweek in 1965 as Asia bureau chief based in Hong Kong Later in his career Mr Behr also made a numbe