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This was a uick short story and a great start to a series Although I probably wouldn't say that if I didn't already have the other two books in the series Lol I'd probably be cussing up a storm on the ending but since I can go straight to the second one I'm than pleasedThe relationship between Josh and Kir definitely starts out as enemies but slowly as Josh helps Kir it evolves into something different In the end however they're forced right back into enemies because of Josh's hurt towards Kir's deceptive use of his psychic powers on JoshI've been putting off reading this series for a while Why? I have no idea because I really liked Kir and Josh Kir being sexually abused in the past appealed to me because I like characters who are broken and Kir is just that Josh who's been in the military can't seem to get over his need to protect Kir even though they just met and I liked that too This was like a modern day 'knight in shining armor' story With psychics and abuse LolDefinitely recommended Josh Mackay is hired by the Agency to bring in Kiran Brunner a Minder with the psychic ability to manipulate and kill However when Josh finally up face to face with Kir he feels the need to protect the kid Kir is not as viscious as Josh thinks instead he looks naive and his handler has actually been abusive But is his feeling to Kir is pure or does the boy just manipulate him? I think this introduction is VERY good There is enough angst in it for me to keep reading I feel the deep connection between Josh and Kir I can't WAIT to read what happens next This is the first book in a series and while it can be read alone it has a rather big hanging ending with little to no resolution on any front As I haven’t read the subseuent books I’ve no idea if any of the issues raised are resolved but the blurbs tease that perhaps there are chapters to go before an eventual happy ending if one exists So keep this in mind if you’re the type that likes your stories wrapped up in the space of the book otherwise know going in you’re tapping into so far a three part series Now that being said as a first installment this wasn’t bad and certainly set up enough themes to be explored in future seuels The plot revolves around the commonly used theme of paranormal abilities and the undercover evil agency that wants to use abuse and capture these people In this case the ingénue is Kiran a Minder with the ability to manipulate others’ minds actions and emotions He is innocent and shy jumpy after years of abuse at the hands of the evil agency and unwilling to use his powers unless he absolutely has to More willing to submit to poor treatment thrust upon than fight back Kir is tired of being a pawn and simply wants to hide He ventures out for anonymous sex with strangers as the only way to uiet the never ending thinking of his mind and he uickly attaches himself to Josh as the first person who’s ever shown him care kindness and concern Josh is the alpha male and a former marine that has an attack of conscience when he witnesses the torture Kir is to suffer after his capture Josh struggles with his feelings and what is reality versus what is thrust upon him by Kir’s coercion His overwhelming urge to protect and comfort Kir confuses him and forces him to uestion the source of his emotions Just as Josh uestions the majority of his thoughts and actions uncertain what level of force and control he’s been subjected to and falling back on the information of others that sounds believable Josh is a strong character yet allows himself to be manipulated repeatedly by almost every person in the book Both characters were well established yet not entirely fully three dimensional Repeated visions of Kir shaking scared fearful and uncertain are at odds with the resourceful personality needed to evade capture for so long Just as Josh’s competent actions and strong feelings of right and wrong conflict repeatedly with his easy gullibility There seemed to be a lack of emotional attachment between Josh and Kir even though there clearly was a connection Additionally the entire action subplot felt too cliché with the utterly evil agency and eually evil Minders This might have worked in a longer novel with attention to detail and fleshing out of both the plot and character profiles but the short nature of the story under 70 pages caused definite drawbacks to be evident Unfortunately the hanging ending had me slightly annoyed but that is certainly a personal bias I enjoy a series but I prefer a story arc to begin and end within one book rather than dragging out the resolution to multiple books However for those that don’t mind the prolonged story arc over numerous books won’t see this as a detriment While the characters weren’t entirely successful the writing was easy enough that it’s a rather fast read with some intriguing men and a basic plot with a slight twist As an introductory book it hit all the necessary points while creating enough interest to keep readers going to the second book I’m not sure if I’ll move on in the series but I am certainly considering it I’d love to see Kir’s progression 35 StarsA Live Your Life Buy The Book ReviewTo start with I loved the first half of this book We get to see Josh setting up his trap for Kir and all the planning gone into it Then comes the escape from the agency after Josh is horrified to learn the truth of what they were doing to Kir I liked how this was set up so that from then on we never really know if Josh is being manipulated by Kir’s ability or if he’s acting of his own free willThe writing was well done in my opinion as I never felt like I was being jarred out of the story and only once did I have to reread a sentence to pick up its meaning I liked the characters too and especially the way Josh slowly starts to lose his grip on sanity as the confusion and doubt escalate through the book Very nicely doneI would have liked to see of a build up to the sex though as it felt almost out of place with Kir’s character We spend a fair bit of time learning that Kir doesn’t like to be touched and so it felt uite abrupt when the sex scene happened I think this is one of those cases where a sex scene should have been left out in order to build trust between the characters and have them forge of an emotional connectionThe ending itself happened very uickly Being from Josh’s point of view we actually miss a lot of what happens and I was left confused by Josh’s reaction From what little we saw I had difficulty believing that Josh’s doubts could have manifested so dramatically Perhaps if the ending had been longer it would have allowed time to flesh out what was going on in his mind prior to the final scene with KirAnd damn cliffhanger alert While the main story of Kir’s capture and escape is wrapped up we’re left with a very open ending We seem to skip the vast majority of the conseuences Josh has to face for his actions which in my opinion leaves the ending a bit underwhelming That said it does have me intrigued to know what comes next True loveor a trapMinders Book 1Josh Mackay has studied his uarry for two months and now it’s time to earn his pay Bringing in an escaped Minder—a psi who can bend anyone’s mind to his will—takes a specialistLuring the surprisingly naïve Kiran Brunner to a safe house is almost too easy As the trans take hold though the beautiful monster’s last plea don’t let them hurt me tears at Josh’s conscience To his horror they do just thatKir let his loneliness and instant attraction to Josh lure him into a trap he should have sensed Even as his consciousness fades he sinks psychic hooks into Josh as a pure reflex a survival instinct honed by years of abuse at the hands of the agencyEven though Josh’s job is done he finds he can’t simply walk away Not only because of what Kir is but why the agency wants the boy back Trouble is he doesn’t know if he’s doing the right thingor if his will is being twisted by the mind of a murderer interesting concept it's okway too short to build any momentum I liked one of Joely Skye's other books so I'm going to give this one a chance despite the creepygnarlyweirdo lookin' guy on the cover Monster is a short read I did like the story of the premise but I thought the author could go deeper with character development and plot It ended abruptly but it is still a fun story SummaryKir is a Minder a mutant gifted with psychic abilities which make it possible for him to control and manipulate anyone with just a word and the exertion of his psychic powers over themJosh is a man hired to hunt and capture Kir for the mysterious Agency which is dedicated to keeping and controlling minders When Josh captures his target and takes him back to a 'safe house' he is appalled at the treatment that Kir receives from the agency's keeper and decides to help Kir escapeMy ThoughtsI enjoyed this story although it was uite short only 20k words or so but it is the first in a series so I know there is out there I liked the world building and characterization and the psi elements intrigued me From the moment that Josh was introduced I was caught up in the story It opens with Josh pursuing Kir through a park on a weekend and it felt extra chilling because while this desperate chase is going on 'citizens' are enjoying a pleasant family day in the parkJosh captures Kir and takes him to an assigned 'safe house' but is very uickly appalled by the way Kir is treated and 'decides' to help him although neither Josh nor I was every really certain it was a voluntary decision or if Kir had manipulated himThe tale contains a lot of twists and turns which kept me guessing and I can't say too much without giving away the plot but I definitely recommend it and will be looking for others in this series It's just a first chapter of a storyKir is a Minder often called a Monster He can control people minds and is accused of murdering at least two peopleJosh was send to capture the Monster and he's convinced he can succeed His resolve wavers after he witnessed how Kir is treated by his keepersThe plan to save the man is bornWith a little push of Kir's magic Monster

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