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Bachelor Nation The first definitive unauthorized behind the scenes cultural history of the Bachelor franchise America's favorite guilty pleasureFor fifteen years and thirty five seasons the Bachelor franchise has been a mainstay in American TV viewers' lives Since it premiered in 2002 the show's popularity and relevance has only grown than eight million viewers tuned in to see the conclusion of the most recent season of The BachelorThe iconic reality television show's reach and influence into the cultural zeitgeist is undeniable Bestselling writers and famous actors live tweet about it Die hard fans dubbed Bachelor Nation come together every week during each season to participate in fantasy leagues and viewing parties Bachelor Nation is the first behind the scenes unauthorized look into the reality television phenomenon Los Angeles Times journalist Amy Kaufman is a proud member of Bachelor Nation and has a long history with the franchise ABC even banned her from attending show events after her coverage of the program got a little too real for its liking She has interviewed dozens of producers contestants and celebrity fans to give readers never before told details of the show's inner workings what it's like to be trapped in the mansion bubble; dark juicy tales of producer manipulation; and revelations about the alcohol fueled debauchery that occurs long before the fantasy suite Kaufman also explores what our fascination means culturally what the show says about the way we view so called ideal suitors our subconscious yearning for fairy tale romance and how this enduring television show has shaped society's feelings about love marriage and feminism by appealing to a marriage plot that's as old as Jane Austen

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    Grab some popcorn kick back and enjoy this guilty pleasure Light fun and incredibly addictive especially if you are a fan of The Bachelor Some chapters were interesting than others but overall a fascinating glimpse into the behind the scenes production of The B

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    I guess I set my expectations too high for this book because my only thought when I finished reading it was “is that it?”For a book that’s supposed to be about what happens behind the scenes of The Bachelor it revealed surprisingly little This could be beca

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    Now that I've outed myself as a Bachelor viewer I might as well embrace it and fully delve into it You can't watch this show without being a little critical or at least I can't That being said there's light hearted snark and then there's mocking I felt this book f

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    My secret is outI'm a Bachelor Fan Of course my immediate family and a few friends know I love The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows but it's not something I regularly admit to watching I know I'm not alone since I've been seeing comments for this book pop up on Good

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    This was a fun ride mostly because Kaufman is a good narrator She is authoritativejournalistic at times aka getting us some dirt and behind the scenes info teaching us some Bachelor history walking us through what it is like to be on this show And she is a total fan

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    Well now that I've outed myself as a Bachelor fan I'll say that I was hoping for behind the scenes gossip and drama but unfortunately that's not what I got The book itself was a little boring and I found myself zoning out while reading it

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    Read this review on Julie's BookshelfI’m going to lead into this one by saying Amy you are HILARIOUS like really hilarious From page one Amy had me beyond entertained and this book read as if I was engaging in a conversation with a friend How many times did I find m

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    I’m assuming anyone who has Bachelor Nation on their TBR is either a fan of the show or they “hate” watch it like I do If you’ve never watched the show then this book won’t appeal to you at all but if you haven’t HOW have you escaped it? It’s such a pop c

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    I ❤ the BachelorBachelorette franchiseAmy Kaufman had the golden ticket she was part of the press junket that got to go behind the scenes of the Bachelor franchise until she was kicked out of the coveted circleShe starts and ends by saying how much she loves watching

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    I skim read this in 90 minutes at Chapters this afternoon while sipping a Starbucks tea latte because I am secretly B A S I C I started watching The Bachelor in high school when I was very sad because watching pretty people cry can make you feel really good about yoursel

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