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The Warrielaw Jewel ‘Listen I see I’d better take you into my confidence’ ‘I’d rather you didn’t’ I said Betty Morrison a lawyer’s wife is flung into the society of an ancient Edinburgh family the Warrielaws There’s Neil the Rip Cora the Siren Rhoda the Business Woman and Alison the little Beauty – not to mention the formidable elderly Jessica and her meek sister Mary The family all possess unusual gold green eyes – and harbour a precious and historic jewel a bauble under constant threat of theft The alarmed Betty will become a crucial witness in a case that includes mysterious disappearances of gems and people as well as wholesale murder The Warrielaw Jewel was originally published in 1933 This new edition features an introduction by crime fiction historian Martin Edwards

About the Author: Winifred Peck

Lady Winifred Peck née Knox born 1882 was a member of a remarkable family Her father was Edmund Arbuthnott Knox the fourth Bishop of Manchester and her siblings were E V Knox editor of Punch magazine Ronald Knox theologian and writer Dilly Knox cryptographer Wilfred Lawrence Knox clergyman and Ethel Knox Peck’s niece was the Booker Prize winning author Penelope Fitzgerald who wro

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    The aristocratic Edinburgh family is famed for three things a fabulous jewel that has been in the family's possession for hundreds of years their unusual blazing gold green eyes and being as crazy as loonsNewly married new to Edinburgh Betty Morrison a marvellous narrator is reluctantly drawn into the Warrielaw world And of course eventually there is a crimeI loved this book Published in 1933 this was a

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    Originally published in 1933 this is one of two mysteries written by Winifred Peck – the other being “Arrest the Bishop?” – as well as a number of other works I first came across Winifred Peck while reading “The Knox Brothers” by Penelope Fitzgerald about her uncle’s; one of whom was Ronald Knox a founder member of the Detection Club That family also had two sisters of which Winifred was one

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    I didn't get very far before I decided this is just too awful to keep reading Maybe too awful isn't uite fair but at least it just isn't good enough for me to struggle over

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    This is a well written capable mystery from the Golden Age Published in the 1930s it is set before World War I For me it lacked a certain spark a uirkiness of character a whimsy or Wimsey that raises a story to five stars But it had strong characters and plenty of complexity to baffle the reader and the solution was not obviousNarrated by the young wife of an Edinburgh lawyer it focuses on a family represented

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    It took a while for me to get interested in this But eventually it caught fire for me I was going along half drowsing when all of a sudden this unpleasant family was in an argument over a jewel and Mrs Betty Morrison noticed that her husband a lawyer or solicitor was being drawn into it because he had the misfortune of working for the firm that had drawn up the trustwill documents Next thing you know somebody tu

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    A good readThis is an excellent crime story but I did not enjoy it uite as much as her “Arrest the Bishop”

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    I did like this book as the plot was good and the characters were interesting once I had sorted them out Set in the Edwardian era in Edinburgh we encounter the feuds and ill feeling of the clans and families The family in uestion have a long history revolving around a jeweled pendant and it's worth The narrator being a solicitor's English wife who I did find a little annoying I did feel that the book was dragged out

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    A 35

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    The Warrielaw Jewel is historical murder mystery set in Edwardian era Edinburgh revolving around the bitterly conflict ridden Warrielaw family a once wealthy clan whose remaining members are at odds over whether to sell a valuable family heirloom Narrator Betty Morrison newlywed young wife of the Warrielaw family lawyer becomes a rather unwilling witness to the struggle through her social obligations to her husband's c

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    Edinburgh was not in those days a city but a fortuitous collection of clans Beneath a society always charming and interesting on the surface and delightful to strangers lurked a history of old hatreds family uarrels feuds as old as the black DouglasIt sounded like a book I might enjoy but the writing and viewpoint was formal yet rambling To explain the plot it is enough to refer to history of old hatreds family uarrels An

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