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Return to Sender HE WAS LOOKING FOR ONE WOMANAnd Sheryl Hancock—a steady postal worker with an advanced case of wanderlust—was not it But when the lovely blonde with the phenomenal memory literally fell across his path US marshal Harry MacMillan on the track of a female fugitive experienced another kind of lust altogether And he knew that he just had to have her For professional reasons only of courseSheryl was this close to announcing her engagement to a nice steady guy when she was thrown together with dashing Harry He claimed that the twenty four hour a day togetherness was for her own good but that gleam in his eye had Sheryl wondering where the real danger lay outside his arms—or in them Loved Sheryl's spunk Really big duh dog crate Originally SIM #866 reprinted in Safe Haven series as #35 25 stars I had a really difficult time getting over the premise of this book finding an international arms dealer hinges on what our postal clerk heroine remembers about a handful of postcards sent to the arms dealer's aunt Not only this but it takes several long days of work to uncover it It's made expressly clear that she doesn't have an exceptional memory it's just that there aren't many postcards so they all read them and pay attention It was such a stretch and so clearly manufactured to give the hero and heroine a reason to spend time together that it kept throwing me out of the story And then there was the dog Clearly put in there to show what a kind person the heroine was but I was completely unable to believe that if someone's arrested their pets will be killed three days later Also did it have to be so thoroughly obnoxious I like dogs but I could not like this one What was worse was that there was no other reason for the dog to be in the storyThe secondary plots with the heroine's almost fiance and her divorced pregnant co worker were a bit readable but still cliche filled

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