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Signs An Introduction to Semiotics The interpretive science of semiotics offers powerful analytical tools for the application of many disciplines to the study of perception Semiotics is the study of signs and as such is of relevance to a wide spectrum of scholars and professionals including social scientists psychologists artists graphic designers and students of literature Semiosis the production and interpretation of linguistic and visual signs is innate to human beings of all societies From the simplest of hand gestures to the most complex diagrams and charts the sign is key to the communication of ideas Thomas A Sebeok examines in an engaging readable style how the sign mediates between bodily experience and abstract thoughtThis updated second edition of Signs combines some of Sebeok's most important essays with a new general introduction introductory passages at the outset of each chapter a glossary and brief biographies of the major semioticians From an overview of the discipline to a detailed exploration of sign categories the author powerfully demonstrates the co dependency of verbal and non verbal communicationAimed primarily at undergraduate and graduate students this engaging book also has plenty to offer any general reader who is interested in exploring and analyzing the complex sign systems we so often take for granted Semiotics is not about the real world at all but about complementary or alternative actual models of it and as Leibniz thought about an infinite number of anthropologically conceivable worlds T SebeokThis comment has not a high degree of expertise or pretends to be an academic opinion or review On the contrary it is the impression of someone who has just started to read about semiotics without any preview knowledge about itThe book consists of 8 chapters It covers the basic conceptssigns and its main types and semiotic models the history and beginning of semiotics the two main approaches stablished by Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Sanders Pierce And a full chapter dedicated to the fetish as a sign Most of the topics are carefully treated and detailed In a loose appreciation I think this is a valuable detailed introductory book It is well structured with a logical order contains lots of examples that help to grasp better the concepts and ideas It also has hundreds of references and uotes from authors of different sciencesphilosophy biology physics etc Concise and interesting introduction to a field I don't know much about

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