Food Fair Frenzy Logan Dickerson #4 Kindle ☆ Frenzy

Food Fair Frenzy Logan Dickerson #4 Logan Miss Vivee and Mac are at it again A murder occurs at the Annual Possum Pickin' Food Fair The dead man is Jackson Wagner owner of the land where the fair is being held and he's from Old Georgia money Miss Vivee Logan's boyfriend's 100 year old grandmother and a self professed Voodoo Herbalist is asked by police to help because the victim was killed by ingesting a botanical poison Using a poem that the murderer left behind Miss Vivee Logan and Mac Miss Vivee's boyfriend join together to try and track down a killer Great read Love these folks from the Maypop Bed Breakfast in Yasamee Georgia You'll love them too They're back Archaeologist Logan Dickerson and Voodoo herbalist Vivienne Pennywell aka Miss Vivee are back to solving murder in Yasamee Georgia not a real place It's the 105th Freemont County Possum Pickin' Food Fair and everyone is getting sick from the food Blue faces fainting chest pains it doesn't look good Then Jack Wagner is found dead Miss Vivee is called in because with his death came a clue A note that listed nine deadly flowers Is that what killed pie tasting judge Jack Only Miss Vivee and her cohorts in crime solving can figure this one out Love this series Easy and fun to read Wish there were a few archeological facts but I guess that is really not the point Love this seriesIn this book Miss Vivee shows uncharacteristic fear of getting arrested as a murderer I hope she doesn't keep on being fearful like this Great book why marigold Kemp? That's coma girlThe book was great except for some misspelling and grammar errors But choosing Martha and marigold Kemp was not cool Coma girl is not a murderer and the names make you think series are connected I have read all four books in this series and they have been a delight Abby L Vandiver has a great talent for bringing you into the realm of her imagination and making you feel as if you are watching it unfold I love the characters and the way Logan looks after Ms Vivvy They get into some pretty sticky situations but always find a solution in a round about way I look forward to book 5 and many Lots of funAnother mystery with plenty of suspects Logan takes a backseat to Miss Vivienne sleuthing skills in this book But in all fairness Logan has a lot on her mind marriage to bay

About the Author: Abby L. Vandiver

WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR Abby L Vandiver is the author of three cozy mystery series Logan Dickerson Normal Junction and Tiny House and one mystery sci fi series The Mars I Origin She also penned a historical fiction book At the End of the Line with Kathryn DionneRecently Abby contracted with Henery Press for the three book Romaine Wilder series The first book Secrets L

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