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Many of the staff of St Jude’s Hospital dread the appearance of the night Superintendent nurse Marion Hughes She is not only a stickler for the rules and insists that the wards are run like a military operation but she is a bully she loves to find fault with the staff under her control and therefore she is disliked and fearedHiram Jones is so afraid that Sister Hughes will find him taking pills for his lover John who is manipulative and threatens to leave Hiram if the supply of drugs is not plentiful Although Hiram works on the male geriatric ward and uses the ‘forgetfulness’ of his patients as an excuse for the extra pills that are used Marion Hughes in suspicious and is watching him The new registrar Nigel Denton comes in for immediate scrutiny because Sister Hughes is certain she can remember something scandalous from is past that is at the back of her mind she also knows that he has a liking for a little too much alcohol when off duty and that maybe he is sometimes still under the influence of drink when coming in to workThe person who probably lives in the most dread of Marion Hughes is Agnes Carmichael she works on the children’s ward and she really is not a child lover on top of that she desperately want promotion to become a sister and Marion takes every chance available to find fault with Agnes’ work and to belittle her until she is a bundle of nervesHowever difficult she makes life for her underlings Marion is willing to break any rule to suit her own ends and her constant fawning over surgeon Sir James Hatfield is an embarrassment and annoyance to him the fact is Marion would like to take the place of his late wife Even the janitor and cleaners have and intense dislike for Marion No one is going to care if something happens to her and there would be plenty of people who would be only too pleased to see her out of the picture for goodThis is the first in a long series of Agnes Carmichael stories and having read them all many years ago I was pleased to see that they have been republished on Kindle They are not too violent and one always has the guilty feeling that the victim has got what they deserve Good mysteryYes tThis book will keep you turning the pages to see what is going to happen The night nurse was not a nice person It is interesting how one person can change your lifeYes I would recommend this book if you enjoy mystery An absorbing tale of life in a hospital with all the intriguing relationships among the doctors and nurses Each one is tortured by the chef supervisor as she makes herself hated by the entire staff She knows too many secrets and intends to use them to her benefit A surprise ending was well constructed A very good read Too vague and shortWhen I started it I thought it was going to be very good I was disappointed The ending was very non inspiring Once you had a mystery it lasted 2 minutes and book finished The idea and writing was good but the final product is lacking Can't recommend In the hospital of St Jude’s nobody likes Marion Hughes As the night duty’s Superintendent Nurse Miss Hughes is feared and loathed by all when she goes on her rounds If there’s one little thing she thinks wrong no matter how small she will find it report it and hold it over your head For Nurse Carmichael who desperately wants to get away from the children’s ward and into a Sister’s position a bad report from Miss Hughes could end her career prospects in a heartbeat For Nurse Hiram Jones it means being caught stealing sleeping pills for his addicted lover John As Hiram works on the male geriatric ward it’s easy enough to blame the memories of the old buggers But he knows Miss Hughes isn’t fooled What’s Miss Hughes is willing to bend and abuse the rules when it suits her – like getting in Sir James Hatfield for an emergency night surgery Sir James has been recently widowed and Miss Hughes is than determined to make him ‘Mr Right’ – even if it means dragging up his unfortunate past Meanwhile Miss Hughes is also sure she recognises the new registrar surgeon Nigel Denton from something very salacious She can’t uite place where though But no matter even if Miss Hughes hasn’t got dirt on Nigel she’ll certainly vocally disapprove of his than casual drinking after surgery Even the janitors and the cleaning lady Mrs Upton are not free from Miss Hughes’ pernickety demands Her attitude may rub both staff and patients the wrong way – earning her many a derogatory nickname – but Miss Hughes’ efficiency keeps her a hospital staple It seems they will never get rid of the so called ‘angel’ without mercy But when tensions are this high and so many people have so much to lose; it only takes one person to finally snap Reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith Angel Without Mercy is a tense psychological thriller Praise for Anthea Cohen ‘The suspense in Angels Without Mercy is thrilling’ – Thomas Waugh Anthea Cohen is the pseudonym for the acclaimed author of the Agnes Carmichael Series In perusing the shelves of the library in search of an author I had not read I came across this one The book was a bit odd in that almost the entire book was building up to the murderdeath of Nurse Hughes a thoroughly disagreeable person who 'digs up' dirt on her fellow nurses to use against them at some future date Only a few pages at the end were devoted to the investigation of her death An unusual writing style for me but it did seem to work I don't know much about the organization of British hospitals but that did not seem too much to confuse the reading for me at least Will pick another by this author and see where it goes This is not one where there will be a recurring character who solves the mystery far from it Perfect for PDJames fans it works so wellunfortunately the end the denouement is such a disappointmentluckily this means that only the last 10 pages are well in need of some serious re editingperhaps even some rewriting Angel Without Mercy Agnes Carmichael #1

About the Author: Anthea Cohen

Pseudonym of Doris Simpson Anthea Cohen worked as an antiues buyer shoe salesperson and was a state registered nurse She lived on the Isle of Wight She was the creator of the much beloved anti hero 'Agnes Carmichael' a nurse who avenges wrongs by killing the culprits She died in 2006

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