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My Husband the Stranger A tragic accident A terrible injury And in a moment the man you fell in love with is transformed into a total stranger How would you cope What would you do Would you be strong enough to stay But what if you found out that it wasn't an accident at all

About the Author: Rebecca Done

Rebecca Done lives in Norwich After studying Creative Writing at the Norwich School of Art & Design she worked for several years as a magazine editor Currently a copywriter Rebecca is also a keen runner fair weather surfer and one time marathon canoeist This Secret We're Keeping is her first novel

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    My reviews can also be seen at I read the description for this book it hit close to home My ex husband was in a severe car accident while we were first dating in 1995 and suffered a head injury This changed everythin

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    Another audio read where I have to say I do usually become uite distracted Although I do love to listen when I am on my work commute This was a little bit sinister a little twisty A slow burn but nothing overly exciting Molly

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    My Husband the Stranger written by Rebecca Done is an emotional and at times a heartbreaking read Although not my normal genre this family drama encased in a love story grips you from the first page and doesn't let go There is a twist

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    Not an easy read nor an upbeat read This one wrung out the emotions It's a novel that tackles the complexities of loving a totally changed person after a brain injury something that can impact moods behaviour personality and patienceAlex and M

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    Book reviews and at wwwsnazzybookscom Well I sped through this book with many tears My Husband The Stranger is a contemporary novel that isn't a romance as such it isn't a completely feel good read but it also has elements of happiness and positivism

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    After several years together Molly’s husband Alex has a terrible fall resulting in severe brain injury that leaves him psychologically changed from the man she married effectively a “stranger” The book contrasts their life beforehand with the daily strugg

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    I enjoyed Done's first book This Secret We're Keeping about a forbidden love affair between a schoolgirl and her maths teacher this one explores the emotional aftermath of an accident that leaves husband Alex brain damaged and a stranger to his young wife Molly The stor

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    35 StarsIt was the fascinating concept that drew me to My Husband the Stranger and it was due to my interest in the idea of the book that kept me reading to the end However having finished the book I just can't help but feeling flat I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting from

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    This is not about the recovery from or acute aftermath of a brain injury so much as it is about the new normal how to live the rest of your life with a man whose improvement from now on will be marginal His cognitive abilities are less damaged than scrambled but his compassion and empath

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    This book is a leaf out of the life of Alex and his wife Molly and how their life is altered for good after an accident The book swings between the past and the present and throws light on how Alex is and how he used to be Molly is stuck in a job she hates as the bills pile up and her husband is

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