Tales From Midhgardhur Volume I PDF á Midhgardhur

Tales From Midhgardhur Volume I This is the first volume in a collection of short stories set in Midhgardhur the Norse fantasy world of Colin Anders Brodd Most of these stories were previously published online in the Channillo series Tales From Midhgardhur Prepare to meet vikings and shieldmaidens giants and dragons wonder and horror swords and sorcery This collection includes The Tale of Halfdanur the Black a preuel to The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper Very good book I met Colin through Channillo and online serial fiction site and instantly fell in love with his writing Great stuff if you are into mystery history and engaging characters Well done In the interest of full disclosure I should note that I wrote the Tales From Midhgardhur Tales From Midhgardhur is a fantasy series on the website Channillocom which costs about 5month to subscribe the series expands the world of Midhgardhur the setting for my fantasy RPGs and novels with short pieces of fiction The series has been very well received and was the Runner Up for Best Fantasy Series in the 2016 Channillo Awards I decided to compile a book of the first nine stories plus a bonus The Tale of Halfdanur the Black available by itself on Kindle for 099 which constitutes a preuel of sorts for The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper A Midhgardhur Fantasy I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have

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