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Bloody Acuisitions I confess myself surprised This being the third foray into this world Drew Hayes could've just cruised on autopilot and I'm sure I would've been suitably entertained however he chooses to go deeper This installment explores the widening or deepening of Fred's character who is he when it matters? what is it to really be brave? the nature of chosen family etc and he approaches these themes with humor and generosity of spirit I'm delighted to have been derailed by this series and the narration by Kirby Heyborne continues to be perfect The third book in Drew's outrageously adventurous and satirical series including THE UTTERLY UNINTERESTING AND UNADVENTUROUS TALES OF FRED THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT Book 1 and UNDEATH TAXES Book 2With a thriving parahuman accounting practice a steady relationship and a circle of trusted friends Fred’s undead life has become enjoyable than his normal one ever was Unfortunately it also seems that he’s no longer the only vampire to appreciate the up and coming city of Winslow Colorado A new clan of vampires is moving in and they aren’t well known for tolerating outsiders in their territoryNow Fred must cope with the growing presence—and threat—of other vampires even as he struggles to keep up with his business’s demands and make time for his friends Between hidden parahuman towns crazed vampire hunters uarreling mages and the world’s least subtle spy it will take all of Fred’s wiles just to keep his head above water And as the new clan sinks their fangs deeper and deeper into his city the undead accountant is faced with a choice between two eually unappealing options flee his home or stand against an entire clan of fellow vampires 4 StarsReviewThis was yet another sweet light funny enjoyable audiobook in the Fred series It's getting harder for me to review them though since I've liked the same things every time Fred is definitely a uniue atypical sort of vampire but that's what makes him so likeable The found family aspect is great too I also thought it was neat getting to see a vampire hunter from a vampire's perspective There are lots of booksmoviesshows in which hunters just go around killing any creature they find but just because someone is paranormal that doesn't means they're a monster Oh also I would totally read a book about Arch Anyone who can sit at a table pointing a gun at hostile vampires with one hand and casually eat his meal with the other is someone I want to know about lol Anyway these are not the most action packed or gripping books out there but they're definitely enjoyable to listen to Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight The continuing adventures of Fred the Vampire Accountant are anything but uninteresting Fred now has to deal with the fact that a vampire clan has moved into his hometown and are dead set on recruiting him Fred has difficulty with the idea of being forced to answer to be a bunch of preening sociopaths and looks for a loophole to get him out He also faces his first vampire hunter that is determined to destroy such an evil monster as Fred must be since no vampire could be so inoffensive I had a lot of fun with this book and it nicely expanded on Fred's adventures while also moving his character forward These are harmless adventures and mostly on the PG side of things which is a nice contrast to many other books set in the urban fantasy genre Fred could use a bit edge but that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it? I've already picked up the 4th novel and intend to finish the series It's just solid entertainment and a good afternoon after midnight? readTwo fangs out My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistenscom Once again we are back in the world of Fred the Vampire Accountant This series continues to be a lot of fun as Fred and his gang of friends go through his utterly interesting and adventurous tales In this series each book has five shorter stories that all come together to tell a larger story about FredA Hunter in the StreetsIn this story Fred meets up with a vampire hunter and the first vampire besides his creator that Fred has ever met He learns that he is uite infamous amongst the other vampiresA Sheriff in the CountryIn this story Fred and the gang travel outside of Winslow Colorado to Boarback Texas Borback is a small town that isn’t well known to humans In this town paranormals live out in the open Many live there because they can’t live anywhere else without exposing themselves It was really interesting seeing all of these other creatures of legendA Lawyer in the MansionHere Fred is invited by an old friend which we met in an earlier book who needs help settling a dispute between two siblings Their father had died and the estate was to be divided amongst the two However figuring out the even distribution was difficult The siblings couldn’t get along so Fred was called in to do his accountant thing to assess the value of everything including the businessA Spy in the CompanyThere are new vampires in town and they offer one of their clan to Fred as a “gift” She works as his intern for a while Fred doesn’t want her to like the job so he takes her on what he thinks will be very boring cases but nothing around Fred is ever boringAn Accountant in the CityThis one was my favorite The new vampires want to takeover the city Fred being a single vampire and not involved with a vampire family is at a disadvantage I loved watching Fred flex his muscles as on he canThis series continues to be a very fun series I love spending time with Fred He is such a nice guy and doesn’t want to hurt anyone Just wants to live his life and keep himself and his friends safe Oh and he wants to grow his business Business is very important to Fred but not in a greedy way Fred would never be so rude as to be greedy To learn about this series and the author check out this great interview with Drew Hayes from The Reading FrenzyNarrationKirby Heyborne continues to do a great job with narration of the series He has a very calm voice that really portrays Fred to a tea When I listened to book one I wasn’t in love with his women’s voices but I think they have gotten a lot better or I’ve gotten used to them I can’t imagine anyone else being the voice of Fred or anyone else in the gangI like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review The adventures of Fred and his friends are just getting interesting as we move along Alos like that his group of friends is goingHighly recommend this series to people who like short adventures set in the paranormal urban fantasy setting WowI didn't think it could get better after reading the first 2 of this series but drew has done it again He has written a book that no matter how hard I tried I could not put it down every page begging to be turned Drew has created a slew of characters everybody can relate to It is thrilling and laugh out loud funny I hope there is another book to come Book three and it’s still freaking awesome I love this series so so much I love Fred Now for book4 This has definitely been my favorite Fred the Vampire Accountant yet and I really hope Drew Hayes keeps writing them In a way the series has supplanted the Dresden Files in my heart words I never thought I'd speak The two series are similar in that their first person narratives with a mixture of action and humor where the main character assembles an unlikely crew of supernatural allies to defend their hometown from threats Chicgao for Dresden the fictional Winslow Colorado for Fred The main difference is that Fred the Vampire Accountant is a lot lighter There's a lot less violence and it's generally a lot lighter and Jim Butcher's obsession with sex which was always the most awkward part of the Dresden Files for me is also absent Now ordinarily I like my fiction rather gritty but maybe I'm getting too old for that Over the years the best part of the Dresden Files was the warmth and camaraderie between Dresden and his crew Well that warmth while always a key point of the Dresden Files is even front and center for these books by Drew Hayes They are really and truly about friendshipI think for a lot of people the idea of reviewing this book in contrast with the Dresden Files might be weird or even off putting The Dresden Files has a very very committed and huge fan base I get that and by all means you can enjoy both But I couldn't avoid the comparison arising in my own mind as I sped through this third book So much of what I personally liked the most about the Dresden Files has seemed to become and overshadowed by the larger plot machinations The intimacy of the relationships has gotten strained and less central to the stories as the plots have doubled down again and again on the isolation and growing darkness within Harry Dresden This has been going on ever since Changes and it's gotten progressively worse as some of my favorite characters have been all but retired eg Michael Carpenter while others have had serious emotionalplot issues driving a wedge between them and Harry Dresden eg Molly Carpenter and Karrin Murphy There's too much realpolitik and not enough friendship Of course that's intentional and so some people will prefer the Dresden Files for that reason but as for me I see enough of the cold and dark in my fiction See The Fifth Season to see just how depraved that can get What I really love to see is the warmth and the light that refuses to give in to that cold and dark I don't mean a sugary sweet story where nothing bad happens because 1 that's boring and 2 that's not Fred I just mean an ordinary person who refuses to let go of their fundamental decency and empathy no matter what happensAnd that's Fred If that sounds good to you read these books You won't regret it

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