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Also available on the WondrousBooks blog Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI have been very very cautious with vampire books in the last couple of years In fact I don't remember the last vampire novel that I read aside from re reading The Historian and Dracula two years agoHowever I read the synopsis of Kingdom of Ashes and the many positive reviews and I decided to give it a shot And I'm glad I didThis book reminded me why I love YA so much It was very engaging and it kept me flipping the pages to a point where I skipped lunch with my colleagues in order to read on a benchThe thing which for me was very original and exciting was the fact that every step of the way and every part of the narrative was cleverly thought through The author took all famous and silly vampire cliches and tropes and she turned them into an outspoken joke between the characters Elena May managed to make everything that could have destroyed the book its exact opposite For example at one point Myra tried to pull a Scheherazade on the prince and I was sitting there worried whether this is going to be a real thing because it was so obvious And then the prince himself recognized and ridiculed itIn terms of plot there was one thing that was a bit of a cliched narrative and that was the fact that while the book is obviously not doing the Scheherazade it did go along the lines of Beauty and the Beast Watching the movie right after finishing the book just made me realize it clearly However I'm not sure that at a time such as ours where we are so over saturated with pop culture it's possible to create anything that doesn't borrow from absolutely anywhereCharacter wise I liked the fact that there was a game of blackwhite and shades of gray Myra was on the same boat as me when I was trying to make up my mind about whether the vampires are all evil or all good or those are concepts that don't even apply to the situation For example many of the points the prince made on humankind were just as challenging as what can be said about vampires in terms of the book In a world where vampires and humans co exist and vampires have overtaken the world and wiped out a big part of the population I think it's still fair to say that that's nothing humans haven't done to other species or even to themselves The only reason why people generally sympathize with people and not say vampires or werewolves is simply because we are people But humans can be just as evil in a completely different way For example just yesterday a colony of griffon vultures in Bulgaria was completely destroyed by hunters who poisoned all of the birds If that's not monstrous I don't know what isHaving said all of this while I did sympathize with Myra at certain times I didn't necessarily think she was a nice person Contrary to what I read in the reviews of people who thought she was selfish and self absorbed I think that was one of her most likable traits in terms of writing She was a very realistic person unlike the perfectall I do is effing magic heroines of other YA books I wouldn't like Myra as a friend but I can read about her and think Well that's true And her selfishness is something that can be attributed to most humans The fact that she is so focused on her book and improving as a writer is to be expected from any person with any artistic capabilities Then again she was sometimes obnoxious and she did make stupid decisions so I'm on the verge with her But I am also known among my friends as someone who is specifically very demanding of female charactersAs is probably to be expected I really liked Vlad because I would say that I both appreciated his attitude and got where he was coming from He followed his set of rules and had a reason to act the way he did I'm a vampire my nature reuires me to drink blood so I drink blood I like art humans make art I like humans The endI am really excited for the next book in the series I really hope it comes sooner rather than later I'm so happy vampires were just vampires and not vampyrs vampyres etc and magic was just magic instead of magik or magick DNF at 52% I will make him say he is proud of me Myra thought And then only then can I start thinking about killing himThat sentence was the last straw I can't take it any The MC is one of the dumbest I have ever read and I read the first 3 books of Falling Kingdoms The dialogue was horrific It was stilted overly dramatic and it had no natural flow All of the humans in this book were just stupid I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not The only enjoyment I got out of the book was the banter between Vlad Tristan and Armidathe 3 vampire MCs Apparently they are the only characters who are capable of intelligent speech and thought Vlad in particular I really likedhe loved to call out Myra's idiocy and I was rooting for his snark and sarcasm every step of the way Myra was childish immature and way too naive for this worldit doesn't even make sense to the story You would think that growing up a fugitive would harden a person but no Myra's main goal in life was to frolic in the meadows and dance in the rain Barf It's not often I cheer for an MC to be killed but ughhh can we kill off Myra already and have this book just be Vlad and Co? I would read that Oh and this WeatherWizard thing? Totally extra and not even relevant to the story It was just thrown in there forreasonsthat I should know by the 52% mark But I don't The most intriguing part of the whole story gets basically 0 page time This book was 99 cents I will be asking for a refund A beauty and the beast retelling with vampires?Yeah sure why not I liked that Myra was confident and strong and did not give up I liked how it explained Myra's part in defeating Vlad I liked that the book explained how Myra was confident and I liked how it explained the positions all the characters were in I really enjoyed this book and plan on reading the Nightfall series I reaceived this book from the author in exchange for my honest review Utterly alluring and remarkable This story was set in a dystopian future where humanity is at the brink of annihilation When I started this book I was struck by how Ms May created a terrifying reality for humans who survived a harrowing extermination attempt I so enjoyed the attention to detail that explained the positions of both the side of the vampires and the humans in this conflict I was drawn to feel compassion for both species in this war and it can be compared to many past events that have occurred in our own historiesMyra is a great character She is naïve and overly confident and that leads her into absolute disaster I enjoy her naiveté because given her role in the world she is living in I think she is spot on She would be idealistic and hopeful having not truly experienced her reality beyond the caves but when she is faced with reality she develops into a ninja of subterfuge and I love it Throughout everything she strives to maintain her humanity and keep her number one goal in mindThe relationship between Prince Vladimir and Myra reminded me strongly of the relationship between Scheherazade and Shahryar from One Thousand and One Nights or as often known in English as the Arabian Nights The parallel that I see is that Vlad spared the life of Myra because she captured his interest through a skill she exhibited and it is this skill set that he has become invested in and in turn keeps her alive If you are unfamiliar with that story there is also a similarity with Wesley from The Princess Bride and the Dread Pirate Roberts Who doesn’t love that book??Very interesting that Vlad has such a focus on Myra I spent much time trying to figure out what it was that he wanted from her What was he preparing her for? Was it as simple as what they were suggesting? I loved that I did not know for sure It was also a bit frustrating and confusing because it was so outside the norm for this genre but it was clearly what kept me fascinated I found it appealing that there was so much focus on her uniue skill set I enjoyed that the focus was not fleeting and that there was much discussion and building around the subject I am sorry to be speaking in such vague terms but it is a large part of the overall story development and I cringe to give it away This was an amazing debut novel and I encourage you all to give this first installment in the Nightfall series a try It is sure to delight youThank you to Author Elena May for this eARC of Kingdom of AshesThis review is based on an eARC I received from Author Elena May It is an honest and voluntary review and the advanced receipt of it in no way affected my review or ratingFind this review and at The Genre Minx Book Reviews Myra never witnessed the Nightfall She has only heard stories from the eldest among them; tales of the Old World and of the scientists who invented the WeatherWizard a technological innovation that controls the weather Unfortunately the device also gave an ambitious vampire prince the means to cover the world in impenetrable clouds allowing his armies to crawl out of their caves and conuer allVampires rule over the New World breeding humans for food After fifty years of guerrilla warfare the Resistance is fading its supplies dwindling They must rally and succeed—and soon—or all hope of restoring human civilization will be lostWhen Myra goes on a desperate mission to help the Resistance she ends up a captive in the vampires’ palace With time running out she must find a way to stop Prince Vladimir and every wrong step leads to the death of innocents Her battle abilities prove useless but Myra discovers she has another skill that can give her an edge over her captors Now Myra must defeat the vampire leader at a power game he has been playing for almost two millennia Thanks to Elena May for giving me this book to reviewKingdom of Ashes is a really good paranormal dystopian novel which is fast paced and raised good uestions about morality and what it is to be human I love the mix of post apocalyptic with the gothic paranormal the book has I also liked that where was not any romance between Myra and any of the vampires in this book as it was refreshing and would have been detrimental to the story Myra is naïve and creative but she is also very self centred which did not make her the most likable main character Vladimir is cunning and ruthless and I feel we have only just scratched the depths of who he is and what he wants Tristan is very loyal and big headed and Armida hides her lack of self worth with a mask of confidenceI really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading Men and Monsters I would recommend Kingdom of Ashes to fans of Fireblood by Trisha Wolfe and The River Witch by Helena RookwoodThis and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst Bookwyrm First I’d like to say thank you to the author Elena May for sending me a copy of her amazing new book And chocolate Chocolate and books are always appreciatedKingdom of Ashes focuses on Myra a girl who starts off with the same headstrong determination black and white views and passion for writing as Briony Tallis in Ian McEwan’s Atonement Myra is a member of the Resistance a dwindling pocket of humans trying to overthrow the world ruling vampire Prince Vladimir She’s sent on a mission to kill the Prince to wreak havoc among the vampires and so gain control But Myra becomes a captive of Prince Vladimir a vampire who is as complexly layered as an onion or was that ogres? and who in a surprisingly Sherlockian manner desires to find an eual in the form of a worthy opponent Myra realises that she can give the vampires the one thing they don’t have human creativityAt this point you’re probably thinking “Oh no not another book about vampires When will this plague end? When will the world be rid of this clichéd creature?” But don’t fear Kingdom of Ashes is an original and worthy addition to the genreFor one the story is uniue as there is no romance between the main character and any of the vampires Even without romance this book does not feel lacking I only wish there were authors out there who realise YA doesn’t need to be synonymous with romanceMay also articulated the human need to create clearly than any other book I have read Through Myra and Tristan creativity can be seen as it truly is – not a want but a need May has captured this theme in such a frank way I find this easily relatable So much so that I felt the need to attempt some music inspired by May’s book if I were Prince Vladimir critiuing this book and making suggestions I would suggest this add cliff hangers I understand that Kingdom of Ashes is character driven than plot driven but when you’ve got the Prince throwing his weight around by threatening Myra you’ve got an opportunity to make the reader well read As it is the chapters in Kingdom of Ashes feel rather self contained similar to though not the same as Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Suad; you can read any chapter at random and it would feel like a satisfying short story If you were to move some of the text to the following chapter you could create tension For example when Prince Vladimir is about to kill the human boy to teach Myra a lesson end the chapter there Let us find out in the chapter after that whether he lives or diesOverall I found this to be an interesting read I’m hoping book two Men and Monsters not to be confused with Patrick Ness’ Monsters of Men will fill in some of the blanks in characters’ backgrounds; see Armida transform from a uiet somewhat submissive character to a powerful princess; and further the relationships of some of the characters I want to thank Elena May for sending me a free copy of Kingdom of Ashes To be honest I had some prejudices against YA novels and I expected it to have a dull and common storyline but after reading Kingdom of Ashes my opinion changed in a good way I think Myra shows us you do not need to be physically strong to be called a heroine In fact Myra's writing skills are her only weapon The parts I enjoyed most were witty conversations between Myra and Prince Vladimir I hope the second book of Nightfall series will be as good as Kingdom of Ashes In a world where vampires took over a weather controlling device people were reduced to small groups of resistance that hide and try fighting for their survival They're becoming desperate Hiding in caves away from the sun is slowly killing them The only way to win is to kill the vampire prince and try to take over the Weather WizardMyra's mission is simple ambush and kill the vampire leader She volunteers for the task to prove she can be useful and strong Their plan seemed to be good but it would be way too easy if it all worked out would it?Now Myra is prince's prisonerWhy wasn't she killed or tortured for information about the resistance? The answer's simple she's a writer Grant it she's got a lot to learn to become a good one but there's one thing you loose while becoming a vampire an ability to createIt was hard to believe this was Elena May's first published novel Her style was very appealing I couldn't put the book down I loved the moments when Vlad thought Myra how to enhance her writing skills I loved the twisted Sheherezad reference I didn't mind the weird bloody scenes after all these are vampires we're talking about The twists Vlad's plotting and planning all the support characters I liked it allThis was a very surprising read for me First of all it's a vampire novel where a young heroine is the main character and there's no falling in love with the prince of evil except maybe on my side but it's still a love hate relationship You have no idea how refreshing it was No love at first sight no triangles forbidden love etc etc I probably sound like a romance hater but don't get me wrong I like a bit of love in the air but after reading so many YA books it's fantastic to find one without itSo yes a girl that hated vampires haven't fallen for the first one who trapped her and remained herself All the time Myra was planning to kill him just as she intended from the beginningIt was great to read how she's growing learning discovering the world that was inaccessible to her earlier She's still a dreamer but at the same time she keeps track on what's happening around her and how can she change or at least help to change the current situationAnd prince Vladimir is simply fantastic A complicated highly intelligent character He plans plots deceives but he also has hope and curiosity inside him Yes he's scary and dangerous he does some horrible things to get what he wants but somehow I can't hate him He's one of those too awesome to be hated types P A fantastic creation I'd love to read his story maybe from earlier days?Story moves at a steady pace always interesting always keeps you wanting It concentrates on character's interaction Myra's development as a writer and the ideas how to help people how to save them It's just a first part and I love how it ended not exactly with a cliffhanger but in a way you simply need to read Should you read this book? YES And fast because it's worth it I'd recommend it to all young adult fantasy lovers especially if you need a rest from all the romance I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewfind my reviews at I received eARC of Kingdom of Ashes by Elena MayAt first I thought this going to be a predictable paranormal dystopian work with a love triangle thrown inIts not It is so much Its situated in a post apocalyptic world Nightfall where the vampires underneath the Prince Vladmir have overtaken the Weather Wizard A technology which manipulate the weather why am not surprised that humans developed something that caused them doomOur Protagonist is Myra born in the world of darkness dreaming of light Shes aspires to be writer where everyone else is a soldierShe takes a on desperate suicide mission which might save the Resistance but she also had her own selfish reasons for going outside She wished to be the hero to fight to defeat evil with the heart wrenching music of the violins playing in the background But she was no heroOf course the mission bombed she was capturedThere she gets to meet with the Prince he is mass murderermanipulative monster but he lets her live as he discovers that Myra can write no matter how monstrousPrince does appreciate art cultureNow the Prince is an egnima “I saw the Vikings sow fear throughout Europe and joined their nightly raids I fought with Saladin against the Crusaders and I joined Tamerlane’s forces as he invaded the lands around the Caspian Sea I traveled west with the Spanish Conuistadors and saw the Inca civilization before it crumbled to dust I fought with Sundiata when he defeated Ghana and founded the Mali Empire I witnessed the rise and fall of the Mughal Empire and the collapse of the Ming dynasty”This shiversI so want a novella focused on himRight now My fav is Tristan a very trusted companion of the Prince They share a Profound Bond In short I ship them XD even though the Prince has a lover Armida she seems like troubleI loved how Myra character develops acroos the book as she interacts with Prince the good bad She is so human so flawed Selfish but shes trying hard to be a stick to the righteous sideShe hates him in the beginning so much then character development I will make him say he is proud of me Myra thought And then only then can I start thinking about killing him But if she stopped caring was she not becoming as bad as a vampire? Was she forgetting what it meant to be human?She pressed her lips together and reached out to her notebook and pen So be it If a good hearted human could not win this war she would become whatever was reuired Perhaps he deserved to die But this was not about justice and judgment was it? It was about what she wanted And she did not want him to dieBeing Human is so difficultThe ending of the book leaves you craving for It ends at very crucial stageabruptly leaving the reader with a feeling god what happens nextAll in all 455⭐ Kingdom of Ashes

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Elena May writes fantasy in dystopian and historical settings Born and raised in Bulgaria she has studied in New Zealand and the US worked in Germany and the UK participated in various research or volunteer projects in Israel Liechtenstein and Turkey and traveled to over forty five countries In 2020 she relocated once again this time to the land of little mermaids ugly ducklings and snow

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