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Shattered Sky Warriors A Vision of Shadows #3 Only shadows can clear the skyThe warrior Clans are facing an enemy dangerous than they have ever known Darktail and his band of rogues have seized ShadowClan's territory Worse many of ShadowClan's young warriors and apprentices have joined the rogues forcing Rowanstar and a few loyal warriors to take refuge in ThunderClanThough Darktail's rogues are a threat to all warrior cats the ties between the four ties have begun to fracture RiverClan is heavily wounded WindClan has closed its borders and in ThunderClan medicine cat Alderheart is certain than ever that their only hope is to find SkyClan They must fulfill StarClan's prophecy before Darktail's vicious reign puts an end to all the Clans

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    I absolutely loved Shattered Sky I'm finally feeling like the Warrior Cats is being taken in a new direction which is much needed Don't get me wrong I've absolutely adored all the storylines and series but I now feel as if this new series is completely different and I can't wait to see where the Erins take itAs usual it was won

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    Once I started Shattered Sky I couldn't stop And what do you know? I have finished it I feel like the Warriors series only gets better

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    Well this definitely upped the action and the plot from book 3 Basically it doesn't stop and there is very little training hunting etc that can sometimes bog these books down Everything is geared toward Darktail taking over and the Clan cats resistance I loved itI will say again; there should be a lifting of the rule that cats can't ma

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    Not the best Warriors book not the worst The arc is pretty mediocre for me It's fine but it doesn't have the zest of the first few series or even the last few I mean most of this book is another clans fighting rogues plotline andI just didn't care But things do seem pretty resolved so I don't have any idea where things are going in the nex

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    I'm so glad that the confrontation with Darktail is not being dragged out over all six books of this installment in the series I wasn't sure this would be the case seeing how long it's taking for the villain in the Survivors series to be revealed This was probably my favorite book of the new series simply because the characters seemed realisti

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    Why does this feel like the end of Vision of Shadows already?

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    Just when you thought things couldn't get complicated between Violetpaw and her relationship to the Kin THEY DID In my opinion anyways It was always so back and forth with her I've lost count of the times she switched sides And I'm mad at Needletail 'Cause Needletail was supposed to be good She was such a complex character who changed and grew so muc

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    YES IT HAPPENEDThe event that I have been waiting for since Firestar's uest has come outI'm still in shockI will say that view spoiler the 'death' of Twigpaw was very unnecessary and I could tell from the beginning that she was going to be alright hide spoiler

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    I couldn't put this book down Literally I finished it in a day This book was a great continuation to the A Vision of Shadows series To be honest I'm not sure what the new conflict will be for the rest of the series But I love how all the new characters have developed throughout the series and I'm excited to see how much they will develop throughout the secon

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    Kitty Clans finally forming Voltron So proud

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