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The Crystal Crow My worst nightmare which I get every two or three years originated I believe when some well meaning adult took me at the age of three for a ride in a fairground bumper car The nightmare consists of an endless helpless ride culminating in a crash from which of course I wake As it was when I came to I thought that I was asleep and dreamingI rolled back in my seat and watched the landscape hurtle towards me in a state of dreamy euphoria I was positively enjoying my nightmare uite sorry to think that in the end I'd have to wakeThe awakening came rather sooner than I expected Coming around are youUmmm I croaked through the wide piece of surgical plaster which bound my jaws togetherI'm so glad to hear it Do you know my father who was a complete megalomaniac used to make my mother go out with him on his rounds He was always slightly drunk and a reckless driver at best She was sick with terror every time I used to promise myself that once just once I'd take him out and scare him sick But of course I never got the chance He did it once too often and killed them both Still it's some compensation to do it now to you Classic Gothic thriller mixed with some very interesting characterization and a sadly somewhat lopsided resolution

About the Author: Joan Aiken

Conrad Aiken who won a Pulitzer Prize for his poetry and her sister

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