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Sigillenmagie in der Praxis Frater UD is generally regarded as a powerhouse I haven't read his High Magic but I have heard rave reviews and since this book focuses on Spare's techniue basically the father of modern sigil work it should be and probably is THE book on sigil magicI've been reading this tiny book for five years because in addition to all that it is also an impressively boring read Maybe it's the translation or the inherent mystery of works interpreting works and piecing together secrets people kept about some dead guy's personal system of symbols that he deliberately forgot and destroyed to make work but this is hard to get through I kept rolling my eyes at the melodrama and scanning ahead to the pictures Huge parts of the process seemed glossed over so you're still sort of flying blind if you follow the instructions closely and I wished I could just glance at the German section of the phrasing section because THIS MY WISH TO is so uncomfortable that it must be either deliberate or a uirk of the translation processThis isn't entirely without merit but I would suggest anyone with an interest consult the internet as the blogs are both interesting and informative Probably the most helpful book I've read on sigil magic If you're interested in sigils or the work of Austin Osman Spare this book is for you Thanks to this book planetary cameas finally make sense Likewise I enjoy the way Frater UD writes about the occult because he generally takes the psychological reading of the occult sciences in his explanations which makes the whole thing much easier to understand and accept Sigil magic particularly the system developed by the English painter and sorcerer Austin Osman Spare is one of the most efficient and economical disciplines of magic For the most part it can be performed without complicated rituals needs hardly any paraphernalia is independent of philosophical and dogmatic premises and due to its simplicity can be learned easily and uickly Most important of all none of the magical techniues we know of today is efficient and will give even beginners the immediate chance to convince themselves of its power and their own abilities These reasons alone support a volume like the following to show the possibilities of this discipline and to explain its techniues and its rationale The reader—the complete tyro and the advanced practitioner alike—will receive an introduction which will accompany himher in hisher magical practice for a long time I mostly enjoyed the authors approach to working with and creating your own sigils Although this book is written with a non dogmatic approach and some have criticized its lack of emphasis on magical morals those with a solid foundation in ethics should have no problem adapting the systems laid out here into whatever techniues of magic they are familiar with already I did not particularly find his sections on entering a trance state to be useful to myself in fact they seemed a bit odd and morbid for my tastes but nonetheless the bulk material of this text seemed to be as the title stated a practical way to work with sigils I would also like to note that his attempts to explain how magic itself functions and is activated was interesting and was something I hadn't encountered in the Wicca 101 books I have read in the past One of the first books on sigils that made any sense to me This works and it's very time effective as well Very good book on sigil magic This books has a very good explanation of Sigil Magic and it's use I found this book to be very informative on the subject Anyone interested in Sigil Magic should read this book The 1 5 Star Review is the total of what I have to say about this book specificallyCaveat This review is historicalarchival in nature 'Date read' is speculativeThis book is one of many books I have read about the occultpaganismwitchcraft This was the readily available faith in my household as a child Additionally I worked for a company in this field 2015 2016 and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my jobLike televangelists and snake oil salesman these publishers prey on the vulnerable The authors are mentally ill suffering from 'magical thinking' and delusions Worst of all most of them can't write worth a damnLlewellyn Worldwide is the absolute worst on both counts I wouldn't even trust their overpriced CALENDARS to be accurateThese books are also big offenders on the the 'cultural appropriation' front In fact they're in the running for worst case ever So called 'eclectic witches' steal aspects of other religions and mythology They make it clear that they don't understand them or feel the need to before shitting in someone else's bed The publishersauthors then profit off this leaving the reader less smart and broke The living Venn diagram of demographics for these books would look like this She's a white American woman She dropped out of college to attend massagecosmetology school Growing up her strict parents took her to church every Sunday She kissed a girl 10 years ago and likes Katy Perry To uote Holden from Chasing Amy Over or underweight people who don't get laid they're our bread and butterThough a copypasta of it these books never tell you about hermeticism They don't prime you to understand hermeticism Hermeticism by the way is also total bullshit It is at least historic and seminal in almost all spooky fiction involving rituals or alchemyIf I give one of these books anything above 2 stars it's a decent example of this type of book It might have a redeeming feature like reference material for fictional world building Having worked in this field including sales of these exact books I can tell you the fix is in they know it don't buy this stuff A must read for serious magicians Short yet covers several common sigil related techniues I see some people recommend it for beginners however I disagree I would recommend at least an intermmediate level of knowledge prior to reading Beginner level readers may become bewildered with the author's concise sometimes overly so and even pedagogical approach to the topics The book assumes a level of knowledge about occult topics that I believe could leave some newbies feeling frustrated and overall detract from the information given The author's writing style borders on pedantic often explaining topics in what I believe to be an unnecessarily complex fashion I took away a star simply because I found the author's writing style so un user friendly Despite the author's convoluted method of explanation the book still offered valuable information for anyone hoping to employ sigils in their practice as well as some interesting ways of looking at the processes from the author's perspective It should be noted that this book seems to be written from the perspective of a practicioner of high magick and as such it may appeal especially to readers in that crowd Readers put off by the often academic approach of high magicians might struggle a bit with this book as I did It is still worth the labor Overall I would recommend this book to any serious practicioner of the magickal arts I really enjoyed this book It's a very practical discussion of sigil magic with relatively little theoretical background I got the sense that the author finds endless discussion of how it works to be a bit on the intellectual wankery side of things It was nice to read a magic book that didn't constantly instruct me on morals omg I can probably figure out that cursing isn't nice and one that talked about the real process of doing magic then its theoretical underpinnings Frater UD is one of the premier Ceremonial Magicians in Europe He is a master of Ceremonial and he is also a Chaos Magician Many who are unfamiliar with him might be familiar with a concept he invented called Ice MagickSigils or pictographic symbol of what we desire to obtain was first developed by Austin Osman Spare He was an artist and he was educated by a witch at an early age Being a bit of a rebel he tended to be a free thinker who definitely did not believe in conformity He practiced practical magic that was free from dogma and tended to be about what work for the magicianSigil making is one of the corner stones of Chaos magick The most common techniue is to write out a statement of intent IT is beneficial to start your state words like it is my will this is my will or my desire is You write out your statement and then cross out every other letter Take the remaining letters put them together and make design Once that part is completed you objective is to stare it in either a heightened state of frenzy or exhaustion so it can slip into the subconscious After that you then destroy it by fire or by tearing it upThere are two other types of sigils The second type is the picture sigil THis involves taking known glyphs and combining them to make a new design There making and execution is the same as the first type of sigil The third type of sigil involves taking a statement of intent crossing out the duplicate letter and then making a new gibberish phrase or some word of power This said aloud and over and over again until it makes no sense or produces a sense of stupefaction Then it dissolves in your mindFrater UD goes further into Austin Osman Spares philosophy by discussing he alphabet of desire This involves letting the subconscious take control of your hand and allowing it to tell you it's symbol for words and concepts After a while you will have your own well built up dictionaryThere is also discussion on Kabbalistic Kameah and the prevailing view of the subconscious the sensor and the conscious Your power comes from the subconscious In parting I like to say that the magicians two major tools are the will and the imagination

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