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Shadowfall Four millennia have passed since the hundred immortal gods came to Myrillia Out of chaos they created the Nine Lands blessed with their Graces and protected from the nightmarish Hinterlands where rogue gods stalked across a barbarous wilderness In all this time nothing has disturbed the peace of the Nine LandsUntil now For the impossiblethe unthinkablehas happened Meeryn goddess of the Summering Isles has been murderedThe only witness was Tylar de Noche a crippled and disgraced former Shadowknight who lives in agonizing shame of his past He saw the dark entity that killed Meeryn And as he held the dying goddess her last breath bestowed a powerful blessing on him—a mark that healed his broken body A mark that many see as proof that he killed a god A mark that unleashed a powerful force of darkness within himChased across Myrillia by enemies both human and ethereal aided only by outcasts like himself Tylar must uncover and face down a being powerful enought to kill an immortal—the true godslayer If he fails all of Myrillia will fall into shadow

About the Author: James Clemens

James Clemens Aka James Rollins was born in Chicago Illinois in 1961 With his three brothers and three sisters he was raised in the Midwest and rural Canada He attended the University of Missouri and graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1985 The lure of ocean sun and new horizons eventually drew him to the West Coast where he established his veterinary practice in Sacrame

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    There's some really ynteresting world bylding yn thys and the idea of the characters ys good But the karakteryzations themselves are less than full and the plot while solyd ysn't extraordynary The pages dyd blow by though I would have liked fewer sylly spellyngs Just styking a y yn your wyrds doesn't make thym fantastikal okayyyy?

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    Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEWANALYSIS We begin with Shadowfall the first chronicle of the Godslayer wherein we are introduced to Tylar De Noche a fallen shadowknight and also a cripple broken in mind body and spirit After some shady dealings in his past he has had to pay an exorbitant price that has taken a toll on his life relationship and mental statu

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    A man witnesses the murder of a god and is falsely accused of doing the deed He must prove his innocence and of course uncovers a deeper darker plotThe setting is that of a world inhabited by gods substantial beings that people can see and interact with The chief difference between gods and mortals other than basic immortality is that their bodily fluids are magical ALL their flu

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    I bought this book from a public library for 1 I was immediately enticed by the bookcover and intrigued by its synopsis After reading it I could finally say that this was a gem This was my first reading of this author’s writing James Clemens aka James Rollins Now I could understand why he’s so popular on mysterythriller genre This book started on a good note of mystery and it u

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    I’m totally clueless not knowing this Author writes in Fantasy as well and it’s a really good one too Shadowfall is a story of Tylar de Noche a former Shadowknight convicted of murders Now crippled and disgraced will redeem himself with the Graces of the goddess Meeryn and her naethryn Shadowfall is a novel written with multiple mysteries and with each discovery flowed smoothly w

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    Couldn't put this down Well written exciting and who doesn't like a bit of good old fantasy

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    The term “unputdownable” was invented for this book So glad I took a chance on such an obscure book It was amazing

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    wow What a ride This book is brilliant Shadowknights Gods fantasy realms Graces I loved it I'm not a fantasy reader normaly but when I found out that James Clemens is another penname of James Rollins I'd gave it a try and now I want to read Myrillia books I love the Sigma series the Blood books and now the Myrillia books as well Mr Clemens you are a Magical autor and gave me wonderful hou

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    the premise is very intriguing;definitely looking forward to the seuelp234 and you couldn't forwarn me of your plan?p254 i never knew a hound that wouldn't follow a bit of roasted harep258 i guess those hounds weren't interested in my fine rabbit stew rogger mumbledp321 the body were here he said heatedly

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    I just finished reading Shadowfall Book One in the Godslayer Chronicles by James Clemens What a truly dark foreboding albeit magical world this book is At times it was hard to distinguish hero from protagonist by their actions Just a literary reminder that there is good and evil inside all of us Which way we 'turn' is a dilemma we face every day A lot of writers think writing a fantasy story i

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