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The American Express Beat poet Corso's only novel Inspired by his days in Europe anxiously waiting for royalty checks and advances that were slow to appear this freewheeling and farcical tale is the account of a birth in AmEx and what came of it With illustrations by the author First published 1961 as No 85 in the Traveller's Companion Series First American publication

About the Author: Gregory Corso

Gregory Nunzio Corso was an American poet youngest of the inner circle of Beat Generation writers

6 thoughts on “The American Express

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    A fun little story that is very bizarre but overall a joy to read

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    it was interestingand strangebutuh ive read betterhis poetry is much better than this novel

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    One of the most bizarre 'novels' I have ever read I really had no idea what this story was about when I read it I've heard two things about this novel; one before I read the book and one after I read the book Before I read the book I heard that Corso decided to write it as he was waiting rather impatiently to h

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    Gregory baby it is a bad idea for a poet to write a novel particularly if he is strung out on the pharmaceuticals in gay Paris and writing to a deadline for a publisher who just wants another BEAT novel to put on his list And what did Giordis do with all that money? Spunked it on blackbird pate and Latin dancers that's

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    A nonsensical romp with a cast of ridiculous characters Who knew Gregory Corso'd written a novel?

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    Shouldn't have been published Crap The worst kind of surrealistic prose

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