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I bet the hero is Kyle Phillips the Marin leader under Resnick command and what makes me think that is because is says suad and according to Maya we have met this character before It can't be Raid because he is a cop so no suad for him and Ryker is on her team I also don't think he is a part of Rio or Steele's team due to KGI calls them teams and suad is sooo a military term unless it's a guy under Hancock's command but again the descriptions makes me think he's the suad leader not just a suad memberAnd as for this not being Rusty and Sean's book THANK GOD there book is suppose to be book 15 but I'd rather it be 35 because there book is the LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES and I am so not looking forward to that at all As a reader I don't feel that KGI is anywhere near finished because what about Dolphins story or Baker Renshaw Edge or Raid Ryker Terrence Decker Diego Alton the new chick Allie or if Kyle isn't the hero what about him hell what about Resnick story for that matter I'd love to see that story And Travis Vans adopted teen son what happens in his life???? yet now we only have 3 count them 3 books till this series comes to an end I can't believe this I could pull out my hair There not done yet and I'm sure I'm missing a few names in there somewhere? and could we not have a next generation type​ series I'd love to see the grand kids all grown up and possibly running KGI I can see all the brothers as older men sitting on there porch and being bossed around by Charlotte the twins and expecially Steels kids lol that would go over real well I hope that the warrior is ConradHancock told her that if she needs him he can help so i really hope he sends Conrand ❤ I will not waiting any longer for the next KGI book It is frustrating that they retrace the publication date of the book again and again without even an explanationI had enough I think by the time Rusty and Sean's story comes out I will be an old lady with one foot in the grave and probably blind Maybe Ice caps will melt due to unchecked global warming and I will be drowned by the rising sea level or humans are struggling for survival because climate change disrupted earth's natural mechanisms reading romance is not our first priority Everything seems possible in the near future except for the publication of the book we all want to read Feeling little dejected and sad Maybe Rusty and Sean's story can be story can be set in the future but told now like in the movie Terminator ArghhhAnything but this wait It's killing me Please A KGI novel of nonstop suspense and explosive passion from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Brighter Than the SunThe Kelly Group International KGI A super elite top secret family run businessualifications High intelligence rock hard body military backgroundMission Hostagekidnap victim recovery Intelligence gatheringHandling jobs the US government can’tWhen some well deserved R R turns into a volatile situation for Skylar Watkins she knows her team will never get to her in time Her only hope is a promise once made to her by a desperate grateful man—and his suad is within rangeDriven by a steely demeanor and fierce loyalty the warrior now tasked with saving Skylar’s life knows her value to the KGI He’s seen firsthand how daring—and lethal—she can be He’ll get her back or die trying but what he isn’t prepared for is the desire to keep her close for wanting her to remain in his arms and under his watchforever Expected publication Sep 03 2019Expected publication Apr 02 2019Expected publication November 6th 2018Expected publication May 1st 2018 I am very much not sure about this as it's been pretty obvious to me that the last 5 books in this series have outright sucked The same complaints on every one unbelievable insta love characters acting out of character and unending page filler a la repetition So I'm shoving this on my waiting game shelf to better keep an eye on the reviews when they show up But I'm not very optimistic I was very excited about KGI books but the last three or four have been bad Now this book release date keeps getting pushed back The only ones I still care about are Sean and Rusty and there are still three books before theirs By then I won’t care at all March 2017Cover and title reveal over on HeroesandHeartbreakerscom PS Web page contains preorder linksIs it me or does the female cover model look kinda like actress Leelee Sobieski? Glad I didn't preordered like other people now it isn't coming out for another yr tired of waiting not going to read it now sick of waiting Wherever You Are KGI #12

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Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times #1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three she lives in Texas

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