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    NOOOO why why why does it have to be Anika I didn t like this chick at all My biggest problem is this one scene in Lev s bookit went a little something like thisSasha I can make you forget him, I can make you forget he ever existed, Ani Anika You were never competition, Sasha Not next to him You never even came close Now, tell me how I m supposed to get behind t

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    Vik, Shasa, and Alesio. Pleaseee i want to know their storydont left behind Alesio and Cora

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    Sasha is the only reason I ll be reading this book.I was annoyed by Anika s attitude and behavior towards Sasha Dunno how I am going to get pass that.I just hope that there won t be a traumatic past or an event in the storyline, that will be used as a tool to force the reader sympathize with Anika.

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    SighSpoilers and note to selfAnika was not a favorite from book 1.She wanted Lev and treated Sasha like crap how is it plausible that she ll have a hea with him.then she ll be living around the one man she s wanted for so long but with his brother Hmmmm another interesting plot line I may just have to stop at Lev and imagine stories for the others time will tell.

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    i have offically given up on this series I don t think either one of the two books are ever coming out.Its kind of tragic the first one was a solid 5 star read

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    I really want to know the story of anika, she may be a bitch but I want to see her with her, she deserves a chance and so does he I know you haveto tell them.

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    I really hate her I hope Sasha will be paired up to someone new, like a reward for him after this b tch lol She doesn t deserve him come on people TBH this is really disappointing Better luck next book I guess.

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    I might only read this book because I love Sasha so much but Anika , please, Sasha deserves better.

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