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Spellbook of the Lost and Found Review originally on Heart Full of BooksI had seen a lot of hype surrounding this book on twitter – lots of authors and publishers getting ARCS which were beautiful by the way So it’s one that’s been on my radar for a while even though I had no idea when it was coming out Then I went book shopping with Maddie and happened to see Spellbook For The Lost and Found on the table and I NEEDED IT I picked it up practically as soon as I got home which hardly ever happens and I feel like I genuinely have some stuff to say about it so let’s get to itThere are three perspectives Olive who wakes up after a crazy party and starts to lose things Hazel a girl who’s living with her brother and best friend in an abandoned house because staying with her parents wasn’t a safe option And Laurel whose diary pages go missing and to get them back she casts a spell with her two best friendsIt’s a very self contained story with lots of characters Olive Rose Hazel Ivy Rowan Laurel Ash Holly Mags And while I’m all for a majority female cast this was a lot of girls who love to speak in riddles and metaphors to keep track of When it came to the voices sometimes couldn’t distinguish between them With context I could always work it out but all the girls had very similar ways of looking at the world Olive and Hazel both idolise and comment in detail about their best friend’s traits meaning I felt like I knew about Rose because of Olive’s lens and Rowan because of Hazel’s I didn’t get to know about Hazel and Olive themselves until they showed up in each other’s POVs There just wasn’t as much of a change in tone as I would have liked but it was beautiful writing regardless so shrugsI also thought the pacing was bit off at time We’d get to a bit where it felt like things were going somewhere Like we’d just bitten off a huge chunk of intrigue but then things would settle down and it would be back to the same pattern of ‘lost thing and a hang out session’ THAT BEING SAID the ending Similarly to I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson you have to read to the end before you realise how well constructed the story is I might have had complaints about it being self contained but I certainly didn’t see any of the twists coming I felt like I was always five steps behind the characters but I was hooked and when ends were being tied I was living for those reveals There was genuinely a moment like fifty pages from the end when my chin was on my chestSpellbook For The Lost and Found is a book that will keep you on your toes if you can get through purple prose and stick with the plot until things all start coming together It’s full of romance and pretty great diversity of character too with Olive being deaf in one ear Rose being a WOC the pair of them being bisexual and Hazel being gay Though I do have reservations about the pacing of exposition we were still learning about Olive and Rose’s friendship over 100 pages throughOverall this book was a bit of self indulgence Moria Fowley Doyle has a knack of creepy cool atmosphere building so if you liked her debut The Accident Season then you’ll find all the same things to love in Spellbook Overall I gave it 4 stars I was frustrated at times but I had a fun time reading it I might just have found my new favourite addiction ueer witches Spellbook of the Lost and Found is a book I’m really torn over It is truly a beautiful and magical book but there were other aspects that made it hard for me to connect to everything L I K E S 🌹 That cover is gorgeous It’s so aesthetic and I can’t lie that that’s a big reason why I picked this up Actually the whole atmosphere of this book is so magical and aesthetic🌷 Fowley Doyle’s writing style is absolutely magical That’s probably why the whole book felt so aesthetic but I love her lyrical writing style Everything was so intriguing and brought to life by her writing voice🌹 The diversity is so refreshing I believe there are two bisexual girls and one lesbian And if I remember correctly one of the characters was half Indian? There was also an ff romance that developed and I love it so much🌷 I loved the setting I believe it was set in Ireland? It was so great to see another setting than America Plus the way that Fowley Doyle wrote the story made the setting much magical and mysterious D I S L I K E S 🌹 Everything was so confusing It was really overwhelming at the beginning with three different POVs though I love multiple POVs and a huge cast of characters I totally get that this book is meant to be twisty and mysterious but I’m really clueless half of the time I’m awake and I need help navigating through life🌷 There were so many characters I had a hard time keeping everyone straight I don’t even remember one character name?? It also meant that the characters that weren't narrators didn’t get as much development🌹 And because there were so many characters and many of them didn’t get a lot of development I had a really hard time connecting to all of them I was interested enough in the story it was just hard to find ways to really care about the characters Except for the ff romance I was 100% for thatBasically it’s a good book But it didn’t stand out to me which is why this review is kinda undetailed—because I don’t really remember anything It’s not exactly the 35 stars I originally rated but I still think that it’s a good book and I recommend picking it up It’s absolutely magical but just beware of some confusion “If you’re not careful you can spend your whole life looking for what you’ve lost” This book was eual parts haunting and beautiful The writing feels so lush and magical and is absolutely transportive The story was so expertly and intelligently crafted Seriously this entire book feels like a work of art But for some reason I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters Instead of it feeling like a treat to read I really had to force myself to focus I still really recommend this and I think so many of my friends would enjoy but for some reason I could never truly be immersed and in turn I could never fully fall in love Spellbook of the Lost and Found surrounds three young girls in Ireland who find a book that can help them reclaim things that they have lost And this tale is split into three different points of view where we get to see how these girl’s stories intertwine➽ Olive A young girl who wakes up in a barn after a night of partying And she soon realizes that things all over town are coming up missing Some dear than others ➽ Hazel A young girl who ran away with her brother and best friend and are currently living in an abandoned house Also my fav ➽ Laurel A young girl whose diary pages have gone missing and her and her friends are willing to do anything to get them back including casting an unknown spell But there are so many side characters too Rose is everything Ivy is a gem Rowan is amazing Jude’s scenes were my favorite Holly Ash and Mags were great Hell I was even in love with Olive’s dad for Pete's sake This book has a full and great cast of characters And I also loved the representation so much I mean we follow an indigenous lesbian a hearing impaired bisexual girl and another bisexual girl that is dealing with trauma TWCW talk of past rape and bullying Like what a blessing And we get to see some of these ww romances on page even My heart is still so full My absolute favorite part of this book which makes me want to give this book all the stars in the universe was the entire page of 228 where this author abolished the pedestal we put girls “needing” to keep their virginity on Like I wish I could get this single page into everyone in the world’s hands I wish I could go back in time and give a younger version of myself that page So powerful so important and so worth the purchase and reading of this book for that page alone Praisebless Moïra Fowley Doyle Thank you And the last 20% of this book is honestly perfection Spellbook of the Lost and Found has one of the best twists I’ve ever read in my entire life I was dumbfounded and left in so much awe “Be careful what you wish for; not all lost things should be found” Overall this is a book I won’t forget anytime soon And I know a three star rating probably seems low for how hard I just gushed but this is the highest three star rating I’ve ever given The prose is beautiful the atmosphere is haunting the characters leave you wanting so much and the story is so phenomenally told If you’re looking for something gorgeous and uniue please pick this one up Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | TwitchBuddy read with Julie Jules Amy Chelsea Lourdes Tiffany ❤And this book is extra special to me because I received it at The Goodreads Power User Summit last fall heart eyes forever Thank you Goodreads I love you ❤ I find it crazy that a book with curious magic could not at least be a little spellbinding But it definitely isn’t I read sixty boring but charmingly written pages of absolutely nothing at all before I decided not to take it anyI get so giddy when I pick a book with witches up I always think it’s going to transport me into another world Witches have been my favourite creatures for such a long timeIt’s no wonder Magnus Bane is one of the best characters I’ve ever read about What he does has no limit and it goes the same for witches in generalBut these characters are not witches that I know of Not the best one to review this book I admit as I haven’t finished it but granted I don’t believe it’s worth you time and moneyI think it would have worked better as a contemporary story without the magical realism Magical realism is a tricky theme to develop and the author has not done it well The spell book feels so random like it doesn’t fully belong into the storyIt also would have worked better with less of a large amount of characters The alternation is supposed to give new perspectives to the readers but instead it just basically repeats the previous scene with new content added Very repetitiveSo if you want beautiful magical realism read ‘‘Hour of the Bees’’ ‘‘The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender’’ andor ‘‘Still Life with Tornado’’ Any of these books are five times enjoyable than this particular unspectacular one Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ I absolutely adored Fowley Doyle's debut The Accident Season full review here and had been eager to get to her latest release partly for that reason and partly for this absolutely stunning Autumnal themed cover I am so pleased that the interior of this book lived up to both its outer beauty and the author's former prowess of penmanshipJust like The Accident Season this had a dark and eerie premise Things are being lost From diary pages charm bracelets and hair clips to things of a far bigger conseuence to loose and things far harder to retrieve But things are also being found as well a leather bound spell book an insight to the past a blue haired elf of a girl a lost sister and two boys one of which might spell trouble Can what is lost amount to what has been found? And how much can a person stand to misplace before they lose themselves entirely?This features a hefty cast of characters all of which have names that reside in nature Ivy Olive Hazel etc had a tendency to blur into each other on times and it was only due to my reading of other reviews before beginning this book that had me prepared with notes to differentiate them I had thankfully also been forewarned about the thrice split perspective and how all three story lines do not align These two elements could have greatly confused and ruined my reading experience of this so that is perhaps something to be aware ofEverything else about this novel was to be adored I especially loved the tone of the piece This was an almost haunting novel in some respects There was a darkness to it that left me unsure what was supernatural what was magical realism and what was of my own mind's creation This darkness also bled into the atmospheric setting For mood readers like myself this is a book that screams of autumn on every page The book's interior matched the setting I was reading it in and they combined to deliver a great reading experience And that was before the eually as foreboding plot came into playI was in utter awe of the dark whimsy of this narrative There was an almost abstract element to it that compelled me from the very first page nothing is concrete no one is reliable and not one thing can be trusted in this story This is a story that almost seems to shift as you are reading it as you never seem on eual footing with the events occurring The reader becomes as much a part of this tale as the characters in that respect so truly are you immersed into this mysterious and puzzling story line I did discern one of the greatest plot twists before the grand reveal but this did not deter my interest and only made me excited to continue on and see what else awaited to be discoveredThe premise of the novel is something that is really mirrored in the tone and voice of the piece As one secret is unearthed clues for another are deposited This was a true treasure hunt of a novel and I adored the entire journey it took me on I love love loved the characters in this book but the plot left a lot to be desired for me c womp 1010 do recommend the audiobook though because all the narrators have Irish accents and I’m a BIG FAN I want to thank NetGalley and Penguin Young Readers Group for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest reviewWow I ended up being much better than I expected I really enjoyed the book and all the time I felt that it reminded me of The Raven Boys since the plot has a lot of mystery friendship and magical realism A great book that grows a lot as you read it it has a very interesting concept a great diversity of characters and a very catchy writing style45 Stars You can find this one and of my reviews on my blog A Book A Thought The plot follows three girls who are the main characters of the book who begin to notice that many of their personal objects have disappeared It all starts with an object as simple as a jewel but it grows until they loses many important things One day one of them finds a Spellbook with which they think they can recover their lost objects but this magic is much complex than they expected so they have to sacrifice some things in order to recover others I decided to make this a kind of short review I hope so lol for two reasons first I don't have the time to write a detailed review today and I don't want to prolong the review for later because I really want to share my thoughts with you now and secondly because I believe that this is a book to which everyone should enter without knowing than necessary and so I assure you that you'll be surprised as I've done it The book starts being a bit confusing and at first I find it hard to follow but it also has a writing style that wraps you in a way that makes you want to keep reading It's my first time tried with the author and I'm very happy to have done it her handling of the mystery and the suspense is very good it makes the reading a bit creepy but that is one of the things that I've liked most The diversity in content is to highlightWe have so many characters here OMG although it's great on the one hand it can also be somewhat confusing and I haven't had enough time to know them deeply even so I have several POV's that I've enjoyed than others due to the characters that appeared in them but sometimes keeping it simple is a little betterEven so one of the good things that brought this amount of girls is a great variety of personalities and diversity which is fantastic I was pleasantly surprised that a couple of the girls proclaim themselves openly bisexual and lesbian that makes this reading an LGBT read and that's really cool I think many people will find this as an interest reading now that you know that factMagic in the book plays a central role and gives an mystery aura will also put the characters to take unexpected desissions which will give us very good and entrancing twists in the plot This book tells about everything with a great atmosphere management it makes you feel that you are in the place where everything is happening which is incredibleI really wanted to finish it a couple of days ago because it was the date of its release but I didn't get the chance I still enjoy it a lot and that's what matters So if you liked The Raven Boys and you're looking for something similar I highly recommend this book also plays important topics such as sexuality friendship family and how to deal with loss Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moïra Fowley Doyle was than magical it was filled with mystery strange happenings friendship and love In the beginning it was hard to keep track of all the characters but as you keep reading it all comes together and makes sense just have patience I did love how the past and the present collide and how it all ties together in the end Unfortunately some uestions are left unanswered so maybe there will be another book in the future All in all this was a good book that was filled with magic secrets sorcery and redemption I would recommend this book to readers who like provocative coming of age novels with an added touch of magic I would like to thank Penguin First Reads for the ARC If you’re not careful you can spend your whole life looking for what you’ve lost Spellbook of the Lost and Found is an exceptionally weird book Fowley Doyle's writing has a tone I've never uite seen before She's not writing magical realism but it's somewhere close There's a sense of everyday magic to Spellbook of the Lost and Found As the book goes on you're forced to ask is the magic is even real? And perhaps importantly does it matter either way?Yet despite all the weirdness this is a book with a lot of meaning I don't want to get into any spoilers here but some of my favorite themes here are so strong at the forefront of this book There's just so much here🌹 The exploration of self hate through Hazel's character🍁 The exploration of the sins of the mother not defining you again through Hazel's character 🌹 The exploration of view spoilersexual assault hide spoiler One stormy summer night Olive and her best friend Rose begin to lose things It starts with simple items like hair clips and jewellery but soon it’s clear that Rose has lost something bigger; something she won’t talk aboutThen Olive meets three wild mysterious strangers Ivy Hazel and Rowan Like Rose they’re mourning losses and holding tight to secretsWhen they discover the ancient spellbook full of hand inked charms to conjure back lost things they realise it might be their chance to set everything right Unless it’s leading them towards secrets that were never meant to be found

About the Author: Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Moïra Fowley Doyle is half French half Irish and lives in Dublin with her husband two daughters and two cats Moïra's French half likes red wine and dark books in which everybody dies Her Irish half likes tea and happy endingsMoïra spent several years at university studying vampires in young adult fiction before concentrating on writing young adult fiction with no vampires in it whatsoever Sh

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