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The Spy Who Loved Castro Few can say they’ve seen some of the most significant moments of the twentieth century unravel before their eyes Marita Lorenz is one of themBorn in Germany at the outbreak of WWII Marita was incarcerated in a Nazi concentration camp as a child In 1959 she travelled to Cuba where she met and fell in love with Fidel Castro Yet upon fleeing to America she was recruited by the CIA to assassinate the Fidel Torn by love and loyalty she failed to slip him the lethal pillsHer life would take many twists and turns — including having a child with ex dictator of Venezuela Marcos Pérez Jiménez; testifying about the John G Kennedy assassination; and becoming a party girl for the New York Mafia as well as a police informantCaught up in Cold War intrigue espionage and conspiracy — this is Marita’s incredible true story of a young girl turned spy

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    I don’t knowsounded like an interesting book when I picked it up but some of the stuff just doesn’t make any senseit’s uite possible that her lived reality was way stranger than the fiction of her lifebut it’s so apparent that so much of it has been edited away This book reads like a rambling than an actual memoir And again it’s one of those books that tries to sell itself for something it is not Marita L’s attempt to kill Castro the lynchpin on which this book is sold is barely

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    Very interesting read although I don’t think the book was proof read as there are grammatical errors and missing pages in the version I read It is hard to believe some of Marita Lorenz’s stories and memories but as she stated “truth can be stranger than fiction”

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    This was a good read

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