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Unheard Voices A well selected mixture of texts fiction literary non fiction and poetry all focusing on the slave trade The book is split into different sections it begins by focusing on the capture of slaves then the ship journey to America and the sale then life as a slave and so on There are plenty of extracts from longer pieces of writing that could inform further reading if you chose but alongside these are shorter contributions and poetryIf I'm honest it is slightly repetitive at times and I'm not a massive fan of Benjamin Zephaniah and he's featured a couple of times Nevertheless there's lots of powerful issues and than enough good writing to make it well worth a read In March 1807 the British Parliament passed an Act making the trading and transportation of slaves illegal It was many years before slavery as it was known then was abolished and slavery still continues today in different ways but it was a big step forward towards the empancipation of a peopleMalorie Blackman has drawn together some of the finest of today's writers and poets to contribute to this important anthology Their short stories and poems sit alongside first hand accounts of slavery from freed slaves making a fascinating and absorbing collection that remembers and commemorates one of the most brutal and long lasting inflictions of misery that human beings have inflicted upon other human beings Review Unheard Voices by Malorie BlackmanThis is a book of different stories and poems of people who were in held in slavery many years ago It was well written and organized to show that slavery is an inhuman trade in history to capture the misery and suffering of those who could not escape injustice Malorie Blackman gathered together riveting stories and first hand recollections on the theme of slavery Among the collections gathered were people like John Agard Olaudah Euiano Alex Haley Benjamin Zephaniah and one of the works appears alongside is an original story that was foreword from Malorie herself The stories are from the early 1800 19s to the end of that century The stories capture the lives of the slaves through the seizing of the people the transporting the trading the punishments the hunger the sexual abuse and the terrible horror of separating family members especially the mothers who had their children taken away at an early age to sell at the markets and never to be seen againThis was an inspiring stimulating book of stories and poems of the past forever to be told with honor to these people and reminding the readers to look forward to our future because changes and events are happening in all Countries now We need to move forward in which all people of the world may live together in Freedom 26 26 This was a good collection of extracts that highlights the horror of the slave trade It was well collected and a good mix of stories diary extracts and poems I wish I never read this book

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