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Brandywine Investigations Open for Business It has been a while since I read the three original stories that make up this new updated edition and it was such a treat to return to this amazing world of Greek gods trying to survive in the modern world But it turned out to be than just a return to a world and characters I liked The stories have all been expanded – mostly No Enemy But Time with spectacular results They are now like one longer novel with parts that link really well and the significant additions have answered than one uestion I hadCanines Crosshairs and CorpsesThe idea behind this series is a look at what the old Greek gods would do if they were real still around today and forced to evolve with the times At one point early on Hestia says to Hades that “Modern gods don’t simply sit about and eat ambrosia That would be disgraceful” – and that pretty much sums up the premise of the series as well as the tone I love the idea of gods having to do what humans have been struggling with ever since we came down from the trees Finding your own way in life is not easy and if this first story is any indication this series will not just be very cleverly designed but highly entertaining Hades’s story fascinated me since I wanted to find out what he would decide how he would deal with modern life but it also made me laugh because much of what he goes through is so true and so “human” – and that makes it really funnyHades has a tough lesson to learn in this first installment and from the moment he begins his journey into thinking for himself rather than accepting the role he was given he discovers a side to himself he was never aware of For a Lord of the Dead finding out he may have feelings is a revelation Figuring out a job is easy for him and seeing him becoming a badass PI is pretty funny He has a way to “speak to the dead” that gives him an advantage and his problem solving skills are excellent so he’s pretty good at solving cases It’s the human side of things he struggles with but Ti is there to guide him even though neither of them realize that it’s happening I did though and I loved watching themTi short for Tiberius has fallen on hard times pretty much due to making some stupid decisions and a few idiotic mistakes He ends up an alcoholic and homeless and that’s when his life becomes endangered without him even realizing it Hades figures it out and rescues him and Ti cannot believe his luck But then Hades tells him the truth of who he is and Ti thinks he’s crazy – at least until Hades shows him a few things That’s when Ti begins a journey to a different world view and becoming mature His emotional involvement may sneak up on him but when he gets the message he will do anything to protect HadesIf you like stories with a great supernatural component if you want to see not just an old Greek god deal with modern life but watch him fall in love and if you’re looking for a story that is as fantastical as it is funny and romantic then you will probably like this novel as much as I did I loved the characters the way they deal with their relationship once they notice they have one and the whole setupNo Enemy But TimeJust like the first story in this collection ‘No Enemy But Time’ had a profound effect on me – both times I read it Yet its tone and the emotions it made me feel could not be different Yes the sense of humor is the same with the gods of old trying to deal with modern life even some of the characters return for an encore But the essence of the story is far serious and darker I guess that is what happens when a fallen angel and a son of Hades get together trying to make a life for themselves With the added material the context becomes clearer and the additional information made everything poignant And despite the fact that it lacks an explicit happy ending something I am a huge fan of I have to say it is an outstanding story Probably because the ending is so in line with the story’s theme Zack and Michael must be one of the oddest couples ever Zack may be the son of Hades but he moved out of the Underworld to make a life for himself He doesn’t go around torturing small children or killing anything he gets involved in animal rescue In short he is a really nice guy Michael being around must have something to do with that so when sinister events begin to happen and even his father begins to worry Zack is understandably perturbed Worry changes into iron determination when he figures out that Michael is threatened yet again What Zack ends up having to do to save Michael almost destroys both of themI hate to admit it but sometimes love really is not enough What Angel Martinez has shown in this story is actually far powerful In Zack and Michael’s case love reuires Zack to do something horrible and painful and while it is the only way to save Michael it is a heavy price to have to pay But nothing other than love could have made him do it and then live with the conseuences A very powerful message indeedIf you like stories that challenge accepted wisdom about what a love story should look like if you believe it is always darkest before the sun rises once again and if you’re looking for a read that will put you through an emotional roller coaster before spitting you out and making you wonder what just happened then you will probably like this one I certainly won’t forget it anytime soonDragons Diamonds and Discord‘Dragons Diamonds and Discord’ is yet another fantastic story in the ‘Brandywine Investigations’ series with its Greek and other gods supernatural beings from various myths and legends and amorous problems set in today’s world One of its most fun elements is the sense of humor around the gods of old trying to deal with modern life and having adapted rather well to the needs of the 21st century But the aspects that attract me even are the unusual pairings deeply emotional love stories and uniuely creative elements of the Brandywine universe In this third story the focus is on Hermes the god of commerce communications and thieves among others – who is of course the CEO of a vast international corporation and a few jewelry stores The second main character is Fafnir a centuries old dragon with a lot of secrets and a deep desire to be left alone Combine those two men and you can be assured the sparks will flyHermes once he has drafted several family members to help solve the mystery of who is stealing from him is stunned But he is eually fascinated by Fafnir and is determined to figure out what is going on He does not believe in fate and will not rest before he solves the mystery In that way he is a lot like his Uncle Hades – who now lives as a PI and I am happy to report is back in several wonderful scenes of “the Greek gods” versus “assorted bad guys” Hermes is exactly as I imagine he would be in today’s world Fast stubborn scheming always full of ideas and talking like there is no tomorrow god of communication remember? Luckily for everyone involved he is also loyal and doesn’t scare easilyFafnir is a dragon who has been killed countless times but keeps returning to life as long as even one piece of his body is big enough for him to come back He hates the eternal cycle; every time the hoarding fever starts humans notice and subseuently kill him And something is setting him off now which is strange since he’s had the longest cycle ever and everything seems to be under control He is also the complete opposite of Hermes he likes solitude is gruff and grumpy and hates talking You can imagine how much Hermes irritates him But there is also a considerable attraction between the two men and Fafnir is curiousIf you like stories with creative interpretations of the mythological world if you enjoy opposite characters feeling attracted and figuring out how to deal with each other and if you’re looking for a read that is as funny as it is emotional and romantic then you will probably like this novel as much as I do The characters are fascinating the mystery around what’s happening kept me interested and the solution to Fafnir’s issue is brilliant and a wonderfully romantic interpretation of dragon lore Bravo Angel Please keep these books comingNOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews 35A clever variation on the paranormal detective subgenre with the innovation of having the newly divorced Hades as a the main sleuth Three stories and three couples I enjoyed all of them but especially liked the third with the dragon shifter Low key enjoyable read Brandywine Investigations Open for BusinessBy Angel MartinezMischief Corner Books 2016Cover by Mila MayASIN B01EPCX32U395 pagesFour starsImagine that after thousands of years Persephone has decided to divorce Hades who kidnapped her after all; forcing him to move out of the Underworld and get a job Hades feeling lost and disoriented decides to establish a private detective agency on the Brandywine River in Wilmington Delaware He is aided by his boatman on the River Styx Charon who takes on the role of sidekick to droll effect Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books built a young adult franchise on the premise that the ancient Greco Roman gods are still very much alive and involved in the day to day affairs of humankind Angel Martinez’s Brandywine Investigations triad takes this intriguing jumping off point two steps further First she posits the notion that ALL the gods of ALL human religions are still alive and active—in varying degrees based on how well they’re remembered All of these gods goddesses and related creatures are still out there trying to cope in a world that in some cases barely believes in them On a darker note is the notion that it is the meddling of the less um warm hearted of these beings that causes much of the ugliness in the world today That’s a little disturbing but Hernandez plays this out thoughtfully and I give her credit for the attemptThis hefty book is comprised of three closely interconnected novellas previously published individually “Canines Crosshairs Corpses” “No Enemy But Time” and “Dragons Diamonds Discord” To be honest each of these books needs the other two to feel complete and thus bundling them into a single substantial volume was a great idea Within these three tales of life in modern America yes we find not only Hades but his nephews Dionysus and Hermes his nieces Aphrodite and Artemis his son Zagreus the dragon Fafnir from Nordic myth and a fallen angel named Michael who is Zagreus’s boyfriend Which leads to the second step that Martinez has taken she presumes that the Greco Roman gods of western antiuity were by and large bisexual Clearly with a gay romance audience in mind this was sort of a no brainer Indeed I wouldn’t have read these without that twist on tradition And I’m glad I did There are all sorts of variant themes of paranormalhuman interaction on the e book shelves these days; but I love what Martinez has done with the premise here Seeing these mythical beings in the context of the modern world presented as akin to corporate executives or elected officials is to be reminded of what a massive soap opera the world of Olympus was I didn’t give this series five stars because Martinez can’t uite resolve all of the complicated issues she raises in a way that has the kind of moral heft I’d like to see There are some really loose ends that are never resolved by the end of the book and while I loved the romantic plotlines I wish the overall premise had been kept a little tighter I love Greek mythology and I especially love stories about the gods like are like Brandywine fun uniue a little outlandish and with different takes on the gods and goddesses from the personalities we typically see from them I rather enjoy Hades as a detective and learning how to live among humans rather than in the Underworld The mysteries in each story were intriguing but not particularly hard to figure out Honestly what shined for me in this omnibus were the relationships between all of the characters both romantic and otherwise Overall this is a fun trio of stories and I am looking forward to continuing with Brandywine Investigations Family Matters When I started this omnibus edition I was thrilled to find out there would be coming After all this book—with three stories in it—was highly entertaining and I wasn’t ready to leave the world even after 376 pages Having read Angel Martinez before I knew I was going to get uality writing I didn’t expect to be swept away by the reimagined gods and goddesses of the worldIn the first book Canines Crosshairs Corpses Hades is stunned when his wife Persephone files for divorce When his family suggests a change in careers to help establish himself in the modern world Hades finds himself moving to Wilmington with Charon and opening a private investigation agency His first job is helping find the killer of homeless men in his adopted city When he meets Tiberius a human on death’s doorstep he finds himself drawn to the fragile sick human Together with his faithful ferryman he must discovery who is after Ti and his friends and prevent another murder from taking place Before he falls in love with the human or ends up dead himselfWow Hades and Charon are such complex character in this reimagined world In order to keep existing the gods must have believers in the world and to accomplish this they run human businesses Personality wise Hades is different than the Greek myths have explained; however there are reasons for it Martinez does a wonderful job of having Hades explain to Ti just what is true and what isn’t about the Greek mythsCharon is also wonderful I found his personality to be absolutely engaging and his loyalty to Hades was heartwarming That might sound weird considering he ferries the dead but if you read the story you’ll get itWhile it might seem strange to have such a powerful god fall for a human I liked it After all Zeus had several dozen human lovers so why not Hades? Most of the gods and goddesses did so seeing Hades vulnerable was a wonderful change of pace in a teeny way it reminded me of the Percy Jackson series but only minutely Just that it made me appreciate the Greek myths differentlyThere are other beings in this world too All the gods and goddesses from every religion coexist—or don’t—in the modern world and there are rules that pertain to them This kept me riveted because I liked seeing how Hades reacted to other beings encroaching on his territoryThe second book No Enemy But Time shifts focus from Hades to his son Zagreus and his fallen angel lover Michael Zagreus or Zack as he likes to be called is ambivalent about his father’s relationship with a human He doesn’t understand why a powerful god would fall for someone so weak but he’s trying to deal with it When his father calls him for help after being attacked Zack and Michael travel to Wilmington to discover the local fallen angels are going mad and turning evil Michael fell when he kissed Zack for the first time and since then the former Guardian Angel has been living with the knowledge that someday he might continue the fall into insanity But with Zack at his side he’s been fine That is until an unknown chaos lord pushes him too far It’s up to Zack to save his angel but can he?Again I loved this book Michael is a Christian angel and yet he was the Guardian of a Greek demi god due to a technicality from his human mother’s prayers Such a fresh take and I loved the adoring relationship the two have for each otherAlso interesting was the way Zack struggled with his father’s new lover Hades and Ti have been together awhile so they are getting comfortable but Zack is unsure of how to accept it Then to throw in a Sumerian chaos lord a la Gilgamesh era and Zack is in for some major trouble and shifts in his life In the end he has to make a very painful decision and I cried My heart utterly broke and the ending is so beautifulFinally the third book Dragons Diamonds Discord focuses on Hermes After his jewelry stores are targeted and his most expensive products are stolen by a mysterious figure Hermes gets his entire family involved What they discover is pretty shocking a dragon has been targeting his stores and stealing his most expensive jewels for his hoard Imagine the gall of someone stealing from the god of thieves? After doing some research Hermes discovers the dragon is the famous children’s author FB Dreki Using his businesses as a cover Hermes gets close to Dreki to find out exactly what is going on And it’s not what he thought Attracted to the dual natured dragon and wanting to help him Hermes enlists the help of Hades Charon Michael and Zagreus to try to uncover what exactly Charon’s sister Eris is doing to prompt the dragon to cycle again And if they don’t stop her in time all of New York City might be in danger from a rampaging dragonAgain GAH with this series I loved the characterizations and the introduction of even gods from beyond Greek myths They add so much to the story seeing how they work together and plot And Dreki with Hermes? Deliciously hot Of course Hermes has not forgotten Krokos and his memory is brought up freuently enough to add depth to his characterDionysus also has a larger part in this story towards the end and I look forward to someday seeing his story developed in this world I want to know what drives him besides the wine and why he goes wild sometimes Who would he fall for? And what about Charon? Such a mysterious presence who is possibly the most important character in the series He might always be in the background but without him much of what comes to fruition never wouldI cannot wait to read what Angel Martinez has in store next for the Brandywine boys If you like Greek mythology or any mythology for that matter you should definitely check out this seriesReviewed by Jennifer for The Novel Approach Reviews Oh I like this one It's been fun to readI like all three stories and all three stories have been fun to read I like how the Greek Gods live in the today and how they adapted Hades opening a Private Investigation agency; Hermes having among other things a messenger services and Zagreus Zack having a catch release animal control business I also like that not just Greek Gods are living among us but Angels Demons other Gods and so on too I liked all the love stories even though some of them have been a bit too insta love y for me My favourite one is probably the one between Zack and Michael with Hermes and Fafnir close secondI like all the characters and I like that the Greek Gods on Hades side are all a big family Yep they seem to suabble sometimes but all in all the love each other But there is one character I absolutely adore Charon This sarcastic dry wonderful Ferryman that shows up when the Gods need a little bit of saving or gets the bloodstains out of the carpet? Is one of the best things ever 3All in all three wonderful stories Rating 4 starsI had this book on my wish list for awhile and luckily a friend lent me her copy I liked the series as a whole Some stories than others I really liked the first one with Hades and Ti I like their dynamic and I really felt sorry for Hades The second book was okay I’m not a big fan of fallen angel stories The ending just made me sad The third book was my least favorite Fafnir was such a grumpy obnoxious character that it was hard to like him I sort of warmed up to him by the end but not enough for me to really like him It was good to read about Michael and Zach but their relationship is still not giving me the warm and fuzziesOverall the series was good and I will definitely read the rest of the stories in the series When humans forsake the temples the gods need to find other employment Hades opens Brandywine Investigations after his divorce and his subseuent move to the modern world If he was hoping for boring infidelity cases and lost dogs he’s sorely mistaken as murder and mayhem find his agency and his extended family at an astonishing rate Includes Canines Crosshairs Corpses Brandywine Investigations #1 No Enemy But Time Brandywine Investigations #2 Dragons Diamonds Discord Brandywine Investigations #3 Please note The stories in this omnibus have been reedited and expanded by about 18K total The majority of the expansions were in No Enemy But Time Word Count 125662 words Good series375 ⭐️I enjoy this series these are all re reads as I have already read them when they were single books I only purchased this one to see what the additions were Canines crosshairs and corpses Hades and Ti was the best book of this group I enjoyed the re read of this one No enemy but time Zack and Michael’s book has been expanded the most It was better with the extra info but it still felt like it was missing something It’s like there is a great story there but it just struggles to come acrossDragon diamonds and discord I had trouble with Fafnir He just came across as a really unlikeable character The grumpy dragon came across but I needed him to soften just a little Overall enjoyable seriesOn to the next one Angel Martinez and definitely become one of my faves in the mm world after this read Complete with romance cross pantheon gods angels dragons Wow And her writing is wonderful and so fun The only thing I wish this book hada cheaper price tag But it’s definitely worth the money I promise

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