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Sweet Baby Boy A Taboo Short So Lyn was right about me this short story’s ending won’t bother me as much as it did to her First of all I believe and I hope this is an open ending Which means there could be and should be a full length novel about Sam and Nate This is a story about a stepfather and a stepson reconnecting with each other after 3 years They are kinda lonely and desperate in their own ways and they both happen to be gay But I think the step dad Nate is bi Anyhow while they were camping in the woods the desires they didn’t know they have were stirred and they ended up sleeping with each other I really love this short story It was well constructed and super hot I’d so love to read a novel about how they two would continue their lives after the camping trip and how they would get their HEA45 Daddy and slutty sweet baby boy stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Excellent Perfect amount of angst over the taboo and then surrendering to it Such a hot sex scene I defiantly could do with but this works for now Would defiantly read Simon Strange's taboo works forever and ever 021118 Author clearly I need a new book from you so I can stop re reading this one lol 122317 Third re read Five stars still holding strong Man this needs a seuel I want Sammy and his Daddy to get their HEA Can we at least get a follow up short story? I mean it's Christmas Re read Aug 11th 2017 I think I'm bumping this up to 5 stars This was HAWT Goodness Once again I'm drawn in by this author's writing and his ability to convey so much emotion and really delve into the characters even in a short story The pacing is pitch perfect the characters are relatable and it's sooo much than erotica I haven't had much luck with Daddy kink lately and coming back to this one was like coming home Loved it even the second time around Par the course for this author this is well written 'erotica' I always say his short stories are ' than erotica but less than a romance' This short also didn't feel as taboo to me as other stepdad romances because Nathan marries Sammy's mom while he was a kid 9? but they were only married for 6 years before they divorced and then they lost touch for 3 years So YES he was his stepdad but it didn't have the feel of for eg Nick's Awakening The Complete Series An MM Taboo Love Story where Stan raised Nick from the age of 2 At any rate this IS a short story so you may be wanting at the end If you are be sure to check out Nick's book cause it is YUMMY Short and hot I wanted Maybe this was an early version of A Lakeside Secret? I still enjoyed it but A Lakeside Secret was better I was in the mood for something kinky and taboo and that is definitely what I got Hoping there will be a follow up with these two 1 star That didn’t work for me At all Alternative cover edition of ASIN B01E05LMWUNathan was the only man in my life growing up and I've missed him since he and my mother divorced three years ago When he called my up for my eighteenth birthday I was shocked I had so much I wanted to talk to him about but would he still think of me the same once he knew But this older man who I've always looked up to doesn't react at all the way I thought Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it would be him that breaks me in for the first time and teaches me how to be his good boy If you can't tell there's some serious MM risue story in this book from the cover and description Simon Strange can't help you Sexy first time short This story takes place over a one night camping trip with Sam who's recently turned 18 and Nathan who was his stepfather for 6 years before getting divorced 3 years prior to this story They haven't been in touch because of Sam's mom and are getting to know each other again I appreciated that it was clarified that the sexual attraction they felt for each other was NOT something that had been going on when Sam was a kid Even though it was made clear that this was a teaching moment of a sort and not the start of a lasting relationship it was still sweet and loving as well as incredibly hot 35 stars

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