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Sapphamire Dragons of Dragonose #1 Warning this review will be very bitchy Okay so before I get really into the bitching about this book I'd like to say; don't let me scare any possible readers off If you want to read it you should just be prepared I don't think the book is that bad but it just hit all my buttons that made me go 'ugh' and 'gawd' So without further ado I will get into why Because I can't really give an objective summary of Sapphamire Let the bitching begin Basically I'm just going to pick out some moments from the book and tell why these bothered me One “Master Barrymire wishes you to join him in the dining room this evening”“And I wish to be left alone Now why is it that he should get his wish which I might remindboth of you it is after hours so I should be able to do what I want yet I can’t?” She didn’t want to godownstairs and watch the two lovebirds go at it Her tender heart wouldn’t take it “You can tell himthat I respectfully decline”She closed the door in the guard’s face but not before hearing him state “He’s not going to behappy with you” This first one isn't so bad it just reminded me of the moment in Beauty and The Beast where Belle won't come down for dinner Two “Because I’m just emotional I am female after all Call it fall out from earlier today” It wasn’t acomplete lie but it wasn’t the full truth by a long shot either She might be sarcastic but there will be plenty of comments like these ThreeThe word abso fucking lutely I have never actually heard someone say this in real life And uite honestly I think it sounds stupid but it was only used once so it's not so bad Still it annoyed me see? Told you I would be bitchy Four He stared down at his completely deformed finger that was throbbing “You bitch you broke myfinger” This guy has just tried to blackmail Natasha into having sex with him and started feeling her up I don't think is right by any means but the fact that Natasha didn't tell him to stop touching her before she reacted violent is not ok either People have a right to be arseholes when stuff like this happens you tell them to back off before you attack or you know go to some sort of authority Five “Can you ask Cook if we have any crackers and maybe some clear liuids of some kind?” Seriously? The cook is named Cook? Six The dragon grinned at her before bringing his nose down and sniffing her cloth covered pussy“And you are turned on my pretty”There was no use denying it No Just no Seven He was sweet he was kind and he was chivalrous Lady you've known him for what? 48 hours? You don't know this guy yet Eight This put his hard as steel erection up against her open pussy lips Nothing should be called pussy lips in my opinion That is not sexy When I read erotica I want to be blushing not cringing Nine “Comefor me my mate Come with me so we can sail the stars together” And He followed her over just a short moment later his seed splashing against the mouth of herwomb Ten “You didn’t ask Surely she didn’t cause that much pain did she? She is only a female after all” More joking comments that makes it hurt right in the feminism Eleven “You would look good in this” He held out ablue sapphire pants outfit “Will you let me buy it for you?” Oh the classic girl refuses to let the guy buy her expensive stuff but he insists and she gets it SighTwelve Sapphamire was being too rough with his mate as he uickly and succulently informedher that not only was Natasha in charge of her but as her mate he was also in command of her Hethen informed her that as his mate her actions were a direct reflection of him And He reminded her of a dominant male subduing his female Do I even need to comment this? Okay I think I'm done now I didn't finish this If you get annoyed at the same things as I please for your own good Don't read this I absolutely loved this book couldn't put it down and made me lose sleep I was so engrossed I had to know what was going to happen next Amazing tale of a world where dragons and human are fused together and one and the same Their human forms gorgeous warriors and their fierce lovable Dragons mighty beasts of wonderThis was a great start to this series amazing enchanting worlds where evil deception and enemies are trying to win against the mighty Dragons of Dragonose Blain came to earth years before to search for his mate and until he meets the lovely but so said defective ticking bomb Natasha he was giving up hope Natasha has little options as her powers haven't surfaced she is considered a high risk and must find a job and protector to protect against a worried CouncilThis romance was rocky emotional and highly steamy and not your usual romance story The characters have amazing personalities Natasha is a kick ass warrior and Blain is just brought to his knees emotionally and physically at times by the love he has for his mate and surely his only real problem is convincing Natasha she is his true mate how hard could that be right loved all the worlds we visit and the excellent detailed descriptions of both human and Dragons make's you imagination take over great supporting characters and a great action packed adventure as we join Natasha and Blain on their true love journey around the chaos and disruption of real life threats and enemies No just no I couldn't even get past the first 8 pages of this crapview spoilerOn the very first page before we get to know anything else about the female lead character we're given the supernatural euivalent of her measurements So now we know she has raven black wings that conveniently turn in to a tattoo when not in use because that would probably interfere with sex later on and that she can become really tiny when in flight perhaps one of the most pathetic powers ever but I bet it'll be really useful somewhere in this storyThe second thing we learn about the female lead is still not her personality or her as a person it's that The Elders who are left completely unexplained during pages of info dump raised her to be a special snowflake an assassin because of her demon pixie angel heritage no mention of why her parents allowed this but have since labelled her a ticking time bomb because her expected Powers of Super Awesome failed to manifest at puberty and her subseuent forced mating to a sadistic abusive arsehole failed to trigger them again no mention of why that should occur Because she has failed to manifest any powers except for the ones she told us about? Confused much? she's branded as some sort of second class citizen and or a freakish abomination and everyone hates her boo hoo so sad So special of her not to let it break her spiritOn page 8 she makes a pin point throw with a pen without aiming first and with enough force to embed it into a door showing she has excellent reflexes and situational awareness but for some reason on page 2 she is completely incapable of predicting and avoiding a guard shoving her over a threshold that makes her stumble Rather than chew the guard out soon we'll be assured she can never keep her mouth shut she immediately blames herself for this lack of grace and ability to make a good first impression On page 3 she gets her head yanked back by her hair further reinforcing the idea that she kind of sucks as a trained assassin and I am never going to see her as a badass no matter what she does from that point onBetween page 1 8 we also start getting hormones at first sight with Miss Raven Wings appreciatively noticing how her potential new boss has the body of a Greek god even though this is literally her last chance to avoid a death sentence or a lifetime locked up for her own good By which I mean I'd expect her to so focused on her goal that her gaze should set things on fire with her laser point accuracy levels of determination In a POV switch that occurs between one paragraph and the next without warning we also learn that potential boss already finds her as yet completely undisclosed appearance hot too Who wants to bet that first physical attraction becomes the entire basis of their inevitable life long relationship? hide spoiler I love dragons I love everything I read and believe about them Their loyalty strength and fierceness in defending those they love Their beauty and grace and agility and of course the fact that they can fly Dragons are probably my favorite shifters to read about with wolves a close second and cats a closer third and bears Okay fine I love all shifters but there is just something about dragons that are a tiny teeny weeny bit closer to my heart And this book is an excellent example of whyIn this book we are introduced to the Dragons of Dragonose They are a race of dragon shapeshifters and some have chosen to come to Earth in hopes of finding their mate Blain Barrymire is one who did many years ago and now has established himself on Earth as a shrewd businessman and has the fortune that goes with it His dragon half Sapphamire is such an intriguing character He is OLD and comes from a place and time where women are to be protected and cherished something that causes strife between he and Blain as they disagree on how to “woo” their mate Sapphamire also has a wicked sense of humor As a shapeshifter Blain is considered an “Other” along with vampires demons witches elves and other such races Natasha Clayton is an anomaly in this “Other” world since she has become an adult without showing any major powers related to her heritage The fact that she is a woman and his mate shocks the heck out of Blain the moment they meet As they learn about each other and begin to build trust and a life together they are met with many challenges and even bigger surprisesThis was a funny romantic sweet spicy and sometimes silly read that I have enjoyed over and over again I highly recommend this book and this series This was an amazing new look into the paranormal world through the use of dragons I have read books on vampires shifters and other paranormal but very few on dragons It was refreshing to read I liked that Blaine and Natasha's story is one that fate created Natasha is a strong female character who knows how to handle herself while Blaine is strong enough to overcome his injuries I love how not only are Blaine and Natasha in the relationship but that their dragons are as well I like that Sapphamire has his own personality that is different than Blaine's however they work in harmony with each other I absolutely loved the book and look forward to finding out what is to happen next Absolutely loved this story I was very curious about this book as I haven't read book about dragon shifters before Blaine is a dragon shifter who meets his true mate Natasha And so the fun begins The humour in this book is amazing the dragons a very witty and funny Love the interaction between Blaine and his dragon Sapphamire And when Natasha gets her powers she is a force to be reconned with I liked the way the relationship between Natasha and Blaine developed it wasn't forced I also like the fact that the dragons play a big part in this book They get a chance to develop and create a bond and a relationship Cant wait for book 2 in this series 4 STARSOverall this book was a short and uick read I very much enjoyed reading it but the length did not allow for too much development or tie up loose ends May still continue with this series Blain Protective Cute Loving towards his mate Natasha Blain and his dragon Sapphamire share each other's body Both Blain and Sapphamire nstantly took a liking to his mate Natasha The dragon is just so darn childishly cute Blain’s inner dialogue withhis dragon is hilarious and adorable UOTES 'You screw up again Now she won’t feed us She is mad at you She thinks that dragon lady is your mate Now I am going to sleep You fix mate’ And with that his dragon went completely silent So she thinks Lady Jade and I are an item? She is jealous he thought to himself with an inner grin 'Fix mate’ his dragon grumbled from deep inside him 'I told you to fix her but do you ever listen to me nooooo Now she don’t even want to be in the same room with you Get rid of dragon lady and tell Tashe that we are her mates’'Tashe?''Nickname I gave mate You like?’ Oh brother his dragon had it bad Blain rubbed his temples feeling a major headache starting to form” Lol and when Sapphamire would badmouth Blain to Natasha “Hello my pretty little mate Don’t fret over Blain The man can be a bumbling idiot at times But now that I am here I am going to take care of you I am going to love you” ” SapphamireAlice Brown Lady VDragon of Dragonose book 1Natasha Clayton Angel Demon and Pixie has only a few options left to her due to her powers never coming to beWork for the elusive Blain Barrymire a dragon shifter living on earth Let the council of others cage her for the rest of her long life or let them end herBlain Barrymire a dragon shifter come to earth looking for his mate Just when he thinks that will never happen in walks Natasha and he and his dragon know that she is theirsNatasha who never had powers that everyone believed her to possess becomes the best personal assistant and protector she can Do to her powers never surfacing she is totally unaware that Blain is her mateRead this awesome adventure into finding their way to be together and all the pitfalls that spring up at them What happens when Sapphamire wants to meet his mate how will Natasha handle it all?What happens when Natasha’s powers finally come to the fore front what will this bring to the mix?I have fallen in love with the writings of Alice Brown and lady V This is an amazing book and a most read Hot sexy men and with an even hotter dragon what can a girl ask for Natasha Clayton is out of time and options The High Council of Others considers her dangerous; a ticking time bomb because her powers haven’t manifested in the usual time frame If she wants to avoid incarceration for her own good or death for their own good then she desperately needs to land this job Dragon shifter Blain Barrymire came to Earth many years ago in search of his mate While on Earth he has built a powerful empire and now after ‘firing’ his previous personal assistant he finds himself in need of a new one He’s shocked when applicant N Clayton is not only female but Other and most importantly she’s his mate Their new love is tested time and again as they have to overcome an attempted murder the Council of Others and finally a war in Blain’s homeland I loved this book I was hooked from the first few pages could not put it down until I had finished itThis is first story in this series introduces us to Blain Barrymire He is a Dragon Shifter has come to Earth from the Land of Dragonose to find a mate He is a successful business man working from an impressive castle in IcelandWe also meet Natasha Clayton She is part DemonPixie Angel and is considered by The High Council Of Others to be a ticking time bomb as her powers have not manifested yet Natasha goes to Blain’s castle for a job interview as his Personal Assistant Blain instantly recognises her as his mate She however is unaware of the life changing things coming her way This is when the real excitement beginsBlain Natasha are wonderful characters I felt Natasha’s emotions as she learns to use her newfound powers and laughed at their banter They were also very HOT togetherWell done Ladies I cannot wait for Book 2

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I am a retired military wife and homeschool mom I started writing about three years ago at my daughter's urgingbut it took me until mid 2013 to get my nerve up and try to get published It has been a whirlwind ride since then but one that I don't plan to stop any time soon

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