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Dice Dangerous Host #1 Other girls may cry and mope if they find their boyfriend sleeping with another woman but not Ariana Bolton Not her styleShe's going to give him a taste of his own medicine insteadAriana heads over to DICE an underground host club offering the hottest bachelors in the city to find a man she can spend a wild night with She hires the services of Luke Strutten He has the face that makes panty's drop and a mouth that was good for kissing as well as spitting the most sarcastic remarks But Ariana soon finds out he's not who she think he is He's not a host nor is he a stranger He's the most dangeorus man she ever came across And their lives are intertwined than she expectedFIRST IN A SERIES FOR MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY

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About the Author: Samantha L.

Samantha L lives with her parents and plans on doing so for another twenty years if her writing career doesn't end well She thinks it's necessary for authors to own a pet since all the big shot authors seem to own one or To have good luck on her side she got herself a dog On rare occasions that she's not at home she's probably with her friends giggling about the cute boy sitting acros