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Fire Dancer When a serial arsonist known as The Fire Dancer strikes in the wilds of Arizona Tess finds herself fighting than wildfiresTess Masterson's parents died in a terrible barn fire The tragedy drover her to become one of the best smoke jumpers in the business Though she makes a living jumping out of planes into roaring wildfires she's never found the courage to face the wounds of her past or to deal with the anger that flares whenever she encounters Chase Huston

About the Author: Colleen Coble

USAToday bestselling author Colleen Coble lives with her husband Dave in Indiana She is the author of dozens of novels including the Rock Harbor Series the Aloha Reef Series the Mercy Falls Series the Hope Beach Series the Lonestar Series and two Women of Faith fiction selections Alaska Twilight and Midnight Sea She has than 2 million books in print

10 thoughts on “Fire Dancer

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    this is not a bad book just not my kind of read really It read kind of like a lifetime movieway to melodramatic for my taste And I think the romance was completely unnecessary for the storyline Honestly I'm not sure I would've picked it up if it wouldn't have been a book club pick 15 stars

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    Fire Dancer was not my favorite Colleen Coble book so far but it is still an exciting mystery The characters live on an Arizona ranch and some are also firefighters who jump from planes to fight wildfires Great imagery Frightening suspense Compelling romance Faith was woven into this story but it played of a background role than in her other books I have readCAUTION Without giving any spoilers I wish to warn that some of the characte

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    I LOVED the fact that Colleen had the courage to deal with something many authors seem to avoid like the plague spiritual issues such as Skin Walkers Those supernatural leaning aspects were one of the things I enjoyed most about this book particularly since she hit it head on from the perspective of the power of prayer over such things Go Colleen

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    This is one of Colleen Coble's earlier works but don't let that cause you to hesitate as it's an interesting storyI really loved these characters all of them not just the main ones They were all flawed in their own ways but they were all characters that one could relate to Arson is a crime that isn't touched upon as much in suspense and crime novels It was fascinating to get inside the mind of an arsonist and learn about the general characteristics

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    One of Coble's earlier novels this one is set in ranch country in Arizona Fire is the central character of the story that alternates between wild fire fighters jumpers and the Masterson ranch Just who is the arsonist who is setting fires all over the county? harming businesses and ranches without rhyme or reason? And why do the Masterson's seem to be the center of the arsonist's ire?There are plenty of clues but they don't come together until the very en

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    The Skinwalker parts made my skin crawl made me think twice about reading the book after dark They fit well into the story though I think some of the spiritual aspects could have been developed better I really enjoy Coble's contemporary suspensemystery novels I enjoy her varied flawed characters I also love how she vividly describes each setting The geographical elements really set the atmosphere They are characters in of themselves

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    I will say there were times Tess frustrated me due to her thoughts about Chase and his place with them but I still liked her as a character I have to say I didn't think the one doing it was the personI had a few thoughts on who it might be It had a bittersweet ending I think But I liked it

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    It was interesting to read an older Coble novel I can definitely see where her writing style has improved over the years My main complaint with this story was that the plot dragged too much I was still caught off guard by several twists Some difficult topics were brought up and there was no completely happy ever after ending

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    Great read though at times I grew frustrated with both main characters for their juvenile grudges and angry with how the sexual abuse and rape was covered up Good suspense with the firebug though And loved Wildfire

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    A Good ReadOverall this was a good book However had it not been one of my Book Clubs suggested reads I would not have read I am pulled into a story by the way the first chapter is developed but after I got beyond this point I was drawn in

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