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‘Martin Toppy is the son of a famous Traveller and the father of my unborn child He’s seventeen I'm thirty three I was his teacher I’d have killed myself by now if I was brave enough I don’t think it would hurt the baby His little heart would stop with mine He wouldn't feel himself leaving one world of darkness for another his spirit untangling itself from me’Melody Shee is alone and in trouble Her husband doesn't take her news too well She doesn't want to tell her father yet because he’s a good man and this could break him She’s trying to stay in the moment but the future is looming – larger by the day – while the past won’t let her go What she did to Breedie Flynn all those years ago still haunts herIt’s a good thing that she meets Mary Crothery when she does Mary is a young Traveller woman and she knows about Melody than she lets on She might just save Melody’s lifeDonal Ryan’s new novel is breathtaking vivid moving and redemptive All We Shall Know

About the Author: Donal Ryan

Donal Ryan is the author of the novels The Spinning Heart The Thing About December the short story collection A Slanting of the Sun and the forthcoming novel All We Shall Know He holds a degree in Law from the University of Limerick and worked for the National Employment Rights Authority before the success of his first two novels allowed him to pursue writing as a full time career

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    A new favourite The best thing you can write at the beginning of a review I'd never heard of this book upon picking it up at a bookstore but after reading that it was about a woman who had become pregnant from a man that wasn't her husband scandal and then reading t

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    This is Donal Ryan's third novel and like The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December it is very impressive in fact it may be his best yet The Irish literary world is not short of young talentI was uite tempted to review it just by uoting one of the blurb review uo

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     Oh What Writing I could still fly to London and end this and come back and say Yes Pat I was lying and he could persuade himself to believe me and we could take a weekend break somewhere and be massaged together and walk along a river hand in hand and stand beneath a wa

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    Melody Shee is tutoring a seventeen year old Traveller boy when she becomes pregnant with his child; she is nearly twice his age Her husband Pat isn't too keen on this development so he moves out She is befriended by another Traveller this one a young woman named Mary who be

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    I am twenty percent in and to be honest that though is well written there is nothing I have read that entices me to read Disappointed because I have loved the other two novels by this author that I have read Keep in mind many have loved this book so it may just be my mood Goin

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    This book is very short and also very intense I was expecting to love it but the intensity of the writing as well as the ending has left me conflicted I'm not sure that I buy into how everything turned out but I do appreciated how this novel got me thinking Basically it's amazing

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    This is the 3rd Donal Ryan book I've read and it pretty much falls in line with how I felt about the other two it's short emotional and beautifully written but didn't necessarily leave the biggest impression on me I appreciate that he has something to say about life love and redempti

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    There is sheer beauty in this new novel by Donal Ryan with prose so breathtaking and finely crafted that it brought me to my knees For that reason alone the book will soar toward the top of my personal Best of 2017 listBut the themes and content are also masterly and at the end of the d

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    Sensational short and beautifully writtenUgh It's been a while since I've read anything this captivatingThe writing style is so lyrical that it reads like poetry and evoues such beautiful feelingsI was amazed surprised worried shocked sympathetic I was on a constant emotional roller

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    Miserable intense and truly stunning I adored this The way guilt eats away at your insides forever; the way a marriage turns in on itself and poisons everything; the way we destroy the ones we love the most; the way we become consumed by another person and endlessly hauntedinevitable destruct

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