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The Surgeon's Secret A forbidden desire Dr Alex Page wasn't uite sure how to handle gorgeous live wire Jordanne McElroy The beautiful researcher was everything he had ever wanted in a woman but he knew he couldn't risk getting involved Jordanne however was determined to break down his resolve and as she got closer to his heart Alex realized she was also getting closer to the truth To the secret he was convinced would lose him Jordanne

About the Author: Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark was born in England in the Lake District but at the age of two her parents decided to move to Australia and thankfully took her with them Lucy loves the sunburst country the land of sweeping plains with its rugged mountain ranges and droughts and flooding rains She recalls only happiness during her childhood even when her two older sisters and older brother used to tease and mani

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    I liked this book I liked the hint of suspensemystery Overall it was pretty good but not page turning Have Fun

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    A possible infertility threatens a romance between two doctores Good medical romance

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